Monday, March 22, 2010

While USA is busy bombing and killing people

Russia and China are busy making business deals with each other.
Fresh off CHina daily:
China, Russia sign major agreements worth $1.6bn

Beijing - China and Russia signed 15 deals cumulatively worth $1.6 billion in the Russian city of Vladivostok over the weekend, with more coming up on Monday.

The documents were signed during Vice-President Xi Jinping's tour of the country. Xi arrived in Russia Saturday at the invitation of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He is expected to meet Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Putin in Moscow on Monday.

The deals to be signed Monday may involve cooperation in the energy sector, among other areas, experts said.

Beijing and Moscow may also discuss their respective positions on the Iran nuclear issue, and military cooperation, the experts said.

The two countries had previously agreed to operate a 1,030-kilometer-long pipeline linking Russia's Skovorodino city with Daqing, in northeastern China, by the end of this year.

The pipeline is expected to transport 15 million tons of crude oil annually from Russia to China between 2011 and 2030.

The first batch of deals, signed by local governments and business communities on Saturday, involved cooperation in areas including the economy, technology, energy and infrastructure.

The settlement of border issues and the approval of a grand plan outline last year for cooperation between Russia's Far East and East Siberia and China's Northeast, had laid a political and legal basis for greater cooperation, Xi said on Saturday.
The outline reportedly covers a total of 205 projects to be finished before 2018.

"Now, the neighboring areas, and high-level officials of the two governments are all talking about the outline," said Jiang Yi, an expert on Russia studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

"I'm sure Xi will discuss the details (with Russian leaders)."

One of the top priorities would be "developing energy cooperation with neighboring areas," Zhang Guobao, director of the National Energy Administration, who is part of Xi's entourage, told Xinhua News Agency in Vladivostok on Saturday.

Jiang said Xi may also discuss the Iran nuclear issue. So far, China and Russia have been the only two UN Security Council permanent member states that have not explicitly clarified whether they would push for sanctions against Tehran.

Combating terrorism in the neighborhood, the situation in Afghanistan, and the upcoming BRIC summit in Brazil may also figure in the discussions, he said.

Jiang Li, an expert on Russian studies at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said, "the (talks between) the two countries are likely to see breakthroughs in mutual investment, large projects and military cooperation", especially against the backdrop of the transforming nature of their economies and a sharp drop in bilateral trade seen last year.

China is Russia's biggest trade partner. Their trade volume hit a record $58.8 billion in 2008.

However, it was dragged down by the global economic downturn last year, falling by nearly one-third.

In the first two months of 2010, the trade volume has grown by nearly 70 percent year-on-year and close to the pre-crisis levels, Vice-Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng, who is also accompanying Xi on the visit, said last Friday.

"More attention must be paid to the restructuring of trade cooperation between the two countries," Gao said.

Xi is scheduled to stay in Russia until Wednesday. The trip will later take him to Belarus, Finland and Sweden.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democracy, you say? part 2

Gee, does ANYONE remember the Iraqis had an election last week? Does anyone cares? Does anyone cares they are STILL counting the votes after one whole week and STILL cannot decide who the winner is? Does anyone cares? Now Maliki has requested a manual count of the votes to "preserve the integrity of the electoral process." I am like an elephant, and I remember shit nobody else remembers, and I clearly remember the Iraqis had to count the votes TWICE in the last election to get the results they wanted. Now it's the 2000 presidential elections all over again, this time in Iraq. I'd wager they are NOT getting the results they want even by barring the Sunnies so they have spend a whole week counting and now they have to start all over again and do it right this time! "Democracy" is such a wonderful system, aint it?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Democracy, you say?

