Friday, August 28, 2009

Ted Kennedy: yet another circus performer with an enormous ego.

Sorry he is dead? Why? EVERYONE dies sooner or later. What's the big deal? The question is not about feeling sorry about a totally natural event but about how one has lived his life. Was Kennedy the great man the media is painting him as or was he just another career politician who knew how to cleverly find the right government job (and ALL really nice benefits that came with it) and didn't move from it for over 48 years because of a huge over blown ego? Sure he fought with the Republicans over many "issues". But since in a very careful analysis, the Democrats and Republicans are just diff faces of the same coin, most of their battles are just carefully staged circuses for the masses, all fury in really signifying little.

Strangely, I wonder what An Coultier would say if she write about him. She will most likely mention the car and the dead girl inside and the fact he never found it nessasary to report the incident to the cops and that he got away with it. If it was ME for example that this happened to, I'd have been thrown in jail so fast, my glasses would have been flying off my head. But since he was Kennedy, the case was dismissed and he wasnt charged with anything. Yeah I know, it happened long time ago. Well, at 77 I think he wa sold enough to retire but he didnt seem to find it necessary. Was it because he was doing such important job or was it because he didnt want to give up his seat and ego? Hopefully with his passing they can get some fresh young blood in there instead of an old fart who should have been put out to pasture
long time ago.

Why I am basing all this on? Well it's fairly simple, just like everything else is. looking at the way Congress has been voting for the past 50 years (through all the time Kennedy was in it) is clear they weren't "working for the American people" or representing them at all but mostly fort the big corporations and to ensure more power for themselves. All one has to do is look and think. It's not that hard at all. Really. try it for once, you thick skilled fuckheads and wake up finally. None of thse people are workign for YOU. They havent been for a long long time. Longer than Kennedy was alive for. If this is what a great man is, I'd take Charles Manson any day of the week.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Off the top of my head

I been thinking lately(which is a rather dangerous activity in itself, don't do it if you haven't been accustomed to it kids!) about all sorts of things. For example, why are cigarettes STILL allowed and legal after ALL the studies clearly proving they are dangerous to human health? and today as by order comes a report that smokers on average live 15 years shorter lives than non smokers. There is MY answer, staring me right in the face! Let's count the benefits of cigarettes:

1.People die faster with tobacco's help. Helpful to governments because they will pay less in social security payments
2. cigarettes are heavily taxed; about 60% of the actual price is tax that goes directly into government's coffins never to be seen again.
3. Cigarettes cause all sorts of illnesses and this cr4eates a lot of work for doctors and profits for hospitals, medicine manufactures and so on down the line.
4. Usually lower poor class of people smoke and the government doesn't want them; they rarely if ever pay taxes and don't consume much.

There is very nice 4 reasons I can think of that show how beneficial cigarettes are to the government of ANY country. Therefore, why would they even stop them? All they ever do is pay some lip service to the 'cause" passing silly laws that supposetly make less people smoke but accomplish NOTHING of the sort.
The same exact reasoning appliers to another drug that's also legal and also deadly: alcohol. the deaths and injures it causes, who cares as long as the government gets their taxes out if it.

makes me sick just thinking about all this. Maybe I need a cigarette and a drink to calm down...

Friday, August 21, 2009

and the bullshit continues and continues and continues

It's extremely interesting how we JUST hear about the new elections in Afghanistan right on the eve of the elections and NOT lets say a week before..

Of course the whole ting is a pure circus from beginning to end, designed for mass consumption on an international level and yet another faked news story. Nobody in their right mind would believe any of it; even the other presidential candidates si said so themselves. I'd be shocked if Karzai doesnt win. There is already spin on yahoo claiming the voter turnout is low "because of threats by the ever present boogie man the Talibanies who are some how ALWAYS associated with the phantom Ali Queada

But the other way MORE important news that no corporate news site is for some mysterious reason willing to publish as if it doesn't exist or is NOT important: Iraqies WILL hold a referendum in early JN 2009 if they would te USA to stay in Iraq. By some amazing coincidence, a
4 bombs explode all over Iraq and the victims are 96 at lead and 599+ wounded. Yeah.

Way back in 2003-2004 when the absurd terror levels were implemented and the levels were raised every few days, I was pretty sure it was ALL for show and designed to scare the easily scared Americans into seeing Muslim terrorists everywhere, pretty much exactly the same way the government used to scare them during the 1950-70 Cold War era. I didn't have any evidence to back my claims however but yet AGAIN I have been proven right.

Ridge says Bush officials sought to raise terror alert before '04 election
is splashed right across CNN, Yahoo and the other web sites. Of course the idiots will quickly point out that CNN is part of the ever present "liberal media" that you see controls everything.

