Tuesday, March 16, 2010

China bashing in full force!!!!

the intense propaganda against China is in full swing.
Single day doesn't pass without some kind of anti article appearing in USA and/or Western press. be it Google being threatened by China or USA warning China against pegging their currency to the dollar, today China is painted as the new evil empire, almost as bad as Iran and as Iraq under that poor schmuck Saddam "He got Nuk'ear bomb" Hussein. As usual, most of is pure smelly bullshite.

Take the claim China is censoring the internet and threatening Google. The corporate onwed media makes it appear as if only China is doing it. Yet they fail to mention for example Australia's new internet censoring law where Australia is demanding ISPs block sites the Australian government deem inappropriate.
Here are some links I found with a quick Google search:




Google is presented as the unwilling victims who only wanna do their job when Google has bent back to the will of other countries and censored itself. If one tries to do a search for Nazi paraphernalia on Google.fr for example, one will not find any because Google is censoring the results for France! But of course, that fact is never mentioned anywhere.

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