Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Hitler and Nazies law

I often find myself making the same mistake over and over again: I flip over and read Rivero's One of the links today he had is about how Cap and Trade is just like Hitler's Nazies law of protecting nature.
Let's first speak a little bit about Rivero himself. Rivero is nothing more than a right wing Republican, who only masquerades as a progressive when it suits him. He has defended the ridiculous "Tea Parties" and he will mention FAUX news favorably and generally he does defend Capitalism. Yet at other times he does exactly the opposite: he raves against Capitalism proving Capitalism doesn't work "cuz not everyone can be rich" and he raves against FAUX news. And so on. he changes when it suits him. he is a wing chime, he WILL spin around and around never really resting using whatever argument is convenient at the moment to prove his case, whatever it may be.

I clicked on the Cap and Trade link and read the article. IT was sily article by somebody who invoked Hitler in the argument against saving nature. Hitler was also for saving nature and he passed laws for saving Nature, therefore saving nature is bad? cuz Hitler stood for that too. Is that what you mean? I don't quite get your meaning. Cap and trade in itself is bad cuz the Nazies and Hitler had a similar law. Argument over.

one of the unwritten laws of the net is once Hitler and/or Nazis are mentioned in an argument, the argument is technically over. There is nothing more that can be said or add in the argument; Hitler and the Nazis, the ultimate bad guys are the ultimate evil and whatever they did say or stood for was evil as well. Example: Hitler/Nazis were left Democrats, therefore leftist Democrats are evil.

the writer doesn't explain anything, what's more he doesn't even make the effort to explain for example why Cap and trade is wrong or evil. he doesn't explain Cap and trade wont do anything to save the environment; all it is designed to do is to make profit. But the writer doesn't do anything of that sort; all he does is invokes Hitler's name and presto, his argument is "proven". "A priori", right pal? hardly the case.

Cap and Trade law is created to make profit out of nothing(much of how modern Capitalism operates); it's got nothing to do with Hitler and the Nazies no matter how much invoking their names will try to make the law appear evil. The law itself is evil yes, but it's just another brand new Capitalists' clever idea; hey too bad, the writer cannot benefit from it so he raves against and and in desperation uses the worn out ludicrous Hitler/Nazies argument to prove his argument. By doing that he actually loses the argument.

Lemme give this writer a free clue: you also depend on nature to live and survive.
Mess with it and nature will mess you too and does it way much worse. Saving nature should be our 1 one priority way above the priority of making profit by raping mother Nature. Cuz sooner or later she WILL fight back and then we will ALL be sorry. We have had a nice in between the times ride of about 60 years and so when we thought we were so clever and can beat nature by inventing medicines and having an abundant food supply but the good times are already over. Boys are feminizing, cancer rates are through the roof. This is NOT coincidental, not at all. Keep feeding us mutant foods and keep producing tons of garbage and we are already seeing the results only a perfect fool will try to equate saving nature with Hitler/Nazies thus proving what a total idiot he is.

There is an Asian proverb: standing half a mat, lying on full mat; you can only reside in one room of your house; meaning no matter what you do your needs are really minimal. But most people do not make the distinction between want and need. They want a lot when they really need very little. Try mentioning limitation to them and they star screaming in faked horror accusing you of all sorts of ridiculous stuff such as "hating humanity". I KNOW how much I need; I am willing to
live in one room sicne I can only use it at one time; I save electricity and use as little water as I can.. I just took a bath using water warmed by the Sun.
But try telling that to an American who is accustomed to his 1st world lifestyle of wasteful spending; he will start to scream and rave and may even physically attack you as they often have done in their 200 years old history of a country.

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