As yet another anniversary of 9-11 approaches, I can yet glaot that yes I was right yet again: neither Osama Bin Alladin was ever caught and of course by now we know the fabled Iraqies "weapons of mass distractions" never existed.
Back in 2003 right before the invasion of Iraq I would say to people that I was willing to make a million dollars bet that:
1. Bin Alladin will NEVER be found and
2 no weapons of mass distraction will ever be found either.
People would laugh at me and point out that I didn't have a million dollars and I would rely

that I was SO sure I would be right I didn't need them.
Well am STILL right. Nobody was willing tot ake mty bets though. Oh well...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rejoice, the good times will soon be here again!

As irritating and self serving the "news" of corporate owned media are, they are also often unintentionally funny. Take for example the "news" item that France, Germany and today Japan are Officially "out of recession" because you see, their economies shows a growth. Oh we are NOT talking about much growth, only 0.3% but hey since it's growth, then statistally they have put the recession behind them!
Gave me a good reason to laugh out loud early in the morning. I KNOW ordinary people hardly pay ANY serious attention to numbers such as these; they don't mean much if anything to them at all. Thse numbers are first of all for government consumption, so they can put them down in the history books. I can imagine the book keeping tricks they did JUST to show the supposed 0.3% growth. They probably just took the falling prices of some seasonal food items and the price of some obsolete TV sets from 6 months ago, wrote those into their statistical tables and presto! France and Germany are on their ways to good times again! We can ALL rejoice now, weee!! I bet USA will show some "growth" in a few months too for the Christmas season and they

will use those numbers too to show growth in USA also!
I do NOT believe pretty much Anything ANY government tells me these days, and that certainly includes economic statistics of ANY kind. USA gov for example hid throuhg ALL of 2008 the news that USA had gone into recession in December 2007 because of their uncoming elections; they had to wait until jan 2009 to care to inform us of that little item.

I bet the ONLY reason they are trying to make it look better because of the news that the economies of the so called BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India, and China and a few supposedly backward "who cares for them countries" are booming while the ALL of EU and USA and Japan are seriously stagnating. How can all those tyrannical communist countries Russia and China even Brazil be doing good while we, the democratic and free markets economics are doing bad? Impossible! So they have to cook the books.

Another place where USA gov lies throuhg their teeth and inflation. They are always going throiugh hoops to try to show the lowest possible inflation. Inflation is bad, because it measn they wil have to raise social security checks for retirees. It's a common knowledge the inflation numbers never reflect the real "cost of living". I am NOT going to get into the specifics here, but there is plenty of articles and studies proving governments always severely under show inflation.

The stock market is another are where news about it means very little, contrary to what the corporate "news" sites say. Stock market goes up and they are ecstatic, or it goes down; in reality it doesn't really mean much. The stock market is heavily manipulated and controlled the myth that is represents "free market" "supply and demand" economy is one of the most prevalent and persistent but that is all it is: a complete lie. Reagan created the stock market task force which controls it. Various stocks are added and removed at whim without any explanation to the sheeple. It is a well known fact they remove companies that are not doing well and add companies they want/need. Therefore the ups and down of the stock market are just another fantasy story tale told to the sheeple.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why are the left fringe refusing to accept scientists data?

I been reading ALL summer how long this has been the coolest summer in USA and how this has been the quietest hurricane season in years.
Oh really? Well, where i live in southern Europe this has been the hottest summer I have ever experienced here with temperatures often over 35 and sometimes reaching upper 30s and low 40s. These are measurements "in the shade" of course. These are desert temperatures NEVER before seen here. Our watermelons, pumpkins, melons and so on never developed and the tomato plants are already beginning to die early death.
USA is NOT the whole world. Just because USA is having a cool summer doesn't mean the rest of the world is too. Plus I posted a link previously about Seattle having record high temperatures this summer. So which is: coolest summer or somewhat coolest summer in some places and high tem in another?

Now those deniers beginning to talk about how this has been the quietest hurricane season in years. get a free clue: the hurricane season has JUST started. And of course, the serious scientists, the people who actually KNOW about this stuff just had a hfo n article on BBC saying exactly the opposite:

Many hurricanes' in modern times

Hurricanes in the Atlantic are more frequent than at any time in the last 1,000 years, according to research just published in the journal Nature.
So is nature magazine full if shit and part of the world wide conspiracy to lie to people? Those left fringe nuts would certainly say so.
Well, the ONLY thing I will say is this: I cannot wait when a few more years down the road the global warming will really hit us and the evidence will begin hitting us in the face. I JUST wonder what those idiots will say then. Personally, i cannot wait.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big lies, small lies

USA is pretty busy these days.

1. Creating and arming terrorists
2. fighting non existent Al Queda
3. demonizing and antagonizing Chavez and Putin
and whoever else they feel is threat to them,
4. meddling in Pakistan and yet giving them millions in aid
5. supprting Georgian and so on
6. all the other spying shit

But among ALL the big lies the USA is spreading about Iran/North Korea, Russia, etc etc they still have the time to invent small fake daily news items that never go anywhere. Remember for example that supposedly oh so dangerous North Korean ship that the USA military started following convinced they were carrying nuclear weapons?

