Thursday, December 31, 2009

Prediction for 2010

I just read the silly crap Mat Rodina wrote on his blog about 2010. The absence of any predictions about Israel and/or Iran is fairly noticeable; after all they ARE the MOST important part of the word, the rest is complete bullshit nobody would care about. What's more astonishing is why would publish such drivel, but on second glance it is obviously why. Russia comes pretty clean and on on top in his "predictions", so will like that.
Let's go over his obvious crap:
First of all, Russia is hardly what I would call self sustaining. Russia is heavily dependent on EU; the majority of its cash comes from the sale of its gas and oil to European countries. These countries are well aware of the fact and they are desperately trying to build alternatives. Come on, mat Rodina, and you are supposed to be an expert? Even little children know these facts.
Second, Rodina claims China will experience an almost complete Economic meltdown in 2010 because according to him they have been overextending their credit or some crap like that. If China collapses then USA will soon follow it 'cuz USA and China are totally dependent on each other. Basic economics lesson 101 Rodina:
China buys USA's Treasury Bonds, then it creates a lot of useless crap, sorry products and the USA buys that crap, creating a constantly moving circle.
The Chiense gov ain't dumb; they have been around for 3000+ years and they have been able to survive by mutating. I would like to see USA survive for another 100 years.
The Chinese got a lot of tricks under their sleeves; one trick they use is let their currency float for example. Just 'cuz you wanna put them down the same way the Western emdia is doing ALL THE TIME(ever seen a positive news story about CHina anywhere????) doean't mean you should be writing such total bullshit.
Turd, sorry Third he claim a major civil war will break in the middle east. The only way a war will breweak there is because USA would want to. The Saudi Arabia got enough power to subdue their population. They wont allow such bullshit.
Better luck next time bucko.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Surprise surpise, yet another record of warm temperture today!

16 degrees, and maybe even more. My thermometer showed 18. Yes, that global cooling is really something!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Open letter to the "Americans" i.e. the citizens of USA.

Are you feeling scared, confused, afraid and all the other adjectives I can think of? Welcome to the REAL world buds, where the rest of us live in. Where we had to endure poverty, hunger and be treated like sheep by our government because of YOUR country so people like exactly YOU can live a sweet, sweet 1st world lifestyle while we suffered all sorts of economic hardships and had to make do with little. Yeah, karma is a bitch. You and people like you will be providing me with countless hours of free entertainment in the upcoming decades as I watch you suffer and moan and bitch and complain and essentially do nothing but keep on talking about Obama or whoever is currently in the White House as being responsible for your current problems. Where you keep on talking about revolutions and electing the proper people into office. The more you moan and bitch the more I shall laugh.

P.S. You obviously STILL haven't got it yet, because still you say crap like: "our military is all over the world saving everything". Don't worry, you will... eventually. Maybe. Or maybe not.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why are Global Warming deniers denying globalr warming is happening?

This past summer was the warmest on record where I live. July and August we had temperatures around 40 Celsius(ALL measured in the shade of course). These temperatures are NOT normal for the pace where I live. The fall lingered well untill early December, often sunny and much warmer than it should have been snowing.
OK, USA had a colder than normal summer but get why: this is an el Nina year!
We had hugfe icebergs breaking off Antarctica and floating to Australia and new Zeland. We had all sorts of of weird shit going on with 4 consecutive tornadoes and typhoons hitting the Philippines. and so on. And SO on. Yet the global warming deniers keep on insisting the global temperatures have bene falling since 1998 and they have seassed on ONE scientific research centr that usesd statistical patters and rounded their numbers as "proof" that the global warming is a fraud by the world governments led by the asshole Al Gore to levy all sorts of taxes on us.
OK, I agree Al Gore is a complete asshole, who is seizing on the opportunity to millions of money on cap and trade. I agree the cap and trade is a complete sham, designed to create a tradable commodity out of nothing (pretty much how modern money currencies are created). I agree all that. But just because Al Gore is trying to benefit dishonestly, doesnt discredit global warming. I have been experiencing global arming for years now. Nobody can tell me it is a lie. Just because some scietintsts decided to fiddle with the numbers doesnt make global warming a lie.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Money money money, it aint funny...

So Laurent Belsie has calculated how much the war in afganistan will cost USA. You
The article is at
here are the quxim numbers. We areADY know each solder will cost USA a million dollars a year. But what about overall?
$30 billion this fiscal year The troop increase will cost $2.5 billion per month, $82 million per day, $3.4 million per hour, $57,000 per minute, and $951 per second.
So its a thousand dollars a second. No wonder USA cannot give its citizens health care. Enough said.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mr ZERO Change speech

did NOT surprise me ONE bit. What's MUCH worse (as some people have already noted) is how much of his speech could have been said by Shrub Jr several years ago. People have noted it tool him just 32 words to mention 9-11 and to hit on exact same reasons Shrub jr would have used. I don't know about the lefties, but they should have been pissed off how taken for a ride they were by a very slick liar. Of course Mr ZERO Change would escalate the "wars" in Afghanistan; he has no choice. US/Western world MUST control that part of the world; the prize is continuing world domination. Otherwise China and Russia and India win and the Western world is left in the dust. That's the truth. The rest are just the usual lies about the Taliban hiding "Ali Queda", Afghanistan being vital to US/world security and the usual complete bullshit anyone should be able to see through.
What's darkly amusing though is how some of the Americans ARE surprised. My acquaintance from USA confessed that yes, he WAS surprised by Mr ZERO Change's speech.
You know, I will NEVER cease to repeat myself: Americans ARE the dumbest most ill informed people on the planet. He JUST proved that to me once again with his confession.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

People do NOT lie. It's unusually warm ALL over Europe

Here is a proof I am not making shit up when I talk about how unusually warm it is here in Bugaria in South Eastern Europe.
A guy in The Netherlands confirmed this November has been the warmest on record sicne 1901 there too. Check it out:


This is what he said:

Jacob Kuiper
Image taken:
Dec. 1, 2009
Steenwijk, The Netherlands
The full moon high in the sky with a taste of frost over plants and landscape. It is the first frosty night in The Netherlands in more than a month for the temperature records of meteorological station De Bilt. November 2009 has been the 2nd warmest month since 1901. Due to this very, sometimes ‘spring-like’ weather, my kiwifruit was still hanging at their place. Now on this first clear moonlit night the white ice crystals formed on the kiwis. The harvest this year has been splendid, 3 big plants delivered more than 2500 kiwis.

