Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looks like the "global cooling" has been put on hold.

I been reading all summer long how this has been the coolest summer on record in USA. Imagine my surprise when the main denier of global warming and all around asshole Drudge had a link pointing how Seattle is experiencing record hot temperatures just the other day. Here is the article and it's right on
So which is it? the coolest summer on record or the hottest in some places? Can't be BOTH at the same time, surely.
I can tell from personal experience, I am experiencing one hell of a super HAWT summer here in Bulgaria in southern Europe.e The other day temperatures were 41. 7 ; those are definitely way above ANY sort of normal summer temperateness for where I am. It's now 34 today but it will be 37 by Saturday. I been observing the temperatures in several European countries since the early 2000s and I notice how every day summer they are reaching record highs. So NO, I don't see that global cooling people such as Rivero from is constantly trying to prove is happening. In fact i see JUST the opposite. Personally, i don't care though. I got no kids and by the time the fan hits the shit I shall be so old I won't give a damn. Let the 20 something worry about the world they will be forced to live in. Who cares.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Censorship in the U.S.A.

As a test I already knew the answer to, I been looking all over the major news sites for ANY articles or mention about the 40 rabbis and 3 mayors just arrested in new jersey who were laundering millions od dollars through synagogues. Imagine my complete lack of surprise to discover that neither CNN or ABC, CBS or Drudge or yahoo are carrying ANY articles about it. NONE! NONE WHATSOEVER! Can you guess what wold have happened if these were Arabs and Muslims who did this??? CNN would be carrying breathless reports on the new Ali Queda terrorists. Major newspaper would have it splashed across their front pages. Yet complete silence all across the US media. Yet thew US government is promoting the fantasy that Russia and China media ARE censored and government controlled while y the US media isnt. This is yet another proof the US media IS as controlled as any other media in the world.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Democracy" is just a word that doesn't mean anything

A new AP-GfK poll released today shows a majority of Americans opposed to the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The Iraq War was opposed 63-34, while the slightly more popular Afghan War was opposed 53-44.
So why aren't Americans demanding the wars end immediately and why isn't mr Change listening to the constitutions and ending the wars? Isn't USA supposed to be a "democracy" where "democracy" means will of the people or am I confused and misunderstanding what "democracy" is about as some idiot calling himself Invisible is accusing me of? If I am not understanding what "democracy" means then enlighten me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Open challengeS

10 days ago, I I presented an open challenge to the guy who writes to furnish proof the leader of North Korea is a "crazy" dangerous "maniac". he still hasn't bothered to answer me. Guess it's easier to parrot the US corporate news instead of using his own brain to think.

Several months ago I also send an open challenge to the guy who writes to explain how exactly the currents USA administration is "Anglo-Marxist"(whatever that means). Guss its much easier to throw around cool sounding words than to explain exactly what they mean or if they actually mean anything at ALL. He hasn't bothered to answer me. Oh well, shrug. BTW, I stopped reading him after he called Palestinians evil blood thirsty. Guess he is one of them Ashkenazi Khazars who like to present themselves as the real Semitic Jews.

Blogs I read for the LULZ

Just as with web sites, there is some totally useless blogs I read strictly for the LULZ. One such blog is The guy has one article he keeps on writing over and over and OVER: how evil the current and past USA leaders are and that's it!

TO begin with, he doesn't even lives in USA! He is an expat living somewhere in Spain i'd guess. He's been out of USA for years, yet that's ALL he keeps on writing about. Why is he SO fixated on USA still, I dunno.
Second, the things he writes about: yeah we KNOW Shrub Jr and Cheney and Mr Change are evil men, and that's news? USA has been run by evil assholes for decades, centuries in fact. Lincoln was an asshole if one looks what what he said and what he did. USA has ALWAYS been ran by evil assholes. Yet he is presenting his arguments like this shit just started going on. Anyone who is in government is an evil asshole, period. To want to be in government is proof itself you gotto be an evil asshole. He got one track song and it's boring as hell. Buy a clue: Alexander the Great was an ego-maniacal asshole.
Third, he doesn't present or offer ANY solutions. None whatsoever. All he talks about is how evil Shrub jr and Cheney were and how Mc CHnage is no better. Big news, indeed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

It IS official, Americans ARE total morons

According to a poll on Rasmussen site if elections were held today, Obama would get 48%of the vote and Palin would get42%.