In modern newspeak "democracy" is maybe the most important number one word of the sacred 10 words. Others include "freedom", "free market economy" "free press", "western values" and other way overused bullshit words that sound great but dont mean squat.
But they forget basic psychology: the more a word is used, the less meaninginful it becomes. A simple test: saying a word over and voer and over makes it lose its meaning and instead become a collection of meaningless sounds. Those propaganda talking head shills with suits and ties who grace our TV screen every single day eventually cheat only themselves. Talk to the every day man on the street and they DO know it's all bullshit.
DemocrCY is presented as the best state of political situation, the most desired one. Don't you know, it 's the perfect , it comes from the great Greeks who invented it you see, over two thousand years ago in the ancient Greece where everyone was equal to everyone else and they all lived in perfect harmony and and we are ALL so lucky to be living in a democracy JUST like they did! But a quick walk down history reveals "democracy" to be nothing more than one more scam we are made to eat.
To begin with, Greeks had slaves and those slaves certainly didn't have the same rights as their masters! What's worse women didn't have any rights they couldn't vote and they certainly didn't have the same right! So it turns out the so called fabled "democracy" that the Greeks practiced wasn't as perfect as it is presented to us.
As a matter of fact, it was a pretty a poretty shitty state to live in that "democracy".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

China bashing in full force!!!!

the intense propaganda against China is in full swing.
Single day doesn't pass without some kind of anti article appearing in USA and/or Western press. be it Google being threatened by China or USA warning China against pegging their currency to the dollar, today China is painted as the new evil empire, almost as bad as Iran and as Iraq under that poor schmuck Saddam "He got Nuk'ear bomb" Hussein. As usual, most of is pure smelly bullshite.

Take the claim China is censoring the internet and threatening Google. The corporate onwed media makes it appear as if only China is doing it. Yet they fail to mention for example Australia's new internet censoring law where Australia is demanding ISPs block sites the Australian government deem inappropriate.
Here are some links I found with a quick Google search:

Google is presented as the unwilling victims who only wanna do their job when Google has bent back to the will of other countries and censored itself. If one tries to do a search for Nazi paraphernalia on for example, one will not find any because Google is censoring the results for France! But of course, that fact is never mentioned anywhere.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

And the dollar refuses to fall...

I been reading about the imminent collapse of the dollar for years now. Everyone from the fr left to the far right has been screaming and trying to scare the American sheeple with the fall of the dollar and subquentially the loss of the American lifestyle.
Bu somehow, stubbornly, the dollar has refused to listen to all these fear mongrels and hasn't fallen. As a matter of fact it's the euro that has fallen, NOT the dollar. And I can safely assure people the dollar ain't gonna fall any time soon regardless what all those know nothings say.
yes I am the first to admit the dollar is a fake currency. Yes t is a fiat currency but even as such it is backed the the most precious the most important substance on the Earth today: oil. When the Russians sell gas and oil to Germany, they get paid in dollars. When the Chinese buy gas and oil they pay in dollars. This act itself gives the dollar a "value", making it worth something. No other world currency enjoys this special privilege. So no matter how shitty the USA economy gets the dollar still retains its value because its the currency the world uses to buy its life blood: oil.
So like it or NOT, the dollar ain't gonna fall any time soon. Maybe later. maybe next week perhaps. But I doubt it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sense and nonsense

Anyone can have an opinion. But merely having an opinion doesnt mean much. Second, different opinions differ in value; the opinion of a scientist on the Super Colider for example will carry significantly more weight than MY opinion on the same subject. Therefore no two opinions are equal. That difference is crucial when evaluating an opinion.
So what makes one opinion better than another? The education of the person. Therefore, the value of the opinion of the average moron doesn't mean much at all; I could care less about it.
Anyone can have opinions too; but facts are entirely different matter. Opinions can be disregarded as mere "opinions" but one cannot fight against facts. And facts are what matter.

I like to read a lot of comment sections on diff web sites just so I can bask in the education and intelligence of the ordinary sheeple, NOT There is thousand of things ordinary thing the sheeple are so misinformed about it's fairly amusing b tiring and annoying after a while.
he sheelple like to argue about Democrats VS Republicans when in reality a economy doesnt really care who is in control;

The sheeple can't even agree is Clinton had created a surplus or not; and this is 10 years AFTER Clinton left office; this item alone shows how misinformed and the sheeple are...