BW it was 18 degrees today here. We should be having snow. Just because Al Gore is trying to profit from the global warming doesnt make the global warming a lie.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Capitalism: does it really exist anywhere? Part I

The biggest lie the ruling elite of the world foisters on the sheeple is mthe myth of "capitalism" and "free market" economy. That myth is told so often almost 99.99% of the people in the world believe in it. Even if they don't, they are scared of ANY alternative; they know the system is totally fucked and a total lie, but since they cannot see any better alternative they are willing to live in the system because they really have no choice.
Because I was NOT raised inside this fake system and was not brainwashed from an early age, I can see what a total fabricated lie it from the outside. Problem is I couldn't formulated enough to be able to explian it to myself and/or soembody else.
It has taken me over 25 years of studying and thinking about "capitalism" to be able to figure out some things well enough to finally begin to see the "big picture" so to speak.
First of all, as defined in a dictionary, "capitalism" is not being practiced anywhere. At best, capitalism should be called by what it is really is: "creditism".
Marx was wrong: Credit controls everything, NOT capital. Its been like this for a a long, long time. Centuries in fact, since when the goldsmyths decided to use fractal banking to lend "money" they didn't actually have. From real thing backed by soemthing "money" instead became something created. ie debt to be paid. Ever sicne then the sheeple have been taken for a ride. Today the central banks fullfill that role of the 17th century goldsmiths. EU has a central bank. USA has a central bank . Each big country in the world has a central bank of its own. They are the one who control the money supply therefore controlling credit and thus they control how economy will do. They how can this system be "free market" when its being controlled by somebody/something? It isn't.

People are now judged according to what how good their credit is! It has become SO bad in USA you may not get a job if your credit rating is poor. I do not know how the majority of people in EU and developing Asian nations live, but the majority of the so called "middle class" in USA lives on credit. Their whole lives are tied to a credid rating; wanna get a new car? need good credit, wanna get new furniture, ditto, new TV? the same and so on. people do not buy anything outright, they lease it on credit. What's telling is how all this people accept this as fully "normal" way of life. The American way is charge "it"! I was appalled and dismayed by that behavior while living there. They look at your with suspicion if you do not have at least 2-3 credit cards. An emigrant guy from the Philippines was simply shocked when i told him I did not have even a single credit card. he couldn't believe it. When pressed to explain to me WHY would I need a credit card SO much he came up with the idea that I needed it for emergencies. I just shook my head and laughed. Simply put these people have been brainwashed into believing credit is the key to "middle life style" success, NOT saving and maybe investing your money.

Monday, November 30, 2009

American lefties are dumb.

the American lefties are truly hilarious. They are constantly raving against the "corporate war for profit and controlling the Eurasian oil" when in reality this very same war is to secure and to make sure their sweet sweet 1st world lifestyle continuous uninterrupted. Don't they realize USA's is and has been an imperialistic country ever since its creation and it has been an empire since the end of WWII? That nice lifestyle they have enjoyed ALL their lives is directly tied to US's ears ofd conquest being the Philippines, South America and all the other places US has been in invading and killing people for profit and to control natural resources.
Imagine for a moment the USA and UK and NATO are pushed off made to leave ALL the countries they are currently occupying: Irq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Imagine USA suddenly is forced to fold up and shut down all the 700+ army bases around the world rrom which they control and extend influence around the world. Imagine US is forced to live and play by the exact same rules they are forcing everyone else to play by... The US will not be able to maintain their sweet sweet lifestyle for more than a week: their cheap food supply will immediately dry up, their oil prices will shit up overnight to at least 5 dollars a gallon and imagine how much the price of everything in US wll go up. So the leftist nutcases better shut up and actually think before they open their stupid mouth again and how themselves the morons they are.
Do they really want to live like 3rd worlders, paying high prices for every day items? Do they really want to pay 5 dollars a gallon? Do they? Golly, what morons!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the Chilcot inquiry

Rivero who runs is SO busy foaming and behaving like a rabid
dog over the hacked emails(funny how he now supports hackers when usually he advocates hackers be shot. but then he does say a lot of stupid things such as for example how Linux will be hacked as much as Windoze if it was more popular. stick to subjects you know Rivero; otherwise you make yourself look silly.) that show some scientists were ready to manipulate data about global temperatures he is missing the major story coming out of UK: the the Chilcot inquiry into the illegal Iraq war.
So far the inquiry is shown the Bush poodle knew very well in advance that Iraq had NO weapons of mass distraction of any kind yet he chose to ignore that and go along with Bush in attacking Iraq.
Of course I don't expect much to come out of the Chilcot inquiry; I would be VERY surprised if Bush's poodle faces any real charges at the end. But hey, at least it shows I and all the other people were right when we said Iraq had NO WMD.

With this, I again, will say i DO NOT believe ANYTHING ANY government says about anything anymore; be it the US or UK or German or EU or whoever.

P.S. I have yet to see ANY proof Iran is doing anything illegal, yet it appears USA is desperately trying to ruin them the exact same way it ruined the communist countries: by stopping their economic development ANY way they can. Communism didn't fall because it was a "bad" or "non working" economic system; it fell because it was not allowed to compete economically with the West. But the sweet irony is that China which is communism is beating USA which is a fake "capitalist" system. Oh, bayback is indeed sweet.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climate gate? No global warming? Oh really?

very strange, if global warming has been discredited then can somebody please explain to me why for the last 7-8 years the winters here in Bulgaria, Europe have been very mild and warm and we have had very little snow? For example today is the November 28th and we should have had our first snowfall already yet the temperature today was 15-18 degrees and sunny? Funny that. Come on I challenge YOU ALL the explain that to me.

PS. The TV weatherman JUST admitted on the news we are still breaking records for high temperatures. Imagine that.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I was right yet again.