I really would LOVE to see an total idiot such as Palin gets elected. This will REALLY put the final nail into the USA coffin. On the other hand maybe I really DO NOT want to see a "Christian" like her having access codes to the nukes cuz I bet she is such an a "believer" she will star WWIII just so she will speed up the beginning of Rupture and second coming of Jesus.

And in the second news item of the day, ABC is reporting that the bailout to save the financial system could Top $23 TRILLION. This is what Neil Barofsky(a nice Jewish name eh?) says and he should know, cuz he is the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Nice. This is what "representative democracy" gets you, American sheeple.

FYI, the bailout was about 14 trillion last time I checked. And they call USA a capitalism system.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The "democracy" fiction

Frankly, I got Pavlovian reactions associated with that word. Just hearing it used so many times a day has render it totally meaningless. The more they use it trying to convince me we live in a "democracy" the more empty and devout of NY meaning the word begins to sound. This is what happens whenever a word is used too often; it loses its semantic meaning and becomes a sequence of sounds. I suspect it it the same with the faceless sheeple, but since we rarely if werv see real people giving their honest view o the media I am left guessing.

The corporate owned media around the world daily sings the praises of "democracy". What is "democracy" in pure semantic terms? It means the government and will of the people. It came from Greece were supposedly the Greek invented it. Right. Ancient Greece was hardly what one would call a real democratic society; they had slavery and the slaves had zero rights. What's much worse, the women in ancient Greece weere NOT allowed to vote; this the L people left to vote were the men. That is the real truth: slavery and only the men voting yet they keep on telling us it was a "democracy" So much fore ancient Greece.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

and the lies againts North Korea continue

Now cyber attacks directed against USA and South Korea are blamed on North Korea. Is there ANy proof given that North Korea is responsible? As usual, the answer is "No." Just because it's South Korea and USA it is immediately assumed AND spread ALL over the corporate owned news the culprit is North Korea.

In fact, if one can think for a moment(but who can do THAT complicated and tiresome activity in the modern world, where the news of Michael Jackson deliberately(possibly) overdoing on Demerol has been the headlines for more than a week now?), spotting North Korean hackers will be incredibly easy. Since (as I have said before) North Korea is tied in an iron ring of isolation they probably have very very few entrance and Internet exit points. If USA government wanted to find out, they could easy watch the traffic coming from these exit points and know pretty soon if NK is indeed responsible for the cyber attacks. But are they doing that, or do they just prefer instead to spread innuendo, propaganda and lies?
Since we are on the subject of NKorea anyway, I want to talk about why the leader of the country is talk about as a "nutcase" crazy loon" even by bloogers, who I generally find more knowledgeable than the silly corporate owned news.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Sun is as active as ever; all it was doing was taking a break

all you armchair scientists who like to equate the Sun spots and Earth weather please update your data:

We are officially inside the new Sola Cycle 24 and for 3 days now we have had the enormous sunspot 1024. Today, the sunspot is growing again. It now measures 125,000 km from end to end, almost as wide as the planet Jupiter. This 3-day movie from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) shows recent developments:


the sun's magnetic dynamo is still working--a fact some had begun to doubt. More sunspots are coming, so stay tuned.
Sorry to bust your bubble, guys but the Sun is as active as ever.

All this is taken verbatim from Time to bookmark that link and get educated.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The new "caps and trade" bill is the best scam ever!

All the bloggers and leftish types all over the net are bitching abut the caps and trade bill. As usual, they are totally clueless and missing the whole point of the bill. The bill is pure stroke of genius, whoever thought of it and wrote it up should be given a Nobel praise. With it, USA kills NOT one, NOT two but a half a dozen birds with a single stone. Let us count the ways:
1 First of it, it creates money out of nothing. Carbon Credits do not exist in the real world; they are totally fictitious entities. but they are designed to be traded and make profit.
2. Companies can trade them the same way, and start to make so much money it wont even be finny. Caps and trade will be the next bubble. Caps and trade was signed because the smart assholes in Congress are hoping they can use it to pull USA companies out of recession mode and start to make money using it.
3. Caps and trade will levi even MORE taxes on the sheeple and the government will get even richer.
4. Caps and trade will be the beginning groundwork of world government where the lives of ordinary sheeple will be controlled. Wanna take a plane? Buy this many points. Wanna use this much electricity? Buy this many points and so on. Pure profit.
None of that pseky type of capitalism where you have to actually produce something a tangle product that has to be produced then distributed and sold.