The sheeple are convinced USA is buying the majority of their oil and gas from the hated Arabs from the Persian Gulf states, when in reality the top 3 countries USA buys its gas and oil from are: Canada, Mexico and Venezuelan.
The sheeple always talk about money going out of USA into the pockets of other countries. Inf act, the economy hates money that are not moving; after all, the economy is just a giant circle, money stating in one place or country are lost and stagnating, and not contributing anything.

The sheeple are convinced their country is a "democracy" meaning will of the people et the Electoral college makes sure only candidates from the 2 parties will get elected and no 3rd party candidate will ever have enough votes.

The sheeple are convinced people such as Glen Beak, Rush Pill Limbaugh are telling them the truth and the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth when in reality these people are right wing republicans who are paid to sit there and lie.

The sheeple are convinced their country is number1 the best when in realty it ranks number 12 in health care number 2 in economy(if EU is counted as one) ranks lower for child deaths and so on. Y
The sheeple believe a lot of stuff. Thass OK, with me.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Obsession with USA

I have been accused by some people with being obsessed with USA and not talking about anything else. Well, I am talking about it because as a former empire USA is in unique position; for 60 something years they controlled a big chunk of the world and were able to create and sell various myths such as being the bastillion of freedom and democracy in the world. After the fall of Soviet Union they got the idea that they are the only real left superpower on the world and they can redo the whole world in their image.
Millions of people bought the US lies and still think USA is somehow unique and special where "freedom and democracy somehow rule and one can "make it" and become rich by working hard there. That dangerous and ridiculous myth has been perpetuated on the world for the past half a century and what's worse millions around the world believe it blindly cuz they dunno any better. Talk to Japanese or Thai or South African and they idea is American s a dream country where anything is possible and you can get rich just by walking down the street and picking up the dollar bills lying everywhere. I myself believed that silly myth when I was a teen and BEFORE I went and lived in USA for a while and learned how USA REALLY is.
Obsessed? hardly. One of my main goal in life is to spread the real truth about the USA; people from UK for example have written to me thanking me about explaining to them how USA is.

USA has nothing to offer to me; from its mind numbing and ludicrous "entertainment" and movie stars to its endless malls filled to the brim with useless products I would never buy to its ridiculous political system of 2 parties ruled by rich guys who are pretending to care for the average shmuck while making sure they are getting rich and last but not least to its idiotic population of morons raised on bad TV, shitty movies and shitty pop music who know nothing but think they are the best.
Sure, if I was a capitalist and I wanted to make lotto money by selling some largely useless "product" to the "consumers" oh yes I will LOVE the USA and its' "freedoms and democracy". But I am NOT; one of the biggest problems I see in modern society is how muhc useless garbage is being produced and sold to the gullible masses who apperantly are willing to shallow just about any bullshit about "lifestyle" and "jobs" and "high style of living". They are worst than fools. Cable TV won't give you a high lifestyle; buying a plasma TV or a TIVO or a new car or a new house will not make you happy; glittery things are easy to confuse people who know nothing. Yes people in other places are poor compared the the average person In USA but the funnny part here is that their lot in life can most likely be traced right back to the very same USA they worship blindly SO much. The people in Africa, or the poor idiots in South Arabia are in that state directly because of USA interventions into their countries.
Everything and I DO mean EVERYTHING about USA is a total and a complete lie from begining to end. Take for example the claim USA is a "free market" capitalist economic system where people and companies compete in a free market while the government doesn't interfere. yet here is an article which proves otherwise. Fannie ma the main backer of ALL loan for commerce and private real estate loans is directly substituted by the US government which has already given them millions of dollars and is about to give them billions more. If the government is directly helping them to survive then how can USA system of commerce be called "free market capitalism"?

If one take the time to look at ANY aspect of USA one will quickly realize EVERYTHING saidaobut USA is total bullshit.