Thursday, August 19, 2010

50.000 solders left in Iraq

That's what's called leaving Iraq? Same as how USA's military left Korea, Japan, Germany, right?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Yes indeed, Global Warming is all lies!

Russia is facing yet another absolute record high temperatures this week again. But the Global Warming deniers prefer to scream about the record colds in South America. Enormous chunks of ice are breaking off but the Global Warming deniers are quick to mention that chunk so of ice have been breaking off ALL THE TIME.
Today I learn the temperature of our Black Sea was 30 degrees Celsius for the whole month of July. Heck, that's normal too I bet Global Warming deniers will say!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ok, it's August 1st. When will the announced withdraw of US troops begin?

It was promised to begin by August as documented by the department of Defense itself at and on all major Corporate Owned news media such a: CBS, and so on.

Even Mr Change himself promised this on CNN

I guess he forgot. Oh well....

Friday, July 30, 2010

07-30-2010: the day China become world's 2nd lagest economy

According to a report on CNBC CHINA has passed Japan to become the world's second largest economy. Congrats, China. You prove Communism DOES work as both an economic and political system when:
1. it is allowed to work without interference as in Cuba and the failed Soviet Union and
2. it is done right.
Remember the date. I certainly will. Oh yeah, thanx Drudge for posting the link. As usual, CNN, Yahoo, and all the other Corporate Owned media whores didn't think the news was important enough to write about it.
Of course the article had to make unnecessary jabs at China and all, but that's expected, after all. No bigggie. The only question is how fast and how long will it take for China to pass USA and become world's 1st biggest economy. I predict this will happen within the enxt 5 years, maybe sooner if all the indicators continue and if USA doesnt start a world war in the meantime just so they can stay on top.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More fakery courtesy of USA gov

After reading up and looking at the alleged secret "explosive" documents posted on Wikileaks, I MUST ask:
So what exactly did we learn from these documents?
That the war is going badly? Everyone already nknew that. That Pakistan hates USA and is secretly working with the Taliban? Gee, that revalation seems pretty useful to the powers in charge actually. Noe they gcan again shift the blame to somebody else Pakistan this time(Ian was being blamed before)
SO I have to ask the eternal question: WHo benefits from these document? Not rhe general public cuz they already knew all this, But the powers in charge certainly are welcoming the documents discussing them in great details in their Corporate Owned Medias: Nwew York times and so on. The other docmensts mention Bin Alladin as alive. So he fake Reality is being maintained , NOT destoered.
I call these documents the latest round of fakery. I call bullshit

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

USA, the mystical "land of freedom and opportunity" only existed

in the minds of a few people who didn't know any better and in the myths told in 3rd world countries by the flickering screens of TV sets.

USA was never the land of freedom and opportunity. Just go out and ask the first Indian, sorry Native American you find. But USA has become a sorry state over the years, much mcuh worse. Here I will document the major event that took USA on the road of fascism and totalitims, the exact things they blame Russia for.

1886. The Supreme court enacted corporation was a "natural person."

Southern Pacific Railroad. Though the court did not make a ruling on the question of "corporate personhood," thanks to misleading notes of a clerk, the decision subsequently was used as precedent to hold that a

From that point on, the 14th Amendment, enacted to protect rights of freed slaves, was used routinely to grant corporations constitutional "personhood." Justices have since struck down hundreds of local, state and federal laws enacted to protect people from corporate harm based on this illegitimate premise. Armed with these "rights," corporations increased control over resources, jobs, commerce, politicians, even judges and the law.

2. 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established. The people lost control of their currency. This was the end of USA as sovereign nation amd its fantasy mth. When in at the mornn of USA cleverly tricked Japan to attack it USA became an empire and lost all of its pretense to being the land of freedom and democracy" not that it ever really was.

3. 1944 When USA saw how profitable war was it became a war economy creating wars and conflict to miantain the war machine going. On average USA has started a major war every decade after that. When whats his name declared the military industrial complex in 1960, he was already 3 decades too late. By that time USA was a military industrial complex only dedicated to making a few corporations rich.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's in it for them?

Those shameless Global warming deniers are at it again. Yes, I'm looking at YOU Rivero. He would post a link to ANY article about unusually cold weather but he never posts links to articles about the unusually hot weather we been having all over Earth from Los Angeles (link is Heat wave drives Southern Californians to the coast) to Russia, Germany, Italy, Finland and all the other places. Ok I get it, you want to refuse the evidence in front of you because you believe its a trick to raise your taxes. SO they want to raise your taxes doesnt make the record hot temperatures they are having in Russia go away. Come on, why won't you stop it and look at the truth in the eye? What's in it for you to keep on refusing?

I have actually checked my own blog and I have been blogging about heat waves since March this year with links to prove it:

New York City Temperature May Reach 89 on Saturday, Breaking 2001 Record

Yeah it's the fault of that same hot spot under Greenland, I'm sure!

Friday, July 16, 2010

More proof Global Warming is a fabrication

Record temperatures in Europe: from Germany to Russia. But hey they Global Warming deniers will probably come up with some nice graphs how it was just as warm during the Little Ice Age from 1650 to 1850. I'm sure. Record high s where I am too. Global Warming deniers will probably tell me that's normal too. Of coruse

Monday, July 12, 2010

But but but Global Warming is a media and governement lie, isnt it????

People in Northeast seek to beat triple-digit heat while Germany is experiencing heat waves of up to 122 .
Damn that pesky Reality, Global Warming was supposed to be all a government and media lie, wasn't it?

It's official and UNICEF Confirmed : 0 starving children in Cuba

According to a new report by UNICEF there is NO starving children in Cuba. Read all about it at

But but but...isn't Communism supposed to be a failed economic and political system? I'm SO confused now!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Dollar is safe.

The good news for Americans is that the dollar has been saved yet again by the Chinese and is safe investment as a link on Drudge points out:
China rules out ‘nuclear option’ on T-bills
. Dont let the omnious headline fool ya. It's all good: "China has delivered a qualified vote of confidence in the dollar and US financial markets, ruling out the “nuclear option” of dumping its huge holdings of US government debt accumulated over the last decade."

So all those doom saying can relax, they have been proven wrong yet again. But that's not the important part realty, as much as I love to point out about those doom sayiers. The important part that even Drudge missed on is the obvious one: China, a Communist country(everyone agrees they are) is saving USA's bacon yet again. Humph, anyone see the screaming irony here? Communism is saving capitalism! I bet Marx and Lenin are having the laugh of their post mortem lives right now. Yeah.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Message to the Afgan Freedom fighters.