Sure, I raved against it but I would like to get in on it; as I said it is the greatest scam ever and I want to know how I can benefit from it if i can. All the stupid bloggers better wise up and get on with the program or they will miss the boat yet again.

Iran's famous "nuclear bomb"

So the new incoming International Atomic Energy Agency[IAEA] chief Yukiya Amano said Friday there is NO concrete evidence that Iran is attempting to develop nuclear weapons. This is in an Israeli newspaper, BTW, FYI.

His exact words were: "I don't see any evidence in IAEA official documents about this,"

Well, if the chief of IAEA doesn't see ANY evidence that's good enough for me. But in ALL fairness, I have yet to see ANY evidence at all, presented by ANYONE: Israel, Mr Change. the Pentagon or ANYONE at all. If the evidence is there, why not show it.? Unless of course there IS NO evidence and it's all just ...bullshit.

Just a heads up.

Butr at the same time, mr Change is giving the green light to Israel to bomb Iran over that same "nuclear bombs that the chief of IAEA doesn't see any evidence of.
So who is the liar and aggressor here?

Gorsh, sure looks like somebody is desperately, in anyway possible trying to start up WWIII so they can maybe fix their failing economy.

Theather of the Absurd Part II

So Biden says they misread the economy. Wow. I ain't no Harvard educated boy but it was obvious even to ME their so called "economy" is dying and no 14+ trillion dollars "stimulus" will fix it and jump start it because after all the very fundamentals their economy is based on are seriously in need of repair. But that's largely irrelevant really. What is truly amazing Biden would say something with straight face.

I been noticing a very disturbing trend for a while now. They would tell you any type of absurd bullshit that's eye pocking obvious lie. They don't even care to make it soud plausible; they just say it and it would appear

1. they don't care if we believe it or not
2. they don't care because they never get called out on it

It's positively scary if you ask me. Yes they own the media and they use it as they see fit, that's a given. But it seems their arrogance has gone beyond reproach becuae they know it doesn't really matter what they say, the sheeple have absolutely zero choice
1 to do anything about it
2. but to accept it
Like me for example; even if I KNOW it's total bullshit, and I write about it and tell others, so what?! Would that change anything? NO, cuz I got zero power. So that's the point we have gone to today in our modern world; they are lying to us, they KNOW we know the are lying and that we don't believe them but they don't care cuz they figure things will just keep on going on exactly as they have been going on. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

North Korea stirring troubles again while USA is Oh so innocent and just wants to defend itself

The Western corporate owned media that is part of the military-industrial-entertainment complex is good at presenting the "who" and the "when" of news(ONLY when it suits them of course) but very weak at to "what" of the news and they never bother with the "why".

a little note: I always put "corporate owned" in front of Western news media because CNN and other "news sites" NEVER fail to note for example that Iranian and China news sites are government owned. I think it's only fair to note who owns Western news media.

Thus they will report North Korea just launched a few new missiles taking care of the who and when part but they won't explain as to what is really going on to force North Korea to act the way it is acting and as I said they never bother with the "why" except to present the leader of North Korea as some kind of dangerous unstable nut case.
Of course the obvious fact they do the missiles test on exactly 4th of July which just happens to be USA biggest holiday is not mentioned anywhere.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Global cooling?

I dunno where people like Rivero from is getting the news that for the last 11 years we have been having "global cooling" instead of global warming.
I can personally report that Bulgaria, the place where I been living in the last 5 years is way way hotter than what I left it 22 years ago. The temperatures go up to 35 and beyond in the shade in the summers here; several times they have gone as high as low 40s. Those are NOT normal temperatures and certainly NOT cooler, but much much warmer.
But what the global warming deniers fail to admit is that ANY small change WILL severely impact humanity's ability to grow crops to feed itself and the livestock it depends on. Cooling in fact will be much worse than warming; cooler temperatures will wreck havoc across the world. But NO, the neisaying of course will NOT mention that fact; they just want to somehow anyway they can disprove global weather change so now they have changed their tune and claim there is global cooling that I am NOT experiencing at all.