Sunday, April 4, 2010

Constitition: a priori?

Americans never fail to amuse me. They are so dumb and sheeplike, yet they like to think of themselves as fairly smart. Take the latest "argument" they have come up with against the newly passed Health Care law. They think they got the perfect unbeatable "logical argument".
Their "logic" goes like this: Well, since NOWHERE in The United States Constitution is Health Care mentioned, then nobody can make them pay for it. And that makes it illigal too!
How utterly ridiculous.
To begin with, the Constitution was written what, 200 years ago, when USA was largely an agricultural country. The constitution was written for a totally different time. Therefore, the Constitution cannot mention newly invented things and thing we haven't even thought it same way the Bible is a document written about what is clearly a stone age culture. I hate to break it to them but the Constitution is becoming irrelevant by the day especially with the accelerated change we have having. Same as how dated a Western made in the 1950s appears to us, the Constitution cannot be used an type of proof "If it isn't in the Constitution then it's not legal" "argument".
Second there is many many and let me repeat one more time: MANY things that do NO appear in the Constitution but are reality in today's USA. Shall we list a few of them: The Environmental Protection Agency that makes sure the water USA citizens drink is clean(reasonable) the air they breath is within standards and so on. EPA is useful, right? So is public education, and guess what, NOWHERE in the US constitution Public Education is mentioned. Neither are the NASA, FBI, CIA and neither is the Post Office!
Does that make them all illegal under the Constitution then? Hello?

I haven't written ANYTHING about the new Health Care bill because there was SO much bullshit said about it, it was fairly difficult to separate the truth from the crap. One thing is clear: the Insurance Companies i.e. BIG BUSINESS is again the clear winner because now millions of Americans will be required by law to purchase a policy, even if some of them(dunno the exact percentage) can il afford to spend more money. Yes, some Americans will benefit. The pre-existing conditions clause will be gone which is a good thing. Most who already got nice wont be affected however. Yeah, the single payer siste wont happened but it was clear Mr Change will never have been able to implement it or he clearly didnt want to.

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