Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's funny

how there is no official investigation or talk about one about what caused the 1000 drop stock market drop last week. It's also funner how the market managed to recover what it lost by the end of the same day.

how the Republicans are ALWAYS talking about cutting costs at the HUD, poor people's benefits, etc, etc, etc, but they never mention the military and those fat cats making billions via the sweet big military contacts they got wth Pentagon.

It's funny how we got no real idea how much crude has been spilled/is spilling into the gulf of Mexico.

It's funny what happened to the Goldstone report.

It's funny what happpened to the Audit the Fed bill.

It's funny how Rush Mr Pills, An (I got Adam's apple) Coultier, etc always talk about the "liberal media" when MOST media is owned by 5 huge super rich and power corporations. And yes, we all know how liberal the big corporations actually are.

It's funny how SOME drugs that we ALL KNOW very well are damaging such as alchohol, tabacco, sugar, are legal, while others such as marijuana are NOT.

It's funny how easily Bin Aladin changes countries when necessary. He is now in Iran.

its' trully side splitting how NO weapons of mass distraction were ever found in Iraq. I still cannot stop laughing over that one, 7 years later!

It's funny how we are never told who the new president of Pakistan is after that last one whasshisname left.

It's majorly hilarious how all the countries USA has a beef with got huge reserves of oil and/or gas and are not under the direct US control.

it's funny how hard USA is "trying to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities" even to the point of attacking them but North Korea went ahead, got one(according to the same "liberal media") yet USA did nothing but shake its fists in impotent rage.

It is? Then why am I NOT laughing?

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