Monday, March 1, 2010

Obsession with USA

I have been accused by some people with being obsessed with USA and not talking about anything else. Well, I am talking about it because as a former empire USA is in unique position; for 60 something years they controlled a big chunk of the world and were able to create and sell various myths such as being the bastillion of freedom and democracy in the world. After the fall of Soviet Union they got the idea that they are the only real left superpower on the world and they can redo the whole world in their image.
Millions of people bought the US lies and still think USA is somehow unique and special where "freedom and democracy somehow rule and one can "make it" and become rich by working hard there. That dangerous and ridiculous myth has been perpetuated on the world for the past half a century and what's worse millions around the world believe it blindly cuz they dunno any better. Talk to Japanese or Thai or South African and they idea is American s a dream country where anything is possible and you can get rich just by walking down the street and picking up the dollar bills lying everywhere. I myself believed that silly myth when I was a teen and BEFORE I went and lived in USA for a while and learned how USA REALLY is.
Obsessed? hardly. One of my main goal in life is to spread the real truth about the USA; people from UK for example have written to me thanking me about explaining to them how USA is.

USA has nothing to offer to me; from its mind numbing and ludicrous "entertainment" and movie stars to its endless malls filled to the brim with useless products I would never buy to its ridiculous political system of 2 parties ruled by rich guys who are pretending to care for the average shmuck while making sure they are getting rich and last but not least to its idiotic population of morons raised on bad TV, shitty movies and shitty pop music who know nothing but think they are the best.
Sure, if I was a capitalist and I wanted to make lotto money by selling some largely useless "product" to the "consumers" oh yes I will LOVE the USA and its' "freedoms and democracy". But I am NOT; one of the biggest problems I see in modern society is how muhc useless garbage is being produced and sold to the gullible masses who apperantly are willing to shallow just about any bullshit about "lifestyle" and "jobs" and "high style of living". They are worst than fools. Cable TV won't give you a high lifestyle; buying a plasma TV or a TIVO or a new car or a new house will not make you happy; glittery things are easy to confuse people who know nothing. Yes people in other places are poor compared the the average person In USA but the funnny part here is that their lot in life can most likely be traced right back to the very same USA they worship blindly SO much. The people in Africa, or the poor idiots in South Arabia are in that state directly because of USA interventions into their countries.
Everything and I DO mean EVERYTHING about USA is a total and a complete lie from begining to end. Take for example the claim USA is a "free market" capitalist economic system where people and companies compete in a free market while the government doesn't interfere. yet here is an article which proves otherwise. Fannie ma the main backer of ALL loan for commerce and private real estate loans is directly substituted by the US government which has already given them millions of dollars and is about to give them billions more. If the government is directly helping them to survive then how can USA system of commerce be called "free market capitalism"?

If one take the time to look at ANY aspect of USA one will quickly realize EVERYTHING saidaobut USA is total bullshit.

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