I must admit, I am in love with you guys. for 9 years now you been showing the world how a rag tag group of partisan supposedly backwards people are able to defeat and hold their own against a billion dollar army equipped with the latest in technology. I more than admire you. I am awe. Thanks to you I still see hope in this fucked up workd where a bunch of imperialistic assholes think they can control the world and its riches however they desire. You have shown them just how wrong they can be. Hold on tight guys, it's almost over and you would have won yet another decisive victory. Just a few more years and NATO will have to get the 'eff out of Afghanistan just like Soviet Union did and just like Alexander "the Great" did a while back. You got MY respect, you tough muther effers. I salute you! Keep up the great work, guys!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I been holding off on writing anything about the free Gaza flotilla/Israeli incident becuase I was waiting for ALL the facts to come in. Now that they are all in more or less, it is obvious Turkey was seeking some kind of confrontation with Israel s the story can get out and Israel will lose by winning. Perfect stratagem right from pages of Game Theory in effect. Congrats on Turkey for strategy well played; but did 19 people have to die? Did they sacrifice their lives willingly? Would they have gone if they knew they were about to die? Was Gaza THAT important to them?
After all the very first thought I had when I read about the Freedom Flotilla was: but Israel wont let them in obviously; they WILL be stopped by force. Hopefully I said to myself thse people have been briefed on *proper* behavior BEFORE they left so they kow not to appear hostile cuz the Israelis will NOT think twice and shoot their ass."
So far so good. Then Monday came and the massacre occurred. The world was flamed; predictably USA defended Israel; predictably UN did nothing. WHoever stared this knew what they were doing: Israel lost by winning. All one has to do is study game theory to see perfect plan executed.
No matter what the leftist bloggers say, these people KNEW and wanted a confrontation with Israel. so they weren't 100% innocent in this. People died; ok the final result is Egypt opened their border so no matter what Israel does now it's all over. As it is all over for 19 people who I dont really know why exactly gave their lives.

Monday, May 31, 2010

using different words to alter the meaning:


JERUSALEM – The Israeli military says more than 10 pro-Palestinian activists have been killed after attacking naval commandos who were halting an aid flotilla heading toward the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The army says the soldiers were attacked with knives and clubs as they boarded the six vessels Monday.

It says the violence turned deadly after one of the activists grabbed a weapon from one of the commandos. The weapon discharged, though it wasn't clear whether the activist fired it or if it went off accidentally.


Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship

More than 10 people have been killed after Israeli commandos stormed a convoy of ships carrying aid to the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army says.

Armed forces boarded the vessels overnight, clashing with some of the 600 protesters on board

Turkish TV footage appeared to show Israeli troops on board
Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet

Al Jazeera's report on board the Mavi Marmara before communications were cut

Israeli forces have attacked a flotilla of aid-carrying ships aiming to break the country's siege on Gaza.

Up to 16 people were killed and dozens injured when troops stormed the Freedom Flotilla early on Monday, the Israeli Army Radio said.

The flotilla was attacked in international waters, 65km off the Gaza coast.

Footage from the flotilla's lead vessel, the Mavi Marmara, showed armed Israeli soldiers boarding the ship and helicopters flying overhead.

Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal, on board the Mavi Marmara, said Israeli troops had used live ammunition during the operation.

The aljazeera story appears closest to the truth while the Yahoo is the one filled with most lies. The Yahoo story emphasizes the word "attack" implying the protesters attacked the Israeli solders while the BBC story shows the more real Reality: the solders stopped and boarded the ships before the clashes occurred. On the other hand, BBC fails to mention people were indeed killed but it makes sure to mention that "the protesters were very violent against the solders"

As usual, CNN is mum about the whole developing incident as if it doesn't exist.

So the real question here is: where is UN in all this? Why is Israel allowed to do this?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Early heat waves unseen from 100 years kill scores of people

As long as people will post how unusually cold it gets during the winter, then I shall post how unusually hot it get during the spring and summer. Record heat waves in India have killed at least 100 people. The temperatures may go as far as 50C or 122F. The link is at:

Friday, May 28, 2010

USA up to its bullshit as usual

I been wondering if I should even bother to write about the fake Korean incident. After all, the whole thing is such an obvious pathetic attempt by USA to steer up some shit; they will simply shit their pants with pleasure if a war breaks out on the Korean peninsula; this will automatically involve China and Russia and the USA will have even more excuses to:
1. keep their troops there,
2. to send more
3 and to start meddling into the their nose obviously doesn't belong even more than they do now. They been in that area of the world even longer than my mother's been alive: 66 years and they don't seem to have ANy intention of leaving and why should they? This is the hottest economic zone right now; what better way to slow China's economic expansion than involve them in a little regional war?

Just the facts: the incident happens during a war exercise involving USA and South Korean ships. The best Koreans/ USA could show was some rusted part of propellers with some Korean writing on them that they claimed was part of what hit the Korean shitp, yet a few days later Reuters changed the story and the torpedo turned out to be German made!
Bu of course bvy that time this news item was ignored and the official story was accepted that yes the north Koreans being the crazy unpredictably muther effers they are just dod it well the USA is not sure exactly but they came up with a list of pathetic reasons as to why North Korean will try to commit suicide by the most painful way possible. of course Big Nasty Butch who sold all her Humanity LONG ago is all over this incident lying through her teeth. Man, sure hope karma does exit and is keeping tally making sure Big Butch does get her reward in the next life and making her North Korean or something even nastier. Otherwise I will declare this to be an evil Universe made by an evil and Mad God. Speaking honestly, I don't see how people can be Christians but that's another story all together.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The fan is hitting the bullshit sky high, it's raining shit!

There is SO much stuff happening ALL over the place it's hard to keep up.
The stock market all over the world is having a fit cuz hey, after all, fiat currency doesn't really have any value until it is lended to somebody in a form of a loan. Other wise it's just worthless paper, not even well suited to wipe one's behind with.
Europe's been having problems cuz the benefits it got from creating the EU is over, and they don't got anybody else left they can loot. Eastern Europe turned out to be a poor place to loot, Iceland essentially told them to go and eff themselves.
But good ancient Europe's been having problems ever since WWI when it lost the majority of it's slave states in Africa and Asia. Its hard to keep on pretending you are using "Capitalism" when there is nobody to exploit. Keep it up, Europe! Keep on passing laws forbidding Muslim women to wear their garb and even the Muslims will stop coming and spending their money! Smart move Europe!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's funny

how there is no official investigation or talk about one about what caused the 1000 drop stock market drop last week. It's also funner how the market managed to recover what it lost by the end of the same day.

how the Republicans are ALWAYS talking about cutting costs at the HUD, poor people's benefits, etc, etc, etc, but they never mention the military and those fat cats making billions via the sweet big military contacts they got wth Pentagon.

