Friday, March 19, 2010

Democracy, you say?

In modern newspeak "democracy" is maybe the most important number one word of the sacred 10 words. Others include "freedom", "free market economy" "free press", "western values" and other way overused bullshit words that sound great but dont mean squat.
But they forget basic psychology: the more a word is used, the less meaninginful it becomes. A simple test: saying a word over and voer and over makes it lose its meaning and instead become a collection of meaningless sounds. Those propaganda talking head shills with suits and ties who grace our TV screen every single day eventually cheat only themselves. Talk to the every day man on the street and they DO know it's all bullshit.
DemocrCY is presented as the best state of political situation, the most desired one. Don't you know, it 's the perfect , it comes from the great Greeks who invented it you see, over two thousand years ago in the ancient Greece where everyone was equal to everyone else and they all lived in perfect harmony and and we are ALL so lucky to be living in a democracy JUST like they did! But a quick walk down history reveals "democracy" to be nothing more than one more scam we are made to eat.
To begin with, Greeks had slaves and those slaves certainly didn't have the same rights as their masters! What's worse women didn't have any rights they couldn't vote and they certainly didn't have the same right! So it turns out the so called fabled "democracy" that the Greeks practiced wasn't as perfect as it is presented to us.
As a matter of fact, it was a pretty a poretty shitty state to live in that "democracy".

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