Friday, May 21, 2010

The fan is hitting the bullshit sky high, it's raining shit!

There is SO much stuff happening ALL over the place it's hard to keep up.
The stock market all over the world is having a fit cuz hey, after all, fiat currency doesn't really have any value until it is lended to somebody in a form of a loan. Other wise it's just worthless paper, not even well suited to wipe one's behind with.
Europe's been having problems cuz the benefits it got from creating the EU is over, and they don't got anybody else left they can loot. Eastern Europe turned out to be a poor place to loot, Iceland essentially told them to go and eff themselves.
But good ancient Europe's been having problems ever since WWI when it lost the majority of it's slave states in Africa and Asia. Its hard to keep on pretending you are using "Capitalism" when there is nobody to exploit. Keep it up, Europe! Keep on passing laws forbidding Muslim women to wear their garb and even the Muslims will stop coming and spending their money! Smart move Europe!

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