NOTE: in today's Orwellian double speak world all they need is to use words like "nuclear" to get indicate some imaginary danger.

Of course NO evidence whatsoever was presented the
ship did carry anything "illegal" or dangerous". But evidence IS NOT needed in today's world. Innuendo is sufficient, after all these are NOT real news, they are daily news bites that are designed to scare the sheeple into submition and nothing else.
So anyway, if that ship was really carrying ANY type of dangerous cargo, wouldn't the world governments demand some ANY kinda action and stop it? But NO, no other couytry said anything, the ONLY country making noise was USA.

These one-day fake news items are as easy to spot as flies. Their are as follows:
1. They appear out of nowhere
2. they are ALWAYS connected to one of the countries USA has a problem with: Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Venezuela, Russia or whoever they are after.
3. there is NEVER any follow up on them, the "stories" simply disappear the next day, NEVER to be discussed again.

Another recent fake news item was the supposed connection between Myanmar(Big butch called them by their old name Burma; shows how much in the know she really is) and North Korea. Supposedly they were exchanging "nuclear technology" or nuclear knowledge". Big butch said it, then we never heard about it again. Amazing, simply amazing.

I LOVE noticing and noting these little one day fake news items; they are fun to watch and show once again what a fake liar trouble seeking country USA is and how dangerous it is to the world.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great and useful news web sites

There are several web sites that I check eithwer daily or every few days that carry news and analysts the honest way that is never reached on CNN or FAUX news or Drudge. Sure I look at CNN and Drudge daily but I do nOT expect ro see any meaningful or real news there; I know they are good to tell me about a taiphun or an earthquake but that's all.

Anyway, here is a list of the good web sites in order of usefulness: believe it or NOT but Pravda the old communist news paper is now more honest and trustful than the Western corporate owned media. The stale now joke In Soviet Russa...holds pretty well. Pravda doesn't carry news per se, but their analysis of the current evens are right on the money, even if they DO have a distinct anti western/anti USA slang. But so what? I will accept truth in any form. is another great site that doesn't carry news but it does run great analytical articles on Mr Change, USA thew military industrial complex, fiat money and other important subjects. is an online newspaper focusing on Central and Middle Asia and the important events happening in that MOST important area of the world. is run by Russian-American expats. The majority of their articles fall into sophomoric category where the writers appear to be aspiring writers trying to show off how clever they are but War nerds articles on arm conflicts around the world are always informative and great to read. is pretty good when they post numerous links to articles that do nto appear in corporate owned media. Very informative altho it does get a bit repetitious after a while.

I tend to stay away from,, and other fringe web sites because after you have read 100 times that the Illuminati and/or Zionist are controlling the world and bend on world domination(havent they conquered to world already????) there is nothing new to learn there.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Using the word "fuck" shows she is really, I mean really pissed! And awesome!

I just found Layla Anwar's blog via (Urkenet) who is supposedly OH-So-alternative than alternatives. Yes I admit it, she DOES have flair for writing and she yes can construct beautiful sentences. But that's not nearly enough in today's age. Either you speak the truth the WHOLE truth WITHOUT ANY censoring of ANY kind or you are nothing than
1.a troll,
2. a shill for some government
3. or you are just giving your opinionS about something and skewing the facts so they suits you and your garbage.

She thinks cursing and using words such as "fuck" and profanities a good articles make. But her facts are mostly lies or not the truth. For one thing, she is blaming the Iranians for helping the US forces in Iraq and she is cursing the whole world and everyone under the Sun. Honey bunch, Iran didn't attack Iraq 30 years ago. Iraq attacked Iran and Iran has the right to defend itself. Second, Saddam wasn't innocent soul; he killed everyone who dared oppose him (same as Stalin) to stay in power; but his main problem is that he was dumb enough to believe the Americans in anything they told him. So what if Iran's Shias are helping in Iraq? Tough shit. Even if Shia and Sunni killing each other has to do with Americans well if you Arabs are dumb enough to do it and not unite against a common enemy, shows how dumb you are. Of coruse the Americans will use
that; they use whatever means they can.
Second, her perfect English is suspicious; doesnt speak it as a foreigner. Where did she really grew up and studied? Was it Iraq? Doubtful, with such good English. Is she really an Iraqi, born and raised there? Or maybe she was one of the rich ones?
Third, her choice of words. All she dos and bitch and talks about how great Iraq was and how many Iraqis died under the Americana occupation. Were these Iraqis killed by the Americans themselves or by the Sunni vs Shia religious wars? Ever heard of "divide and rule" concept invented by the Romans over 2 thousand years ago? Sure 1 million dead is horrible but who is REALLY responsible for them? The real facts speak against you, honey bunny.
Forth, why doesn't her blog has a comment section? Is she SO scared of anybody commenting or she cannot handle comments that are against her point of view? Then why write a blog in the first place?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Most leftish bloggers are hypocrates

The goofballs at, Alex Jones, and so on are always talking against the wars of aggression USA is currently waging. They keep on calling these wars with all sorts of adjectives such as senseless, meaningless, useless and so on.