So. Tony Blair was told 10 days before Iraq invasion that Saddam did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction. Turn out I WAS right when I boldly claimed back in 2003 that iraq had No weapons of mass distraction and got into a fist fight with a dumb American. (Actually there is a list of the kind of of Americans: the dumb, the gullible, the moron, the assholes and the total idiot)
I just wish I was right in front of him right now so i can go up to him and simly point this into his face.
Of course, neither ABC, CNN, FOX, Drudge. Glen Beck or any of the other so called "news" sites are carrying this news. But why should they? They got a Reality to maintain and dumb Americans to lie to. Of course, with this news I will NOT believe ANYTHING the UK or USA government ever say ever again. The question is what IF anything the Americans will do? Ah most likely they will find something, watch the new American idol or tat football game.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter is refusing to come to Bulgaria

The more Michael Rivero from whatisreallyhapening is screaming about the hacked emails and how global warming is fake and fraud, the more I am convinced he IS a fraud and he is refusing to see the evidence we are seeing every singe day for some reasons of his own. Sure, Al Gore is a liar and a complete fraud but even he doesnt have the power fo come to Bulgaria and change our weather right here into the way over extended gypsy summer we are experiencing. The thermometer doesnt lie, Rivero. The huge chunks of ice breaking off Antarctica and floating near New eland are NOT proof that the ocean are getting colder but JUST the opposite: the ice at the South Pole is ALSO melting.
Is this a Photoshop Rivero? People are seeing it with their own eyes. When are you Rivero gonna finally admit toyu have gobe off the deep and and admit what your eyes are telling you???
The real question here is WHY Rivero who is so bent on exposing the truth has up his ass aganst global warming? Sure he is upset trhe government is using the global arming to levy heavy new taxes on us. I am upset about that too, but my thermometer doesnt lie. The lier is YOU Rivero. You.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Still experiencing a heat wave over here

If global warming has stopped(and how come it stopped when it didnt exist in the first place?!) then how come we are experiencing a relative heat wave were I live in Southeaster Europe Bulgaria? We should be having snow right now; instead we are having sunny weather with temperatures in the 15 to 20 Centigrade range.
Somebody clue me in please? Anybody? Helloooooo?

Just cuz Al Gore is a fraud and a complete circus show doesnt mean global warming is
a scam.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Global Warming has stopped? Oh really?

The global warming deniers are claiming the global warming has stopped and/or stalled for the last ten years. (You know truth be told, I truly feel sorry for these people. To prove global warming doesn't exist they have to admit it does. go figure)
OK, so there is early snow in some places in North America. But here where i live we should be having our first snow fall but what e are having instead is a prolonged what we call gypsy summer. As a matter of fact, it's rather hawt here. Thermometer is showing 35 in the sun and 15 in the shade. So im NOT experiencing ANy type of global cooling but just the opposite. Just a heads up. As a mater of fact, we have been having this extended gypsy summer for the last week and a half.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Communism: what exactly it is and what exactly it isn't.

Communism as presented by the propaganda filled corporate owned western media
paints a "totalitarian" almost fasist like state of social order where ALL
political, social and economic activity is tightly under the control of a
single government party. No independed thought or individual activity is
allowed. Personal "freedom" is strictly limited and the population is
actively spied upon and monitored. Therefore, communism is bad and evil and
something nobody would want to live under. As usual, this fairy tale is easy
to disprove becauase it is far away from the real truth. And I should know; I
lived in a communist state for the first 18 years of my life. Therefore I can
discuss what communism isn't and what communism really is because of first
hand experience.
I will be the first to admit communism I lived under was far from perfect; in
fact it had many faults: the wrong people were in charge, people who didn't
know what they were doing and they made very wrong decisions; nepotism was
rampant; yes there was a lot of spying and monitoring and not enough material
goods. But that doesnt mean pure communism by priory contains any of the
above mentioned negative attributes associated with it. As a matter of fact
countires labeled as communist can prove communism defined as defined by the
western media is just pure and silly propaganda. Take Singapure for example:
its very well develoed and robusty econiomy proves communism CAN and DO make
their economies work. I can give other examples: Venetsuela, Chile, China,
Vietanm and so on. Therefore just by looking around one can easily and quicly
learn communism CAN work (when done right) and IS a succesful state of social

NOTE: Singapure had to bail out USA's financial ass recently by buying a lot

of USA's Treasurty Bonds. Fairly ironic, isnt it? Of course, only very few
people in USA will know that fact.

Let's begin with pure semantics: communism of course comes from the word
cummune/community i.e. union of people working together for better survival.
Nothing fashistic or "oppresive" about the word. People are in
comunities/unionts ALL voer the palce: marrige is a union of two people, a
chirch is a community of likely minding people, a coutry is a union. Union is
therefore hgood becuase it gives you us humanity a abtter chnace at playing
the survival game. To even claim that a lone wolf has better odds of survival
is plain silly and downright dishonest. To claim individuals fare better on
their own is therefore pure farce and twisting the facts. We live in a human
society that is simply tribal union after all. Ayan Rand was full of shit,
pure and simple when she placed the "individual" over society. Try living in
the forrest on your own and see how far you will get, why dontcha?
Second, there is buncvh of rules governing our behavior on all set of levels.
When you drive a car you ovay a bunch of rules. Otherwise you get lkkilled or
you kill somebody. In a marrige there is rules too, you dont just do whatever
you want. Same as living in a human society. Sets of rules will ALWAYS govern
ne's behavior. Rules are good. and with the ever quckly changing
technologiycal rules and the dumbing of population we need NORE rules, NOT
Fr example were i live the gypoes think just becuase they have been
able to fford to buy home stereos (somethign they havent been able to do 10
yeaRS ago) theyc an now listen these home stereous at full blanst pretty much
ANY time of day and night they desire, regardless of their neibours. Yet the
law doewsnt have a ny laws goberning this behavior. Talking ans asking them
to turn it down is uslesss. they just keep on doing it. Therefore we either
need new sets of laws or need to maybe make the stereos only plat at certain
volume cuz thse people do NOTY casre about anybody but themsleves.
This is what happens when there is NO rules and the individual is placed
above society. I can give the same exact example with cars too as a matter of
fact. Therefore dumb people MUST have rules that modify their behavior. Simple as that.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fakers all over

It's fairly amusing how quickly the people who band together because "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" can just as quickly disband and to show how muhc they dont like each other they stop linking to each other's web sites, HAR-HAR! yes I am talking about the two pals who appear to not be such good pals no more: the eternally boring and playing the EXACT same song predicable hippy from smokingmirrors.blogspot and the former conservative Michael Rivero from
So what happened, guys? Why did you stopped linking to each other's web sites? Did you had a fallen put over some little detail about 9/11 or something even sillier?
Ah, I know they will never tell especially ME of ALL people...