It's funny how we got no real idea how much crude has been spilled/is spilling into the gulf of Mexico.

It's funny what happened to the Goldstone report.

It's funny what happpened to the Audit the Fed bill.

It's funny how Rush Mr Pills, An (I got Adam's apple) Coultier, etc always talk about the "liberal media" when MOST media is owned by 5 huge super rich and power corporations. And yes, we all know how liberal the big corporations actually are.

It's funny how SOME drugs that we ALL KNOW very well are damaging such as alchohol, tabacco, sugar, are legal, while others such as marijuana are NOT.

It's funny how easily Bin Aladin changes countries when necessary. He is now in Iran.

its' trully side splitting how NO weapons of mass distraction were ever found in Iraq. I still cannot stop laughing over that one, 7 years later!

It's funny how we are never told who the new president of Pakistan is after that last one whasshisname left.

It's majorly hilarious how all the countries USA has a beef with got huge reserves of oil and/or gas and are not under the direct US control.

it's funny how hard USA is "trying to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities" even to the point of attacking them but North Korea went ahead, got one(according to the same "liberal media") yet USA did nothing but shake its fists in impotent rage.

It is? Then why am I NOT laughing?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Looks like Communism did win over Capitalism after all

One of the fake fables that was written as "official" history fact is how supposedly Communism was a flawed system and substantially it disintegrated under its own weight in the late 1980s With the alleged collapse of the Soviet Union and most of the other communist countries in Europe. USA declared victory and "proved" once and for all Capitalism superiority over Communism then it went nuts trying to invent a new enemy to "fight against". But that's another story all together.

Even at a glance several errors are easily appearant. Communism was't defeated; several major other countries continued to function as Communists. Along them is the emerging super power China (which BTW, is now talking over the number 2 economic spot in the world) Other countries that remained Communists are Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, and even Cuba, no matter how hard USA has been trying to kill it economically over the years. What's even more telling is how other countries chose Communist leaders, in spite of repeated USA's meddling: Venezuela, Brazil and so on.

Now the BRIC countries are enjoying an unprecedented economic boom while MOST of Europe is collapsing and USA isn't doing much better. Notice how the BRIC countries are all 90% Communist and/or their leaders by Communists. It certainly has become a funny world ain't it? What's even more hilarious is how Communists countires are now propping the failing USA by buying its Treasury bonds. Essentially USA's ass is being saved by Communism but don't tell that to the Yanks, shhh! They are mad enough t the Chinks as it is, har-har.
What's even worse, USA is turning rather Communist itself, with the US government bailing out the major industries left and right: its banking system, the auto giants, the real estate companies Fannie and Freddie, the insurance giants AIG and so on. Can you imagine this even happening 20 years ago??? If you had told somebody that 20 years ago they woulda thought you were ready for the nuthouse, yet it's a fact today!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Hitler and Nazies law

I often find myself making the same mistake over and over again: I flip over and read Rivero's One of the links today he had is about how Cap and Trade is just like Hitler's Nazies law of protecting nature.
Let's first speak a little bit about Rivero himself. Rivero is nothing more than a right wing Republican, who only masquerades as a progressive when it suits him. He has defended the ridiculous "Tea Parties" and he will mention FAUX news favorably and generally he does defend Capitalism. Yet at other times he does exactly the opposite: he raves against Capitalism proving Capitalism doesn't work "cuz not everyone can be rich" and he raves against FAUX news. And so on. he changes when it suits him. he is a wing chime, he WILL spin around and around never really resting using whatever argument is convenient at the moment to prove his case, whatever it may be.

I clicked on the Cap and Trade link and read the article. IT was sily article by somebody who invoked Hitler in the argument against saving nature. Hitler was also for saving nature and he passed laws for saving Nature, therefore saving nature is bad? cuz Hitler stood for that too. Is that what you mean? I don't quite get your meaning. Cap and trade in itself is bad cuz the Nazies and Hitler had a similar law. Argument over.

one of the unwritten laws of the net is once Hitler and/or Nazis are mentioned in an argument, the argument is technically over. There is nothing more that can be said or add in the argument; Hitler and the Nazis, the ultimate bad guys are the ultimate evil and whatever they did say or stood for was evil as well. Example: Hitler/Nazis were left Democrats, therefore leftist Democrats are evil.

the writer doesn't explain anything, what's more he doesn't even make the effort to explain for example why Cap and trade is wrong or evil. he doesn't explain Cap and trade wont do anything to save the environment; all it is designed to do is to make profit. But the writer doesn't do anything of that sort; all he does is invokes Hitler's name and presto, his argument is "proven". "A priori", right pal? hardly the case.

Cap and Trade law is created to make profit out of nothing(much of how modern Capitalism operates); it's got nothing to do with Hitler and the Nazies no matter how much invoking their names will try to make the law appear evil. The law itself is evil yes, but it's just another brand new Capitalists' clever idea; hey too bad, the writer cannot benefit from it so he raves against and and in desperation uses the worn out ludicrous Hitler/Nazies argument to prove his argument. By doing that he actually loses the argument.

Lemme give this writer a free clue: you also depend on nature to live and survive.
Mess with it and nature will mess you too and does it way much worse. Saving nature should be our 1 one priority way above the priority of making profit by raping mother Nature. Cuz sooner or later she WILL fight back and then we will ALL be sorry. We have had a nice in between the times ride of about 60 years and so when we thought we were so clever and can beat nature by inventing medicines and having an abundant food supply but the good times are already over. Boys are feminizing, cancer rates are through the roof. This is NOT coincidental, not at all. Keep feeding us mutant foods and keep producing tons of garbage and we are already seeing the results only a perfect fool will try to equate saving nature with Hitler/Nazies thus proving what a total idiot he is.

There is an Asian proverb: standing half a mat, lying on full mat; you can only reside in one room of your house; meaning no matter what you do your needs are really minimal. But most people do not make the distinction between want and need. They want a lot when they really need very little. Try mentioning limitation to them and they star screaming in faked horror accusing you of all sorts of ridiculous stuff such as "hating humanity". I KNOW how much I need; I am willing to
live in one room sicne I can only use it at one time; I save electricity and use as little water as I can.. I just took a bath using water warmed by the Sun.
But try telling that to an American who is accustomed to his 1st world lifestyle of wasteful spending; he will start to scream and rave and may even physically attack you as they often have done in their 200 years old history of a country.

