Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Sun never stopped having sunspots

I keep on reading how The Sun is in an unusually quiet solar minimum and we havent had any sun spots for a while; more total bullshit. I check spaceweather.com and the Sun never stopped having spots, small or large., As a matter of fact, th Sun is having a "Behemoth sunspot 1045 is crackling with M-class solar flares" and there is a photo of it too:
Come on guys, why dont you check how the sun really is once in a while before you reveal yourselves the fools you really are.

Speaking of weird Sun related weather, yes, USA IS covered in deep snow but Vancouver is missing the snow it needs for the Olympic games and as a matter of fact is having an unusually warm weather. Even the Drudge who is a denier of global warming didn't wanna pass up on this story and he make a link to it:
Don't you think its a bit strange that Vancouver is having "an unusually warm weather", Drudge? But then I have always suspected intelligence aint his strong point.

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