Palestine and Israel

There is two diametrically opposite presentations of Isreal and Palestine. The official corporate owned media view presents Israel as the innocent country that is simply fighting to secure its borders and save itself from the hordes of the terrorirst from Palestine who are intent on destroying it. Israel is presented as priory "right to exist" in lands given to the Jews by their God Jehovah over 2.000+ years ago.
The left wind sorry wing loggers present the Israelis is bloodthirsty cowards who are exterminating the Palestinians any illegal and legal way they can and are slowly stealing all that Palestinian land. Frankly speaking i don't know which view is more "correct" since I don't know all the facts surrounding the whole affair. I suspect the leftist don't either, but they will hardly admit that. I am honest enough to admit the fact. Being even MORE blunt, I will say that I don't really give a damn about the isreal/Palestine conflict; it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with my own life, and besides, that's NOT the only hot spot in the world; there are many other places where people are fighting or being killed for reasons not fully understood by me: Sudan and Ethiopia, Shri lanka, the basques in Spain, Chechnya and so on.
What I want to do is not get to the heart of the Israel/Palestine fight; as I said, it's got NOTHING to do with my life, so why bother with it? What i want is simple clarification about a few points that I have been bothering me. Simple stuff really. One of the MOST interesting question that I have been thinking over for a while now is WHY in that 60+ years of Israeli existence, the Palestinians have NEVER simply said one day: that's enough, TODAY we will declare a real country with real borders and be done with it.

After all, that is what normal people will do. Why haven't the Palestinians done it, ever? I have read their dead now leader Arafat threaten for years and years that he will declare a Palestinian country; why did he never do that? That would have been the obvious, and logical thing to do. With Palestine a real country they would have been able to secure their own borders. Yet Arafat never did that simple step, thus setting Palestinians for suffering for decades and decades. Would somebody explain that to me, eh?

Friday, November 6, 2009

20 years since the fall of communism: A time to celebrate?

It's now 20 years since communism fall. A special program this week showed the fall of the berlin wall separating the west from the east. yet agna, propaganda assured us the fall of the wall was a good thing.
What about the walls erected by the American army in Baghdad separating the neighborhoods of Shittie and Suuni? What about the walls the Israelies erected around Palestine separating whole neighborhood s and families from their file4ds? WHY NOBODY talks about THOSE walls and keeps on constantly sticking them into our eyes wherther we like it or not?? Why is the fall of the Berlin wall such a big symbol when there is walls erected in many other places that NOBODY is mentioning??

I am in a very unique position: I have lived in both worlds: communism and capitalism for 20 years each, long enough to see and learn how they both operate from the inside and the outside. I was born and grew up in communism, and at the age of 18 I moved to USA where I lived for 23 years. Therefore I CAN talk about both systems with some athority, unlike MOST people who just parrot the same usual nonsense learned through silly propaganda or substituting personal emotions for real knowledge and critical analytical thought.

NOTRE: I did send MAt roduna inviting him yet again to explain his Anglo-marxisim
statements. I don't expect t him to reply however. He is so much in love with capitalism and hates communism/collectivism s much, he should move to USA and live there for a while to learn how the system there REALLY is.

Communism had some very good things. For example, I am eternally grateful to comminism that it shielded me while I was growing up from the attack of the mindless Western pop "culture". I am grateful it didn't allow total bullshit such as ABBA, Michel Jackson, rock music and so on into my life. I am much better off for it. 95% of all that passes for "entertainment" is pure crap and the communists did me a great favor by stooping it from reaching me.

Second, living in the communism society was very safe. We had no crime of any sort whatsoever! As children we walked alone late at night without the need for any protection: NO pedophiles to worry about, no robberies of any kind, no wild shootouts with the police, no crazy nuts going on rampage. Compare this with the scary world the children grow up in USA where they have to pass through a metal detector just to go into school! I truly feel sorry for them.

Third, with a few cars, our cities were much cleaner and there was no pollution. I dont remember a single kid among my peers who had any sort of asthma or any type of respiratory disease or allergies.

Communism offered pretty good totally 100% free medical care that was paid for from taxes. Hospitalization and doctor visits were free. Some of the dental work done on my teeth from the late 1970s and early 1980s is still fine.

No matter what the propaganda machine says, communist had some very good points too bad it was not allowed to succeed and it collapsed in large part because it couldn't compete economically.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Butch: Condi Rice ver 2

The left wing blogosphere is yet again! surprised with the behavior of Big Butch A.K.A. Hillary Clinton. They are asking if she is drunk or taking any drugs to behave the way she is behaving. Even Justin Raymondo from Antiwar whose articles are usually right on target is shocked at her behavior. My question is of course are THEY drunk or have they been on drugs or off the planet since Jan 2009 when Mr ZERO Change stepped into power. What have they all been doing since jan 2009, taking a long nap or what to act SO SHOCKED with Big Butch behavior? I mean, come ON! DO I have to point out the most mundane and obvious things yet again??? I guess I do so here goes:
She is NOT doing anything else that her job description requires. and her ho description is as follows: show up all over the place and say the exact opposite of what is going on, and lie ie through your teeth supporting USA imperial power. That's ALL. She is NOT required to tell the truth or help anybody or say what she thinks and feels. She is doing exactly what Condi Rice did during 8 years of Shrub jr's rule. How many times did we all have to sit thorough yet another Rice appearance on Meet the Press for example when she would lie lie lie shamelessly abut iraq and Saddam and everything else under the Sn and the corporate owned media will let her get away with ALL of it? I stopped counting and ever paid any attention to her or what she said; I just knew whatsoever sh said the opposite was true. if she would say Saddam was hiding weapons I knew he wasn't, and so on. So why the heck is the left bloggisphere caught again and surprised?? Are they really THAT dumb??
Of course the main thing here is we are seeing what a vile, nasty reptilian and all around inhuman being Big Butch really is; how she is willing to sell out herself and everything just so she can be in the limelight. of course, she is supporting USA's interests, she is American after all. what will she do, try to make nice with Iran??? USA got a hard on for Iran so Big Butch is just following the script, same as ow she voted for the invasion of Iraq. hellooooooooooo?? Remember THAT little item, left wingers??? is your memory so pathetically short??? Jezuz muther fucken Christ, what the fuck...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