Friday, April 30, 2010

And the heat waves are begining already

but I'm pretty sure Rivero at won't link to the articles cuz according to him Global Warming is pure fraud designed to raise his taxes.
Anywaym,, DC will to 90+ and so will NY city and that is right on Drudge!
I've said it before and I shall say it again, Drudge REALLY should do better editing on what stories he is linking to; after all he is such a rabid Global Warming denier and Al Gore basher. Al Gore IS an asshole, so what else is new? He is using a real happening event to make money, isnt that Capitalists' way?
Anyway here they are: I saved them just in case too.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Constitition: a priori?

Americans never fail to amuse me. They are so dumb and sheeplike, yet they like to think of themselves as fairly smart. Take the latest "argument" they have come up with against the newly passed Health Care law. They think they got the perfect unbeatable "logical argument".
Their "logic" goes like this: Well, since NOWHERE in The United States Constitution is Health Care mentioned, then nobody can make them pay for it. And that makes it illigal too!
How utterly ridiculous.
To begin with, the Constitution was written what, 200 years ago, when USA was largely an agricultural country. The constitution was written for a totally different time. Therefore, the Constitution cannot mention newly invented things and thing we haven't even thought it same way the Bible is a document written about what is clearly a stone age culture. I hate to break it to them but the Constitution is becoming irrelevant by the day especially with the accelerated change we have having. Same as how dated a Western made in the 1950s appears to us, the Constitution cannot be used an type of proof "If it isn't in the Constitution then it's not legal" "argument".
Second there is many many and let me repeat one more time: MANY things that do NO appear in the Constitution but are reality in today's USA. Shall we list a few of them: The Environmental Protection Agency that makes sure the water USA citizens drink is clean(reasonable) the air they breath is within standards and so on. EPA is useful, right? So is public education, and guess what, NOWHERE in the US constitution Public Education is mentioned. Neither are the NASA, FBI, CIA and neither is the Post Office!
Does that make them all illegal under the Constitution then? Hello?

I haven't written ANYTHING about the new Health Care bill because there was SO much bullshit said about it, it was fairly difficult to separate the truth from the crap. One thing is clear: the Insurance Companies i.e. BIG BUSINESS is again the clear winner because now millions of Americans will be required by law to purchase a policy, even if some of them(dunno the exact percentage) can il afford to spend more money. Yes, some Americans will benefit. The pre-existing conditions clause will be gone which is a good thing. Most who already got nice wont be affected however. Yeah, the single payer siste wont happened but it was clear Mr Change will never have been able to implement it or he clearly didnt want to.

Monday, March 22, 2010

While USA is busy bombing and killing people

Russia and China are busy making business deals with each other.
Fresh off CHina daily:
China, Russia sign major agreements worth $1.6bn

Beijing - China and Russia signed 15 deals cumulatively worth $1.6 billion in the Russian city of Vladivostok over the weekend, with more coming up on Monday.

The documents were signed during Vice-President Xi Jinping's tour of the country. Xi arrived in Russia Saturday at the invitation of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He is expected to meet Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Putin in Moscow on Monday.

The deals to be signed Monday may involve cooperation in the energy sector, among other areas, experts said.

Beijing and Moscow may also discuss their respective positions on the Iran nuclear issue, and military cooperation, the experts said.

The two countries had previously agreed to operate a 1,030-kilometer-long pipeline linking Russia's Skovorodino city with Daqing, in northeastern China, by the end of this year.

The pipeline is expected to transport 15 million tons of crude oil annually from Russia to China between 2011 and 2030.

The first batch of deals, signed by local governments and business communities on Saturday, involved cooperation in areas including the economy, technology, energy and infrastructure.

The settlement of border issues and the approval of a grand plan outline last year for cooperation between Russia's Far East and East Siberia and China's Northeast, had laid a political and legal basis for greater cooperation, Xi said on Saturday.
The outline reportedly covers a total of 205 projects to be finished before 2018.

"Now, the neighboring areas, and high-level officials of the two governments are all talking about the outline," said Jiang Yi, an expert on Russia studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

"I'm sure Xi will discuss the details (with Russian leaders)."

One of the top priorities would be "developing energy cooperation with neighboring areas," Zhang Guobao, director of the National Energy Administration, who is part of Xi's entourage, told Xinhua News Agency in Vladivostok on Saturday.

Jiang said Xi may also discuss the Iran nuclear issue. So far, China and Russia have been the only two UN Security Council permanent member states that have not explicitly clarified whether they would push for sanctions against Tehran.

Combating terrorism in the neighborhood, the situation in Afghanistan, and the upcoming BRIC summit in Brazil may also figure in the discussions, he said.

Jiang Li, an expert on Russian studies at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said, "the (talks between) the two countries are likely to see breakthroughs in mutual investment, large projects and military cooperation", especially against the backdrop of the transforming nature of their economies and a sharp drop in bilateral trade seen last year.

China is Russia's biggest trade partner. Their trade volume hit a record $58.8 billion in 2008.

However, it was dragged down by the global economic downturn last year, falling by nearly one-third.

In the first two months of 2010, the trade volume has grown by nearly 70 percent year-on-year and close to the pre-crisis levels, Vice-Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng, who is also accompanying Xi on the visit, said last Friday.

"More attention must be paid to the restructuring of trade cooperation between the two countries," Gao said.

Xi is scheduled to stay in Russia until Wednesday. The trip will later take him to Belarus, Finland and Sweden.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democracy, you say? part 2

Gee, does ANYONE remember the Iraqis had an election last week? Does anyone cares? Does anyone cares they are STILL counting the votes after one whole week and STILL cannot decide who the winner is? Does anyone cares? Now Maliki has requested a manual count of the votes to "preserve the integrity of the electoral process." I am like an elephant, and I remember shit nobody else remembers, and I clearly remember the Iraqis had to count the votes TWICE in the last election to get the results they wanted. Now it's the 2000 presidential elections all over again, this time in Iraq. I'd wager they are NOT getting the results they want even by barring the Sunnies so they have spend a whole week counting and now they have to start all over again and do it right this time! "Democracy" is such a wonderful system, aint it?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Democracy, you say?