Well of course these wars do have a rather very important function. Thye
1. serve to prop up business for the military industrial complex,
2. wrestle control of the local population
3. cause chaos in the world
4. control the world's most important natural resource: oil.

To say the wars are senseless and meaningless these left wing bloggers much either be dumb or liars of shills for gov. Or ALL at the same time. I mean come on! It's NOT like USA JUST started doing these wars yesterday on Shurb Jr's watch. USA has been waging wars of conquest and /or control ever since it was created back in 1776. Need these so called brainiaks be reminded of simple things such as these? USA has always been an empire and as an empire it needs land and resources. It usually took them by force such as what it did in the Philippines long ago. The very sweet 1st world lifestyle those hypocrites such as Justin Raimondo from and Michel Rivero from is directly tied up to those same wars of conquest USA has been waging all over the globe for hundreds of years now. DO they not realize that little fact or are they just hypocrites who claim ignorance? While growing up I had to suffer under harsh economic conditions because of economic sanctions placed on my country by the western countries and USA they enjoyed a nice lavish lifestyle of high protein diet, cheap fuel, and so on. The ONLY way i'd take them seriously is for them to stand up and renounce the the lifestyle they have had due to the very same things USA has always been doing and refuse to continue living that nice style and move out of USA, THEN and ONLY then I'd take them seriously. I have issued them challenges to do so, but NONE have replied so far. Of course I dont expect them to. They are just phony hypocrites in my book.

Since it is the anniversary of the Russian/Georgian war, I wasn't surprised at all when I just read a tirade against Russia on /. by a guy calling Russia all sorts of ridiculous accusations: she is neoimperealistic and so on. Wow, that guy has some nerve! I dunno if is he US citizen but most likely he is, ONLY they can be THAT insolent and say such ridiculous garbage not based on anything factual. I did leave a message asking him to count how many wars of aggression USA has started just in the 20 century versus counting how many wars of aggression Russia started in the 20 century.
But that's part of USA behavior. every anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings I have to read on 4chan shills SILL coming up with the same "justifications" for doing such heinous acts. All part of being an average American insolent asshole. They cannot help themselves, that is how they are raised.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For a "nutcase", the North Korea's leader is behaving quite rationally.

Let's list his wins:

1.He made the "journalists" admit they were illegally trespassing into North Korean territory,
2.he got an apology from them
3.scoring this wins and having no more need for them, he let them go humiliated

Gee, for a "nutcase", "dangerous maniac" and all the other silly name calling I have herd he seems to be winning (yet again) the latest game of poker I'd say. Hardly the behavior of a sociopath lunatic.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

news and views

I haven't been writing much because frankly, I am bored with the whole human "society". Everything is freaking easy and painfully obvious to figure out:

1. Empires get rich because they pillage and rob weaker countries and places, NOT because they are somehow "superior" and more "developed" than 3rd world countries

2. modern capitalism is a total con game rigged from the start, modern USA has nothing to do with capitalism where you produce aa product and make profit by selling it;
3. all the wars are about the conquest of lands rich in natural resources and never have to do with fighting evil imaginary cartoon deamons such as Hitler;
4. most history as we know it is almost a total fabrication
5. schools ae designed and run to dumb down kids, NOT to teach them anything useful
6. there is NOTHING worth watching on TV or listening on the radio because ALL big media is owned and ran by a few corporations who decided to give a specific script
7. there is NO such thing as Ali Queada
8. China WILL be the next superpower because the nexus of power is always moving west; it was in Japan and now has jumped into china
9. All modern fiat money are no worthless; they carry no real" value, except to act as credit and make profit to the bankers who issue them
10. taxes are the name of the game. Everything is taxed 3 times: once when it gets crated and sold to the middle man, second time when it is sold to the store and 4rd when it is sold to YOU.Happy consuming, piggies!
11. people really ARE dumb and worse, getting dumber by the minute
and so on...

I am left looking at all this and wondering at the audacity of them; but after thinking over it a bit more; I can see their point of view; if the poor and schmucks are dumb WHY NOT see them and squeeze them dry? They deserve it after all
So after looking over, one is left with not too many choices:
1. join the wining team if you can and become their bitch hoping one day they will let you play with the big boys
2. realist there is nothing you can do personally and to become a dutiful tax paying sheeple consumer
3. go completely insane
4. say fuck it all and go live in a monastery renouncing the material world