How come "Ali Queda" appears in every place where Americans go into? How come bombings begin to occur in ALL the places Americans invade? There was NO "Ali Queda" in Iraq before the US invasion. There was NO bombings either and no fighting between Sunni and SHiiti. There were NO bombings in Pakistan up until recently.

Even if Warming and cooling is All natural and cyclical and has nothing to do with human activity at all that doesn't mean it will NOT severely affect human society and all of our lives and most importantly, our ability to grow enough food to feed ourselves. Saying it's all natural and cyclical and all good doesn't fix the problem is growing food. Cooling is actually much worse than warming.

Bible makes a LOT of sense, yes. Entity makes a mud pie man, doesn’t think about reproduction till later, fabricates a female out of the man’s side, the entity knows in advance that the created couple are going to screw up big time, blames them for his flawed design. Do I even need to talk about the talking serpent? Later said entity battles with sea monsters. Later said entity throws thunderbolts blows smoke
out of nostrils, causes volcanic activity where there is no evidence of such.

For all the blame Nixon took and was turned into devil incarnate he did a LOT of thing USA should be grateful about: stopped the VietNam war, opened up the path to China, severed the tie between the dollar and gold thus giving the USA the ability to print as much money as it needs and signed up a threaty with Bregneff about cutting long range missiles.

Thomas Sowell STILL has't bothered to reply to my email where i asked for evidence of the fabled Iranian "nuclear program". Oh well, I guess who am I, right?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

news you WON'T find on

I live in southeastern Europe, in Bulgaria that's right above Greece and bellow Romania. For the last 3-4 days we have har record high temperatures, sometimes in the mid 30s. This is happening in late October when it is supposed to be much cooler.
So yes, global warming IS real, I am personally experiencing it every single day.

The Sun is supposedly experiencing a solar minimum but yet again today a big brand new sun spot has appeared. Here is a link I borrowed directly from
. This will be the biggest sunspot for 2009. Gee The Sun ain't quiet no more, yet again

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thomas Sowell update part 1

I found Sowell's email address and sent him an email on Wednesday, asking him to present me with the proof he has that Iran has a hidden/illegal "nuclear weapons program". It's now Saturday and of course NO email whatsoever. yeah, what a surprise.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thomas Sowell: Yet another house boy

I began reading Thomas Sowell's columns as an intellectual exercise yesterday. It
took a whole lot of will power forcing myself to keep up reading obvious garbage..
And he is supposed to be a high level intellectual, a at several universities and
clleges? If this is the best a supposed intellectual giant like him can produce?
No wonder he has been reduced to a house boy role, defending Pills Limbaugh
against charges of racism. Wow, is the guy senile or a total sell-out? Or both?
Whatever its content's, the guy is clever and can write. As normal practice, he
takes a little bit of truth, half lies, a lot of innuendos, outright lies and
mixers them in such a manner that resulting concussion is imposable to
separation lies and truth. As a right wing conservative, he is 100% boringly
predicable in what He peaches: the phantom never existing "free market" and what
he attacks: the ever present liberals, the phantom liberal media, EVERYTHING Mr
Change and does and say and any form of communism/socialism.

Anyway, i will write an article that will discuss Sowell's writings. It won't be a any type of strenuous intellectual exercise because is arguments are surprisingly easily defeated.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Payback is a bitch, eh?

The hottest topic on the left and right wing blogs is the upcoming Copenhagen meeting in December. Everyone from Alex Jones to is giving their "expert" option on the subject and as usual, spreading as MUCH FUD as they possibly can. Some are saying ridiculous things such as Obama will sell our country (meaning USA), others are screaming about the beginning of World Government that will be able to tell everyone what to do or not to do essentially controlling al the countries in the world. I just ran across a blog where they said:
start quote: The treaty will also allow the distribution of wealth from developed countries like the U.S. to Third World Countries like Africa, in other words; taxpayer-funded socialist welfare! end quote.

Excellent! And that is exactly how it should be. It's about time.

NOTE:Let me just say dividing the world into 1st, 2nd and 3rd world is racist and derogatory, but I will use it here for the sake of argument.

For centuries the so called "1st world" countries have been exploiting the so called "3rd world" countries. has anybody even done any type of maybe calculation how much wealth for example flowed form India into UK? Or how many people were forcefully taken from Africa to work in South and North America essentially giving US free labor force?? Can somebody maybe calculate the value of all that land that was stolen from Native Americans by white settlers? Why all the silence all of a sudden?
So it was fine and dandy for wealth in form of ore, gold, iron, spices, silk, whatever you can think of etc, etc, etc flowed form the so called "3rd world" countries into the so called '1st world" countries starting form about 14 century and going into the 20th century but it's not fine and dandy get get SOME kind of payment back? Whaat?? I caan't hear you!

Second, the "1st world" countries have been polluting freely for a long long time and NOBODY ever could tell them anything. That is about to end, finally! And YES they should pay the exploited "3rd world" countries. After all, what's fair is fair. You got a problem with that?

Poor USA, ALWAYS getting attacked

Reading up on USA's history, a strange pattern emerges. It seems USA is a magnet
for attacks! Several major wars have been started because USA has been attacked
so many times in the past. Let's count them all:

1. USA/Spanish war started with the surprise attack on the ship The Main that was
in Cuba.

2. USA entered the WWII after the surprise(again) attack on the USA navy in Pearl
Harbor. Many many articles have been written proving that USA KNEW and basically
put their navy at pear harbor practically inviting Japan to attack it after
singing documents stopping Japan's flow of raw material.

