Thursday, February 18, 2010

and they call it "capitalism"

The latest crisis in Greece has exposed what a total failure the fake "capitalism" of the late 20th/early 21 century has become. The whole thing is beyond ridicilous; it's a total farce. Greece is failing yet EU won't help it but it demands Greece somehow fixes itself.
Some people will say: well that's because EU are not truly capitalism but are socialism. What a bunch of bullshit; these people use terms they deliberately misinterpret to suit their crap. Socialism and communism mere names reveals what they are: they are a collective, caring for the individuals society. That is what the word "social" means in its dictionary use after all. EU has nothing to do with socialism and or communism; it's a fake union designed to benefit large companies and to subdue and exploit people and available natural resources of Europe. Europe has been too socialistic for far too long; it was time to curb that and the EU accomplished that beautifully.
Real socialism/communism has nothing to do with a system where several large banks are essentially controlling ALL the commerce by issuing and controlling the main currency used and by issuing and controlling loans to large and small corporations and people so they can do commerce. That's not capitalism either; it's got NOTHIGN to do with Adam Smith's style capitalism or Keynesian capitalism or any real capitalism. It's fascistic corporatism that is now being practiced in USA and japan and pretty much all over the world.

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