Monday, February 22, 2010

5 things the silly left were very wrong about:

1. Mr Change the white knight savior himself who was gonna reverse EVERYTHING
Shrub jr had done. Oops!

2. The fabled charges against Shrub jr and all the other neocons who started the
illegal "war against terrorism" against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on.

3. The fabled "fall of the dollar" that was supposed to happen last year, last
month, last week, yesterday, no, ANY day now!

4. The fabled "Amero" that was supposed to be implemented by the fabled North
American Union

5. The fabled "North American Union" that was supposed to remove USA's sovereignty
and plunge the American citizens into a 3rd world country

6. The "Vietnam moment" that was supposed to happen to the US forces in Iraq. oops too bad guyz!!

Did I say 5? oops, I guess I was wrong, I found more than 5!

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