In modern newspeak "democracy" is maybe the most important number one word of the sacred 10 words. Others include "freedom", "free market economy" "free press", "western values" and other way overused bullshit words that sound great but dont mean squat.
But they forget basic psychology: the more a word is used, the less meaninginful it becomes. A simple test: saying a word over and voer and over makes it lose its meaning and instead become a collection of meaningless sounds. Those propaganda talking head shills with suits and ties who grace our TV screen every single day eventually cheat only themselves. Talk to the every day man on the street and they DO know it's all bullshit.
DemocrCY is presented as the best state of political situation, the most desired one. Don't you know, it 's the perfect , it comes from the great Greeks who invented it you see, over two thousand years ago in the ancient Greece where everyone was equal to everyone else and they all lived in perfect harmony and and we are ALL so lucky to be living in a democracy JUST like they did! But a quick walk down history reveals "democracy" to be nothing more than one more scam we are made to eat.
To begin with, Greeks had slaves and those slaves certainly didn't have the same rights as their masters! What's worse women didn't have any rights they couldn't vote and they certainly didn't have the same right! So it turns out the so called fabled "democracy" that the Greeks practiced wasn't as perfect as it is presented to us.
As a matter of fact, it was a pretty a poretty shitty state to live in that "democracy".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

China bashing in full force!!!!

the intense propaganda against China is in full swing.
Single day doesn't pass without some kind of anti article appearing in USA and/or Western press. be it Google being threatened by China or USA warning China against pegging their currency to the dollar, today China is painted as the new evil empire, almost as bad as Iran and as Iraq under that poor schmuck Saddam "He got Nuk'ear bomb" Hussein. As usual, most of is pure smelly bullshite.

Take the claim China is censoring the internet and threatening Google. The corporate onwed media makes it appear as if only China is doing it. Yet they fail to mention for example Australia's new internet censoring law where Australia is demanding ISPs block sites the Australian government deem inappropriate.
Here are some links I found with a quick Google search:

Google is presented as the unwilling victims who only wanna do their job when Google has bent back to the will of other countries and censored itself. If one tries to do a search for Nazi paraphernalia on for example, one will not find any because Google is censoring the results for France! But of course, that fact is never mentioned anywhere.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

And the dollar refuses to fall...

I been reading about the imminent collapse of the dollar for years now. Everyone from the fr left to the far right has been screaming and trying to scare the American sheeple with the fall of the dollar and subquentially the loss of the American lifestyle.
Bu somehow, stubbornly, the dollar has refused to listen to all these fear mongrels and hasn't fallen. As a matter of fact it's the euro that has fallen, NOT the dollar. And I can safely assure people the dollar ain't gonna fall any time soon regardless what all those know nothings say.
yes I am the first to admit the dollar is a fake currency. Yes t is a fiat currency but even as such it is backed the the most precious the most important substance on the Earth today: oil. When the Russians sell gas and oil to Germany, they get paid in dollars. When the Chinese buy gas and oil they pay in dollars. This act itself gives the dollar a "value", making it worth something. No other world currency enjoys this special privilege. So no matter how shitty the USA economy gets the dollar still retains its value because its the currency the world uses to buy its life blood: oil.
So like it or NOT, the dollar ain't gonna fall any time soon. Maybe later. maybe next week perhaps. But I doubt it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sense and nonsense

Anyone can have an opinion. But merely having an opinion doesnt mean much. Second, different opinions differ in value; the opinion of a scientist on the Super Colider for example will carry significantly more weight than MY opinion on the same subject. Therefore no two opinions are equal. That difference is crucial when evaluating an opinion.
So what makes one opinion better than another? The education of the person. Therefore, the value of the opinion of the average moron doesn't mean much at all; I could care less about it.
Anyone can have opinions too; but facts are entirely different matter. Opinions can be disregarded as mere "opinions" but one cannot fight against facts. And facts are what matter.

I like to read a lot of comment sections on diff web sites just so I can bask in the education and intelligence of the ordinary sheeple, NOT There is thousand of things ordinary thing the sheeple are so misinformed about it's fairly amusing b tiring and annoying after a while.
he sheelple like to argue about Democrats VS Republicans when in reality a economy doesnt really care who is in control;

The sheeple can't even agree is Clinton had created a surplus or not; and this is 10 years AFTER Clinton left office; this item alone shows how misinformed and the sheeple are...

The sheeple are convinced USA is buying the majority of their oil and gas from the hated Arabs from the Persian Gulf states, when in reality the top 3 countries USA buys its gas and oil from are: Canada, Mexico and Venezuelan.
The sheeple always talk about money going out of USA into the pockets of other countries. Inf act, the economy hates money that are not moving; after all, the economy is just a giant circle, money stating in one place or country are lost and stagnating, and not contributing anything.

The sheeple are convinced their country is a "democracy" meaning will of the people et the Electoral college makes sure only candidates from the 2 parties will get elected and no 3rd party candidate will ever have enough votes.

The sheeple are convinced people such as Glen Beak, Rush Pill Limbaugh are telling them the truth and the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth when in reality these people are right wing republicans who are paid to sit there and lie.

The sheeple are convinced their country is number1 the best when in realty it ranks number 12 in health care number 2 in economy(if EU is counted as one) ranks lower for child deaths and so on. Y
The sheeple believe a lot of stuff. Thass OK, with me.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Obsession with USA

I have been accused by some people with being obsessed with USA and not talking about anything else. Well, I am talking about it because as a former empire USA is in unique position; for 60 something years they controlled a big chunk of the world and were able to create and sell various myths such as being the bastillion of freedom and democracy in the world. After the fall of Soviet Union they got the idea that they are the only real left superpower on the world and they can redo the whole world in their image.
Millions of people bought the US lies and still think USA is somehow unique and special where "freedom and democracy somehow rule and one can "make it" and become rich by working hard there. That dangerous and ridiculous myth has been perpetuated on the world for the past half a century and what's worse millions around the world believe it blindly cuz they dunno any better. Talk to Japanese or Thai or South African and they idea is American s a dream country where anything is possible and you can get rich just by walking down the street and picking up the dollar bills lying everywhere. I myself believed that silly myth when I was a teen and BEFORE I went and lived in USA for a while and learned how USA REALLY is.
Obsessed? hardly. One of my main goal in life is to spread the real truth about the USA; people from UK for example have written to me thanking me about explaining to them how USA is.