3. USA/Vietnam war started after (again!) a surprise attack on ship that was in
the Vietnam waters. There been many questions surrounding this and weave found people lied about it; no Viet boats were seen

4. The "war on terror", oops that term is not being used anymore began when USA
was attacked by Al Queda.

Ok, once I understand. Twice, maybe. Three times i get suspicious. But 4 times
attacked? Sorry but that is too much of a useful coincidence the USA government
would use.

And the sheep looked up

One of my favorite sci fi books of all time is a little known already out of print masterpiece by John Brunner called "The sheep looked up." I bought it secondhand and loved it. it deals with a sudden and rapid deterioration of the environment in USA and around the world in the near future due to ALL the "economic activity" humans have been doing ever since the begining of the industrial revolution and throwing tons of various poisons into the surrounding environment. Brunner is somewhat of a major prophet to me, for example he single handedly predicted the Internet in all its glory in 1975's "Shockwave Rider". But never mind all that; what's important is the name of the novel: "The Sheep looked up". And Im beginning to see not the sheep looking up but more honesty and outright telling the truth(partial but that's a start at least) on USA TV and even on places I would never imagine such as Faux news. Even Glen beck was surprisingly honest on a recent show while discussing the rummor that Arabs, Japanese and Russians are in secret negotiations to drop the dollar as a currency for oil. Beck admitted several facts I have known for a long time: That Reagan was basically bluffing with his missile defense system A.K.A. Star Wars and that Bin Alladin was yes a CIA agent and on their payroll whose job was the fight the Russians during the 1980s. Made my jaw fall to the floor I tell ya.
later on, I saw a commentator asking for the abolishing of the federal Reserve on Faux news. that amazed me even more.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Heat wave in Southern California; 100 degrees in Oxnard, why isnt Rivero from linking to that?

While Rivero from is very quick to link to ANY news items talking about early snow fall, why isn't he linking to the report from the LA Times about the heat wave and 100 degrees temperatures in Southern California? Seems he is quick to try to disprove global warming but when news speak against him he is mum on the subject. Of course, no surprise there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What the heck are you idiots saying??

Why do idiots keep on talking about USA as being turned into a communist country by Mr Change? OK< I can understand Alex Jones who after all got an agenda juast as much as the corporate onwe media and/or Bush have one, and the idiots at 4 winds, but people such as mat Rodina shows what a disgrace he is.

OK, I they have been told what an evil an fascistic state "Communism is all their lives, but for fucks' sake get a clue already! Do I have to point out basic AND obvious things yet again? I guess I do.
Communism as preached by Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Chavez and the other original communists ALWAYS tried to benefit as many people as possible. Obviously Mr Change is doing exactly the opposite. For example, He has taken 15+ trillion of US sheeple's money and given them to the banks. Does that benefit the largest number of people in ANY way? Obviously not. So please ALL you "communists" hates such as Mat Rodina who has No idea he is saying when he invents meaningless terms such as Ango-Marxist communism)get a free clue already: Nothing Mr Change does is ever remotely "communistic" in any sense or form dictionary wise. He is trying to benefit a very, very small, microscopic number of people at the benefit of many.
That is the opposite of real communism.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yes, USA's economic system is "capitalism", yes indeed.

So last Tuesday the USA Senate approved $636B Pentagon bill while Wall Street Journal informed us that Many Family Businesses are dying due to the severe recession.
Yes, that's right. The Senate gives billions of dollars to war profiteering contractors while small USA businesses are dying off. What nice "capitalism" they got set up in USA. Must be sweet to be getting those orders from the Pentagon. Yes, USA is indeed "capitalism". No wonfer they cannot give its people heath care.
What a great country, it doesnt even list in the top 10 best to live in countries. I think the sheeple around the world are finally waking up to that fact.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Watching news clips from USA's TV makes me wanna laugh hysterically at the
absurdity of it all. They are discussing the "hot topic of the day" sending more
troops to Afghanistan. Who the fuck gave them the right to be in Afghanistan a
sovereign country in the first place??? Ah, OK UN Security console did,. OK, that
makes it all "legal" then. What the fuck are they doing there??? Ah, OK, fighting
that fathomable Al Queda that we never see any proof of. Saving the world from
terrorist threat. OK, thank you. I guess I am supposed to be grateful. Without them
and NATO where I guess I will be over run by Al Queda who will make me a Muslim
and force me to pray to Allah, right??? Those insolent Americans have the
unspeakable insolence to discuss what they are gonna do in a country half way
around the world because well, because the effing world sits by and idly lets them
get away wit it. Yes it IS Vietnam all over again. Eight years and counting and
USA is again in a country at the other end of the world and they act as masters of
the Earth and.. fuck I'm furious. Furious not at the effing Americans who act like
world masters but at the rest of the humanity that simply lets those arrogant
assholes get away with killing brown people and calls them collateral damage and
gives the excuse that they were "Taliban" A.K.A. "bad guys" who were attacking
them so they were forced to kill them. GET THE FUCK out of Afghanistan and NOBODY
will attack you. Stop supporting Israel and those Arabian kings and dismantle
those 127 + bases around the world and stop trying to steal other people's natural
resources and stop killing them and nobody will attack you I can guarantee it. But
you can't, can you? Cuz you need that oil to control China in the future and need
all those other natural resources so you can have that sweet, sweet 1st world
lifestyle and call it "capitalism" and "democracy" and teach us how we can be the
same as you. No, thank you. Fuck, I HATE, despise humanity. We are shit. Robert
Anthon Wilson was right, we haven't progressed one single step from apes and stone
ages yet we dare to call ourselves sapien.

