Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democracy, you say? part 2

Gee, does ANYONE remember the Iraqis had an election last week? Does anyone cares? Does anyone cares they are STILL counting the votes after one whole week and STILL cannot decide who the winner is? Does anyone cares? Now Maliki has requested a manual count of the votes to "preserve the integrity of the electoral process." I am like an elephant, and I remember shit nobody else remembers, and I clearly remember the Iraqis had to count the votes TWICE in the last election to get the results they wanted. Now it's the 2000 presidential elections all over again, this time in Iraq. I'd wager they are NOT getting the results they want even by barring the Sunnies so they have spend a whole week counting and now they have to start all over again and do it right this time! "Democracy" is such a wonderful system, aint it?

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