Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sense and nonsense

Anyone can have an opinion. But merely having an opinion doesnt mean much. Second, different opinions differ in value; the opinion of a scientist on the Super Colider for example will carry significantly more weight than MY opinion on the same subject. Therefore no two opinions are equal. That difference is crucial when evaluating an opinion.
So what makes one opinion better than another? The education of the person. Therefore, the value of the opinion of the average moron doesn't mean much at all; I could care less about it.
Anyone can have opinions too; but facts are entirely different matter. Opinions can be disregarded as mere "opinions" but one cannot fight against facts. And facts are what matter.

I like to read a lot of comment sections on diff web sites just so I can bask in the education and intelligence of the ordinary sheeple, NOT There is thousand of things ordinary thing the sheeple are so misinformed about it's fairly amusing b tiring and annoying after a while.
he sheelple like to argue about Democrats VS Republicans when in reality a economy doesnt really care who is in control;

The sheeple can't even agree is Clinton had created a surplus or not; and this is 10 years AFTER Clinton left office; this item alone shows how misinformed and the sheeple are...

The sheeple are convinced USA is buying the majority of their oil and gas from the hated Arabs from the Persian Gulf states, when in reality the top 3 countries USA buys its gas and oil from are: Canada, Mexico and Venezuelan.
The sheeple always talk about money going out of USA into the pockets of other countries. Inf act, the economy hates money that are not moving; after all, the economy is just a giant circle, money stating in one place or country are lost and stagnating, and not contributing anything.

The sheeple are convinced their country is a "democracy" meaning will of the people et the Electoral college makes sure only candidates from the 2 parties will get elected and no 3rd party candidate will ever have enough votes.

The sheeple are convinced people such as Glen Beak, Rush Pill Limbaugh are telling them the truth and the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth when in reality these people are right wing republicans who are paid to sit there and lie.

The sheeple are convinced their country is number1 the best when in realty it ranks number 12 in health care number 2 in economy(if EU is counted as one) ranks lower for child deaths and so on. Y
The sheeple believe a lot of stuff. Thass OK, with me.


BuelahMan said...

Hello, asshole. Since you write about the same shit I write about, do you mind explaining your unfortunately ignorant and rude comments?
That's right. It was just nonsense.

Lukiftian said...

A little rough around the edges, but I have no disagreement. And BuelahMan, it's poor etiquette to start swearing at a fellow blogger on a first date. That is, if you actually ARE a blogger--I see no blog, only a profile.

petkov said...

Oh, I can easily explain myself, the question here is will you be able to undrestand it?
It's easy. You claim USA at some hypothetical point in the past was a perfect country full of "freedom and democracy". I simply would like to know the
exact date as to when USA was freedom and democracy and when it stopped. Was USA freedom and democratic" on 8-10-2001? was in 1999? 1989? 1985 at 5 PM? 1973 at 2:35 AM? 1952 on 11-11 at 11:11 AM? 1934? See where I am getting at?
No matter how far one goes back in history one will find USA was nothing more than murderous thug enslaving somebody or waging war against somebody be them native Americans, Chinese emigrants, Negroes or Mexicans. USA was NEVER a "freedom and democracy" as you claim. That is just fiction fostered on the sheeple cuz it sounds good.