Friday, October 9, 2009

report released the United Nations Human development index ranks Norway as the best place in the world to live. USA ranks n 13

Hwere is the list itself:

1. Norway 0.971
2. Australia 0.970
3. Iceland 0.969
4. Canada 0.966
5. Ireland 0.965
6. Netherlands 0.964
7. Sweden 0.963
8. France 0.961
9. Switzerland 0.960
10. Japan 0.960
11. Luxembourg 0.960
12. Finland 0.959
13. United States 0.956
14. Austria 0.955
15. Spain 0.955
16. Denmark 0.955
17. Belgium 0.953
18. Italy 0.951
19. Liechtenstein 0.951
20. New Zealand 0.950
21. United Kingdom 0.947
22. Germany 0.947
23. Singapore 0.944
24. Hong Kong 0.944
25. Greece 0.942
26. South Korea 0.937
27. Israel 0.935
28. Andorra 0.934
29. Slovenia 0.929
30. Brunei 0.920
31. Kuwait 0.916
32. Cyprus 0.914
33. Qatar 0.910
34. Portugal 0.909
35. United Arab Emirates 0.903
36. Czech Republic 0.903
37. Barbados 0.903
38. Malta 0.902

I was listening to Howard Stern and he exhibited large surprise USA wasn't even in the top 10. That report is wrong he said. Well sure, I bet for him it is, he cleans up cool 7 mills a year talking to porn stars and about his penis. This is yet anothwr prrof USA's myth about being the "best country in the world to live in" is just a myth that MUST be debunked at any cost.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Most of the shite is ridiculously easy to understand:

1. USA is in the Middle East for the oil. Technically, they don't need it but they want to control it ad middleman. Nothing to do with fathom non-existent Al Queda that they cannot produce any evidence of or ridiculous boogie man Bin Alladin. Trivial to comprehend, all one has to look through history and see how countries have ALWAYS invaded other countries for their resources beginning with Alexander the "Great" to England in India or Spain in South America.

2. Capitalism MUST ALWAYS exploit somebody or something. Either it is the poor Mexicans migrant workers who end up picking fruits and vegetables in USA or the poor Chinese factory workers toiling away for a dollar a day and producing crap to be sold in Walmart main steet USA. Capitalism is a zero sum game meaning somebody always got to lose for somebody else to win. Forget what the paid shills in nice suits are saying on TV; all one needs to do is look around.

3. The phony "war on terrorism" (notice how they stopped using that term anymore?) is just same old same old centuries war of conquest for natural resources. Nothing more. They have yet to show a real Al Queda terrorist.

4. Marx was right: Religion IS the opium of the people. Aint no question about it. The Bible itself (as we know it today) was created in 300-500 AD at the little known First and Second CouncilS of Constantinople. That is when the Christian Canon was created and agreed upon. The Bible is an edited collection of specifically chosen stories whose beginning was oral. We know some stories were chosen and others discarded because they didn't fit into the Canon. For somebody to place their
"believe" and "faith" in the Bible therefore is beyond ridiculous. The Bible could have been very different.

5. 95% of ALL media is shit. This includes 95% of all movies, 95% of all music, 95% of all books, 95% of all people you meet are shit and so on. For TV, the % is 99.999..... Therefore, be very careful what you let inside your head. Theodore Sturgeon came up with that law when he stated: "95% of all books are shit".

6. Communism/Socialism works fine and wonderful when it is allowed to. Even the fucked up human nature cannot botch it. Switzerland, Norway, Holland are proof of this. Discussion over.

7. War is the natural state of most animal species, peace isn't. Ants, jackals, lions, monkeys, apes also wage wars. Problem is, we humans got weapons that can obliterate ALL animal/vegetation life on this planet in 10 minutes flat.

8. All one has to do is study psychology to figure out why people act the way they act and what is the easiest way to control them.

9. There is no such thing as "Illuminati" hiding in some secret temple performing Satanic rituals and plotting to take over the world.

10. Symbols are everything. To test this, try making your own money and using them.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is why Polansky was arrested

The United Nations Human Rights Council just released this Friday 10-01-2009 the Goldstone Report, a scathing report which accuses Israel of 37 specific war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza earlier this year. Of course the articles about this reports are pretty scares; Google search gives me "Gold prices" when I search for Goldstone Report.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A few facts

As old Ronnie said: "Facts are stubborn things." so lets look ar a few facts about Iran and the Iranian situation:

1. Iran sits on a whole lotta gas and oil.
2. Iran is the last country in the Middle East that is NOT under direct West control.
3. Iran was the good friend of the West untill 1979.
4. Iran was the "good guy" good until 1950s when it decided to nationalize their oil and gas. Bad move Iran!
5. Iran-Contra affair. Hello, ANYONE remember that??? It happen during the 1980s when supposedly Iran was the "bad guy" yet uncle Ronnie was selling them arms weapons and bio weapons.
6. Iran is surrounded on ALL sides by arm forces numbering over 200.000.
7. Iran did sign the NPT in 1970s while Israel, India and Pakistan all refused.
8. Iran IS fully cooperating with UN watch dog agency.
9 The head of the agency himself has said there is NO evidence iran is doing anything illegal.
10. CIA itself has said iran is NOT developing the "bomb".
11. Iran is enriching uranium at low rates. Even with million centrifuges thats still low enriched uranium.
12. The Iranians DO NOT have a death wish. They are NOT dumb. They realize fully well if they EVER try to attack israel they will be turned into green glass in a matter of minutes.
13 While Iranians are telling the truth, USA and UK and France are lying through their teeth.
14. Bush said Iraq hasd weapons of mass distraction. Now Mr CHange is playing the exact same game. Forgive me if I'm let's say somewhat skeptical of what mr CHnage is saying.
15. Zero as in NADA, Nichevo, NOTHING proof has ever been offered by ANYONE iran is even doing anything that's would indiace it is trying to acquire "nuclear weapons".

Yes, damn those facts! Maybe we should dispence with them all together and simply lie.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

District 9 VS Avatar. No contest whatsoever, D9 blows Avarat's cutesy aliens outta this Universe.

