Friday, May 28, 2010

USA up to its bullshit as usual

I been wondering if I should even bother to write about the fake Korean incident. After all, the whole thing is such an obvious pathetic attempt by USA to steer up some shit; they will simply shit their pants with pleasure if a war breaks out on the Korean peninsula; this will automatically involve China and Russia and the USA will have even more excuses to:
1. keep their troops there,
2. to send more
3 and to start meddling into the their nose obviously doesn't belong even more than they do now. They been in that area of the world even longer than my mother's been alive: 66 years and they don't seem to have ANy intention of leaving and why should they? This is the hottest economic zone right now; what better way to slow China's economic expansion than involve them in a little regional war?

Just the facts: the incident happens during a war exercise involving USA and South Korean ships. The best Koreans/ USA could show was some rusted part of propellers with some Korean writing on them that they claimed was part of what hit the Korean shitp, yet a few days later Reuters changed the story and the torpedo turned out to be German made!
Bu of course bvy that time this news item was ignored and the official story was accepted that yes the north Koreans being the crazy unpredictably muther effers they are just dod it well the USA is not sure exactly but they came up with a list of pathetic reasons as to why North Korean will try to commit suicide by the most painful way possible. of course Big Nasty Butch who sold all her Humanity LONG ago is all over this incident lying through her teeth. Man, sure hope karma does exit and is keeping tally making sure Big Butch does get her reward in the next life and making her North Korean or something even nastier. Otherwise I will declare this to be an evil Universe made by an evil and Mad God. Speaking honestly, I don't see how people can be Christians but that's another story all together.

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