USA has nothing to offer to me; from its mind numbing and ludicrous "entertainment" and movie stars to its endless malls filled to the brim with useless products I would never buy to its ridiculous political system of 2 parties ruled by rich guys who are pretending to care for the average shmuck while making sure they are getting rich and last but not least to its idiotic population of morons raised on bad TV, shitty movies and shitty pop music who know nothing but think they are the best.
Sure, if I was a capitalist and I wanted to make lotto money by selling some largely useless "product" to the "consumers" oh yes I will LOVE the USA and its' "freedoms and democracy". But I am NOT; one of the biggest problems I see in modern society is how muhc useless garbage is being produced and sold to the gullible masses who apperantly are willing to shallow just about any bullshit about "lifestyle" and "jobs" and "high style of living". They are worst than fools. Cable TV won't give you a high lifestyle; buying a plasma TV or a TIVO or a new car or a new house will not make you happy; glittery things are easy to confuse people who know nothing. Yes people in other places are poor compared the the average person In USA but the funnny part here is that their lot in life can most likely be traced right back to the very same USA they worship blindly SO much. The people in Africa, or the poor idiots in South Arabia are in that state directly because of USA interventions into their countries.
Everything and I DO mean EVERYTHING about USA is a total and a complete lie from begining to end. Take for example the claim USA is a "free market" capitalist economic system where people and companies compete in a free market while the government doesn't interfere. yet here is an article which proves otherwise. Fannie ma the main backer of ALL loan for commerce and private real estate loans is directly substituted by the US government which has already given them millions of dollars and is about to give them billions more. If the government is directly helping them to survive then how can USA system of commerce be called "free market capitalism"?

If one take the time to look at ANY aspect of USA one will quickly realize EVERYTHING saidaobut USA is total bullshit.

Monday, February 22, 2010

5 things the silly left were very wrong about:

1. Mr Change the white knight savior himself who was gonna reverse EVERYTHING
Shrub jr had done. Oops!

2. The fabled charges against Shrub jr and all the other neocons who started the
illegal "war against terrorism" against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on.

3. The fabled "fall of the dollar" that was supposed to happen last year, last
month, last week, yesterday, no, ANY day now!

4. The fabled "Amero" that was supposed to be implemented by the fabled North
American Union

5. The fabled "North American Union" that was supposed to remove USA's sovereignty
and plunge the American citizens into a 3rd world country

6. The "Vietnam moment" that was supposed to happen to the US forces in Iraq. oops too bad guyz!!

Did I say 5? oops, I guess I was wrong, I found more than 5!

Friday, February 19, 2010

And they call it "capitalism", part 2

I used to bristle with anger when I'd often read the predicable bullshit of some shill who would always blame "the Unions" for asking "too much money" for the workers in USA. Whenever there was a discussion about Unions and corporations, this shill would somehow ALWAYS appear and spill his crap on the comments page. yet that shill ever had ANY trouble with a CEO getting millions in payment. The latest news about such payment is the GE CEO getting $9 Million Pay Package I guess it's OK for the CEO to receive ridiculous large salary but NOT OK for the Unions to ask for good pay for the workers. Yeah, it's "capitalism" all right.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

and they call it "capitalism"

The latest crisis in Greece has exposed what a total failure the fake "capitalism" of the late 20th/early 21 century has become. The whole thing is beyond ridicilous; it's a total farce. Greece is failing yet EU won't help it but it demands Greece somehow fixes itself.
Some people will say: well that's because EU are not truly capitalism but are socialism. What a bunch of bullshit; these people use terms they deliberately misinterpret to suit their crap. Socialism and communism mere names reveals what they are: they are a collective, caring for the individuals society. That is what the word "social" means in its dictionary use after all. EU has nothing to do with socialism and or communism; it's a fake union designed to benefit large companies and to subdue and exploit people and available natural resources of Europe. Europe has been too socialistic for far too long; it was time to curb that and the EU accomplished that beautifully.
Real socialism/communism has nothing to do with a system where several large banks are essentially controlling ALL the commerce by issuing and controlling the main currency used and by issuing and controlling loans to large and small corporations and people so they can do commerce. That's not capitalism either; it's got NOTHIGN to do with Adam Smith's style capitalism or Keynesian capitalism or any real capitalism. It's fascistic corporatism that is now being practiced in USA and japan and pretty much all over the world.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Sun never stopped having sunspots

I keep on reading how The Sun is in an unusually quiet solar minimum and we havent had any sun spots for a while; more total bullshit. I check and the Sun never stopped having spots, small or large., As a matter of fact, th Sun is having a "Behemoth sunspot 1045 is crackling with M-class solar flares" and there is a photo of it too:
Come on guys, why dont you check how the sun really is once in a while before you reveal yourselves the fools you really are.

Speaking of weird Sun related weather, yes, USA IS covered in deep snow but Vancouver is missing the snow it needs for the Olympic games and as a matter of fact is having an unusually warm weather. Even the Drudge who is a denier of global warming didn't wanna pass up on this story and he make a link to it:
Don't you think its a bit strange that Vancouver is having "an unusually warm weather", Drudge? But then I have always suspected intelligence aint his strong point.

Monday, February 8, 2010

20th century, the century of the Jew

20th Century was the century of the Jew. Yes, the majority of the thinkers and leaders who dominated the 20th century were in fact Jewish: from Karl Marx to Einstein to Freud to Lenin, to Hitler and so on down the line. USA was a small insignificant country until the end of WWII when it came out unscanted economically (and in fact made a lot of money from the war) and quickly filled the void left by its predecesor the "great" UK. The Jew began to rule by proxy via USA's influence.
Fast foward to the 21 century that was supposed to be USA's century. China is becoming world power; the USA is faltering and along with it, the Jewish influence over world finance and commerce is fading too. Therefore, big battle (there are several, this is one of the biggest being fought) is how the Jew will try to keep his power over the world; China is NOT under ANY type of Jewish influence in any fashion of form. China is hardly gonna listen to any Jew, even with his billions and influence. What will the Jews do? I do not expect them to stand idly by; neither will USDA allow China to take over. This will be the big change in the new century: How will the new masters of the world, NON Jew act and behave? Interesting times we live in.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random new items

The latest news coming out of Iraq is not good. Turns out a lot of are simply banned barred from participating in the up0pcomign Iraqi "elections" So for all the breathless reports about Iraqi "democracy" how can it be a real "democracy" when people cannot run in an election? SO all those photos of Iraqis waving purple fingers at the camera turn out to be just more propaganda. What a surprise, I say!
Things are SO bad, Biden is being dispatched to Iraq. So much for "democracy".
Speaking of the "only" "democracy" in the Middle East, how come USA is has never pressured Saudi Arabia or Kuwait to become more "democratic"? If "democracy" is such a desired state of country Saudi Arabia and all those other countries run by kings should be required to become MORE democratic, no? But I guess "democracy" is only desirable in Iraq and NOT in USA's pals. LOVE the double standard. But let's NOT metion that anywhere, less the sheeple begin to think and we wouldn't want THAT would e?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More bullshit and nothing much else

So Mr Change claims the US troops will leave Iraq by August. Does that mean ALL of 120.000~140.000 troops will leave Iraq by August? Forgive me if I am a little bit skeptical and I will ONLY believe him if I see a photo of the very last solder's boot leaving the ground.
After all, it's been 70 years after WWII ended yet USA STILL has around 30.000 solders in Japan, another 40.000 in S Korea, some 50.000 in Germany and so on.
Simply put, NO effing way USA is leaving Iraq until the last drop of ool is sucked out of the ground. No effing way I believe USA will leave Iraq. Oh, sure, maybe some 60.000 solders WILL leave Iraq but that will still leave at least 50.000 or 60.000
US solders there plus who knows how many "contractors". Riight. So much bullshit
but I wondner if the stupid American sheeple REALLY do believe this bullshit or they don't care or just who gives a damn? It's ALL a giant circus anyway, all performances on stage. After living among those dumbos for 23 years I KNOW how they really are: they don't really think about anything, they have been conditioned to accept SO MUCH bullshit daily, they don't even bother thinking about any of it; it's too hard.
THey showed what docile sheeple they are when they allowed Mr Change to take 14 trillion ofd their money and give it to the rch bankers while they dont have any health insurance or any type of good social system. The joke is as usual, on them.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A few numbers to wrap my head around

According to an article on Reuters the cost of Iraq, Afghanistan tops $1 trillion Congrats, Americans! You have been had, yet again! I wonder how much the cost for the Cold War was and I bet adjusted for inflation it was also over a trillion dollars. Don't let them know it though, shhhhhh!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

China bashing in full force!!!!

I don't get mad or upset at the bullshit and oh so obvious propaganda the corporate owned media fills their web sites with daily but even this is way beyond what I call basic decency.
In the "article" if one can call a bullshit propaganda the writer claims China is taking Avatar off their screen because of Avatar's storyline which deals with imperialism. The article claims China is sensitive on the subject of "occupation of foreigner's lands" when the reality is USA is the one who have done exactly that when they forcefully evicted millions of Indi... sorry "Native Americans" off their lands and broke EVERY single treaty they ever signed yet the bullshit article makes it sound like China is taking that shitty Avatar movie off their screen for that very reason!

The writer had to make sure we get the point so he mentioned it twice, and gave us fiull explanation of the evils of China's regime when this has been the common practice of the Western world since 14th century at least.

Monday, January 18, 2010

End of the World as we know it(and it's a good thing)

The majoroty of sheeple around the wold have no clue the whole so called human civilisation is based on oil and runs on cheap oil. The ones who know are handful of people on top and a few farmers who will tell you a lot of eye opening stuff if you ever talk to them. It's no coincidence all the "wars" USA and Western powers are waging around the world happen to be centered around places that always got a lot of the blakc gold. One word is enough to give a major clue to all the mindless sheeple who still believe Muslim terrorist are out to "get" 'em. And that word is fertilizer. Yeah, guess what, fertilizers are made from oil. No fertilizers equals no crops. No crops equals nothing to feed animals with. ut it's MUCH much worse than that. All the morons need to do lift their eyes and take a quick look around their rooms and note down how much of all that stuff is plastics. Surprise surprise, plastics come from oil! No wonder USA got such a hard on for Iran and they want to fuck with it ANY way theyc an; Iran is the last country in the middle east not durectly under USA/Western power control!
Oh sure, a lot of the sheeple will start jumping up and down claiming new oil fielda re beign discovered all the time and the oil peak is just another media lie and so on. As a matter of fact, yes there is oil fields all over the place but the ear of the cheap oil is rapidly approaching or already over. Yes there is petny of oil reminign for to last us 200 years or more, but the problem is that oil is deeper and will cost mroe to suck out; not cost effective, dig?
Once the ear of cheap oil is over the ear of abundance of food and abundance of cheap plastic junk will be over too. And thats a good thing. We have been polluting the Earth long enough; she will be happy we won't be able to do it much longer. And that is inded a good thing.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

China VS Google

The vilifying of China got into a high gear with the silly announcement by Google
that they might be pull out of China's market because they were hacket. Big Butch
didnt waste a moment and immediately got into the game by issuing a statmenrt and
demanding China gives an explanation. WHo the fuck is she to demand an explanation)
I have been watching China bashing for a while now. I clearly remember one
particularity silly example when obvious shills kept on posting images on 4chan of
how smoky Beijing was during the 2008 Olympic games. I quickly collected images of
smky LA, Washington DC and other cities and posted them in return. China has been
vilified almost weekly now all over the place; almost not a day passes on /.
without yet another China bashing article.

his is yet another brilliant tactic by the USA. it helps them create yet another
"enemy" and t divert the attention of their people away from USDA problems by pointg
at China and screaming: See, they are the bad guys who dont play by the rule while
we the good guys are Oh so helpless to do anything!"

The USA is using the Echelon system to spy on the world; No Such Agency
employs the largest number of mathematicians; I'm sure they used them for
aritmetics ryes. Remember the USA spy shop that was caught near China's water a
decade ago? USA syes on Chin as MUCH as they can; China is simply doing exactly the
same. This is all MORE China bashing and nothing more, pure and simple

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Capitalism" is clearly on its way out

All the economic data coming in is clearly pointing out how the so called "free-market" "capitalism" is clearly on its way out. Leaving aside the obviosuly ridiculous drivel of how really "free" the market of "capitalism" is, the main and rather important question here is what will replace this so called "free-market" "capitalism".
Or will the Western countries will try to save it again by starting up another world war. A major world war sill clearly be bad for business so I don't think they would want to do that except maybe as a totally last resort.
let's first define what this "free-market" "capitalism" is and isn't.

It's a debt-based consumerism where middle class lives mainly on credit by borrowing money created by small cartel of banks via frantural banking.
It's a system where money is fiat money and debit and not "real" money i.e. backed by gold or silver. It's a system where debt is continuingly being created becuaee this same cartel is giving credit to EVERYONE (including small, middle size and large) businesses, individual and governments. It's a system, where products are created using the cheapest materials and cheapest labor and sold for profit creating real money and taxes in the process.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yep, our heat wave is STILL continuing,

I hate to sound like a broken record but... This has been the 4th day of yet another heath wave in Bulgaria and where I live was the warmest yet again: official temperatures were 18 Celsius in Veliko Turnovo. Yeah, yeah I know, the rest of Europe is frozen solid. One cold snap doesn't disprove Global Warming however.
So why is my winter not a winter at all?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bullshit everywhere