While Avatar is 100% predicable by-the-numbers self richeous fantasy Hollywood churns weekly to the stupid sheeple, D9 is raw and realistic portrait of what happens when corporations run for profit are allowed to do whatever they want.
It IS true that I havent really seen Avatar except for a 2 minutes trailer, but Hollywood movies are generally SO predicable I can pretty much tell you what happens in most of them and what their ending will be within 89% accuracy. But then again, I havent seen a good Hollywood movie in decades. The last one surprising was Strange Days from 1996 that was produced by Cameron. But Strange Days was nothing more than a fairly successful copy of cool cyberpunk style sci-fi.
Avatar is one of those silly fantasies complete with cute natives with anime like eyes (so we could care for them more) giving the usual liberal lip service with bad CGI. D9 on the hand looks as realistic as it get coming with TV footage talking heads .
I just saw the Avatar trailer and frankly, I am NOT impressed at all. To begin with, I expected a whole different movie from the one presented in the preview(I will discuss that in a minute). Second, this is the absolute best state of the art CG??? At best, it looks like pre Lord of the Ring stuff; I kept on thinking I needed to plug in my console and start playing the game, it looked SO much like a CG for a military style shot 'em up. True, I didn't see in in the IMAC 3D theater but so what?
The story is what I got the biggest problem with. Some people have already named it "Dancing with Wolves in Space" and that's kinda pretty accurate from what I seen.

As its custom, Hollywood LOVES to pay lip service to the so called "liberal" view point yet the problem is exactly that they only pay lip service to it and NOTHING else. Thwe movie is nothing more than story against the colonialism imperialism: in trhe far fture, the Earth send military space ships to mind minerals rich other planets where other less advanced intelligent races live in full harmony with nature. Yes the alien race is different skin color: since they are aliens they are blue thbut they could have easily been red or pink or yellow with slanted eyes. You know, a movie detailing the evils of imperialism is fine and dandy with me, but it's a fantasy after all, how many Americans will make the real connections dn maybe begin to think about exactly WHAT their militarizes are doing in Afghanistan, Iraq, bombing Pakistan, and in the other 127 something bases scattered around the world?? And how many will make the next step to actually try to do something about it? And even if they do, the US Congress/Senate will even listen to them? Besides, the riches of most countries come from outside sources, for example "Great" Britain would never have been so "great" and so rich without its many colonies and its main supplier of wealth: India. Therefore an movie such as this doesn't do anything to fix the injustices of the world; in fact it aggravates them. becuade it's only a silly peace of entertainment used to subdue the masses and make them feel good about themselves but giving them a fantasy tra-lala story

The REAL story of colonialism and imperialism has to be taught in schools to ALL children without any type of censoring and omitting Any facts to be dealt with; it has to be talked about over and ovr and over again until maybe the white man grows up ashamed of what he had done in whole continues of Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia. Then and ONLY then we can maybe then we can prevent it from occurcing, becuade it is STILL occurring in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and many other places. and it will be occurring more and more in the future. a silly shitty movie is not gonna do anything about it except make assholes such as James Cameron richer and make him feel ALL self richeous.

news tid bits

Interesting report appeared recently and I.m finally getting to it: United Korea could be an econimic power US investment bank Goldman Sachs said
Just another reason I can add to my list of reasons as to why the USA is keeping the two Koreas apart and at each other throats. More links at

Sunday, September 27, 2009

And NOW I AM worried, something big IS about to happen

Right on schedule, JUST before the talks between Iran and the "super powers"(who designated them to be super powers anyway???) an event that is tailor made to divert world's attention occurs: Polanski gets arrested after 31 years on the run. Mighty interesting coincidence, the timing is JUST so darn perfect. I am sure I am one of the few people who remember but right before Israel attacked Lebanon a few years ago, a hapless guy was arrested in Thailand who was somehow connected to the death of JonBenet Ramsey. The media gave us breathless updates for the whole week following that while largely ignoring what Israel was doing in the meantime. The pattern is exactly the same: sensationalistic but old case involving children and sexuality.
Tailor made to catch the attention of the drugged masses. ALL the media whores are splashing it on their front pages of course. Of course, I wouldn't expect No less of them.
Or and (that's even more scary) this might mean something else and big is ABOUT to happen and our attention is being diverted early. Ah, the next 49~72 hours will tell me if I am right or wrong. I wish I am wrong this time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11....

The left, the conspiracy lovers and the original conservative Republicans are all horribly stuck and they ain't moving. What are they stuck on? THey are stuck on 9-11 and all of its details; it's has become a full time obsession with them, they have given it countless hours writing articles, posting on blogs, and foaming n the mouth over it over every little detail of 9-11: Termite in the dust, the dancing Iraelies, the missing billions reported right on 9-10, why BBC reported the fall of building 7 before it happened, how can Bush see the first building fall, was it really a plane that hit the Pentagon, the list to choose from is endless, they love it. It's their reason d'etre. It's given their silly lives a meaning, a purpose.

I wanna give them all a free clue: 9-11 was 8 years ago. It was an important event and the government used it to their full advantage. But the government has moved on long time ago; they got other much bigger fishes to fry. Sure, they use the aniversary but that's all. Only these people havent figured out there and other evens going on even much more important. Except for those poor schmucks who still insist on finding the truth of whatreallyhappned on 9-11. Try to tell them 9-11 doesnt really matter aynmore as Nader tried to tell them and watch them go ape shit and start calling you names such as gov shill and so on. Poor schmucks. I bet the US government loves them wasting their time arguing over useless details
while shit is happening in Pakistan and Afghanistan and other places.
So what if termite was found and officially verified by a scientist? SO what if the official story doesnt make any sense? SO what? 9-11 is history, a event that happened in the distant past. Even if the proof is found and exposed what will happen? Will Shrub Jr and everyone involved be prosecuted? What exactly will change if anything? The average sheeple will continue to pay his/hers bills, consume and worry about their jobs and all the billS they have to pay. Plus there is plenty of fake news to keep them occupied sch as the fake ACORN scandal, the ridiculous "heath medical insurance" reform, the killing of this young girl or that young girl, the flood that just happened and there is the new Music Idol season that can't be missed! Will the American sheeple revolt and demand justice? No, they won't. The
government controls our lives to the fullest and all they can do is scream and watse their lives and think they doing something important.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Watching the Fall of an Emipire, part II

Poor, poor Yankies. I can understand how confused and frightened they must be feeling. