Friday, November 6, 2009

20 years since the fall of communism: A time to celebrate?

It's now 20 years since communism fall. A special program this week showed the fall of the berlin wall separating the west from the east. yet agna, propaganda assured us the fall of the wall was a good thing.
What about the walls erected by the American army in Baghdad separating the neighborhoods of Shittie and Suuni? What about the walls the Israelies erected around Palestine separating whole neighborhood s and families from their file4ds? WHY NOBODY talks about THOSE walls and keeps on constantly sticking them into our eyes wherther we like it or not?? Why is the fall of the Berlin wall such a big symbol when there is walls erected in many other places that NOBODY is mentioning??

I am in a very unique position: I have lived in both worlds: communism and capitalism for 20 years each, long enough to see and learn how they both operate from the inside and the outside. I was born and grew up in communism, and at the age of 18 I moved to USA where I lived for 23 years. Therefore I CAN talk about both systems with some athority, unlike MOST people who just parrot the same usual nonsense learned through silly propaganda or substituting personal emotions for real knowledge and critical analytical thought.

NOTRE: I did send MAt roduna inviting him yet again to explain his Anglo-marxisim
statements. I don't expect t him to reply however. He is so much in love with capitalism and hates communism/collectivism s much, he should move to USA and live there for a while to learn how the system there REALLY is.

Communism had some very good things. For example, I am eternally grateful to comminism that it shielded me while I was growing up from the attack of the mindless Western pop "culture". I am grateful it didn't allow total bullshit such as ABBA, Michel Jackson, rock music and so on into my life. I am much better off for it. 95% of all that passes for "entertainment" is pure crap and the communists did me a great favor by stooping it from reaching me.

Second, living in the communism society was very safe. We had no crime of any sort whatsoever! As children we walked alone late at night without the need for any protection: NO pedophiles to worry about, no robberies of any kind, no wild shootouts with the police, no crazy nuts going on rampage. Compare this with the scary world the children grow up in USA where they have to pass through a metal detector just to go into school! I truly feel sorry for them.

Third, with a few cars, our cities were much cleaner and there was no pollution. I dont remember a single kid among my peers who had any sort of asthma or any type of respiratory disease or allergies.

Communism offered pretty good totally 100% free medical care that was paid for from taxes. Hospitalization and doctor visits were free. Some of the dental work done on my teeth from the late 1970s and early 1980s is still fine.

No matter what the propaganda machine says, communist had some very good points too bad it was not allowed to succeed and it collapsed in large part because it couldn't compete economically.

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