I am literally drowning into bullshit thrown from me at all sites. The corporate owned media has decided the best way to attract our attention is to present us with scary but totally bullshit stories. The government is doing the same. I have to literally shut down my TV and exercise harsh control over myself to curb my habitual reading of the tons of webs sites that are supposed to serve me news, but instead only delver steaming piles of crappy poo poo.
Take for example the oh so scary news about Bacteria linked to feces found on soda fountains! Oh MY GAWD, it sounds so scary and disgusting! Total bullshit. Anyone who knows a bit about the real issue will tell you too much cleanliness is bad for our health; exposure to various bacteria and viruses straighten our immune system and make us healthier and ready to fight. It's a well known fact children from 3rd world countries are healthier and have a lot less allergies exactly becuase they have been exposed to so much dirt
their immune system has been developed much better. But no, we are given yet another bullshit story about scary news item that has little to do with the actual reality itself. I call bullshit.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yet another day of recortd HIGH tempertures for my country

The news web sites are filled with news about record low temperatures ll over the world including UK, all over USA, China and so on. But where I live we just had yet another day where our temperatures hit a record of the opposite kind; high temperatures as high as +15 in some places! And that's in early January when we are supposed to be covered in deep snow with temperatures well bellow freezing.
Yeah, I know Al Gore is a liar and Global Warming is a total scam and it only exists
in the minds of Al Gore and his partners who are salivating in the prospact of selling Carbon Credits to companies and making themselves filthy rich in the process.
Do how can the continuing record high temperatures in my country be explain then?
I have been talking about them for several months now. Gee, do I live in some parallel universe or something?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Same old Hollywood movie scrips

I'm never gonna tire of repeating myself: Americans LOVE to live in a fantasy made up tra-lala world. Take the new editorial by Justin Raimondo: "The long war: who is winning".
Predicably, he begins the article with "8 years ago Ali Queda attacked USA with the attack on the Word Trade center". Right from there, I knew he will maintain the fantasy story line about Bin Alladin and his all powerful ALi Queda. Leaving aside the ridiciloness of this script, there is absolutely nothing new to learn from reading his drivel. But it's much worse than a waste of time; all it does is reinforces the Hollywood script the corporate owned media has been pushing, oh for decades now, yet he he likes to position himself as some kinda alternative to them. What a crock of smelly old shite.
His next step is to ask who is winning in this long long war, showing he is: 1 either a complete dumbo or worse
2 possibly a possible shill for the status quo.

Since this has never been a real "war", but just another imperial grab for natural resources, asking stupid retorical questions exposes what a total phony he is. The "war" is NOT supposed to be won; it is suppsoed to be dragged on as long as possible, thus creating the biggest possible profit for the military indistrial complex.
he drops Bin Aladin name yet again citing some fake message by the "evil one himself" yet again reinforcing the fantasy script. he continues vby isting all the fake and staged attacjks around the world, reminding us what danger we all are in. Ooooooh, scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... let's throw in the name of Ali Queda several time to make sure people really get scared!
he ends up by making sure to srae us about the dready future becuade we dont know what Ali Queda is up to so make sure you are scared, oh so scared!

The Decade of Fear

so the first decade of the new century is about to end. Time for a reflection here. This has been the worst decade in maybe 50 years. It' wont be an exaggeration to name this the "decade of fear". Fear of the invisible but somehow all powerful Ali Queda who only show up on web sites, fear of a bearded diperhead man with the ridiculous comical name of Bin Alladin, fear of Antrax, fear of the crazy Arabs, swine flu, financial crisis, shoe bombers, etc etc etc. If you can think it, scare the general population with it. Fear is easy and fast. From psychologist Thimoty leary point of view, fear bypasses the rational ans logical higher parts of the brain and directly goes to the ancient reptilian part of the bran affecting basic functions. Easy as pie. Basic stuff. As a controlling weapon it's easy to spot tho; But since as I noted even logical and smart people will Stop thinking and revert back to their basic nature and will begin to say things such as "Let's nuke those ragheads" and other horrific bullshit. Very educational stuff indeed if one is willing to go above it all and view it as a big giant circus and study it.

Another thing that has become obvious is how globalization is quickly changing the world. Globalization has negatively affected the ordinary sheeple while making the rich cats even richer by moving the production cost down. Globalization has been killing the middle class in USA Europe and everywhere but at the same time created a brand new middle class in far away supposedly 3rd world countries such as India and China. The shift has been sudden and alarming. Or at least it should be alarming to the average sheeple who are seeing their lifestyle slipping away; that has made them scared and confused. And they should be scared. The nexus of power that I have observed over the centuries always moving west has finally placed itself in CHina. Like it or NOT, but China WILL be the next superpower. No matter what USA/ and EU do China WILL be the next superpower; it's inevitable. It's some kind of natural law that nobody can explain but only a few people actually see.
What's even more interesting how how well South American is developing economically. It's no surprise since USA hasn't been paying an attention to them, it this proves once USA stops bothering you and controlling you you can always do well.

USA itself is failing; the ONLY thing that will save it is to start up a world war. Europe is a dead museum, filled with middle class that's quickly losing ground. In contrast, South America and Asia are booming.

No wonder the average middle class sheeple is willing to to allow its government do whatever they want all over the world; witness how quickly they will swallow the bullshit fed to them by the corporate owned media about terrorist and Ali Queda. No matter how stupid the average middle class sheeple is, they understand very welll the fight is about their lifestyle and not about some fantasy movie vilain Ali Queda.

The other thing that has become obvious is the amount of shit entertainment. How much time the sheeple waste in simple mindless activities such as gaming, p0rn surfing and general idiocy. The rulers love it; Roman laid the law over 2 thousand years ago bread and circuses: when the bread is lacking, give more circuses. No wonder the average sheeple is getting dumber by the second; no matter how much wish fulfillment the left wing bloggers write about people waking up; it's exactly the opposite. The masses are drowning in cheap mindless entertainment and paying very little real attention to what's going on around them. The proof is in what total assholes they keep on electing each and every single time they go to the polls to exercise their "democratic" right.

What a joke the so called human civilization has become and from what Im seeing it will be getting much much worse.

Friday, January 1, 2010

and in Bulgaria, our heat wave continues

we had record breaking temperatures: on 1st of January it was 22.4 officially while my outdoor thermometer showed 34 (not in the shade). This is as far from normal as it can get; it's positively scary actually. Winter is NOT supposed to be cold one day then warm and even hot the next week. Winter is supposed to be Winter all the way through i.e. cold, ALWAYS cold and snowing starting from mid November and going until mid to end of March. But hey, Global Warming IS a scam cuz Al Gore is trying to financially benefit from it, right? Riight!

P.S. to all the Anonymous posters: come on, be real and use your names eh? Gimem an email so we can really get a conversation going. If you are gonna call me names and adjectives, try doing that the real manly way and gimme a name. Otherwise I will ignore your bullshit and refuse to post it. I have had enough bullshit from all sides to last me a lifetime. I will NOT tolerate it in any shape or form.