Monday, May 3, 2010

Looks like Communism did win over Capitalism after all

One of the fake fables that was written as "official" history fact is how supposedly Communism was a flawed system and substantially it disintegrated under its own weight in the late 1980s With the alleged collapse of the Soviet Union and most of the other communist countries in Europe. USA declared victory and "proved" once and for all Capitalism superiority over Communism then it went nuts trying to invent a new enemy to "fight against". But that's another story all together.

Even at a glance several errors are easily appearant. Communism was't defeated; several major other countries continued to function as Communists. Along them is the emerging super power China (which BTW, is now talking over the number 2 economic spot in the world) Other countries that remained Communists are Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, and even Cuba, no matter how hard USA has been trying to kill it economically over the years. What's even more telling is how other countries chose Communist leaders, in spite of repeated USA's meddling: Venezuela, Brazil and so on.

Now the BRIC countries are enjoying an unprecedented economic boom while MOST of Europe is collapsing and USA isn't doing much better. Notice how the BRIC countries are all 90% Communist and/or their leaders by Communists. It certainly has become a funny world ain't it? What's even more hilarious is how Communists countires are now propping the failing USA by buying its Treasury bonds. Essentially USA's ass is being saved by Communism but don't tell that to the Yanks, shhh! They are mad enough t the Chinks as it is, har-har.
What's even worse, USA is turning rather Communist itself, with the US government bailing out the major industries left and right: its banking system, the auto giants, the real estate companies Fannie and Freddie, the insurance giants AIG and so on. Can you imagine this even happening 20 years ago??? If you had told somebody that 20 years ago they woulda thought you were ready for the nuthouse, yet it's a fact today!

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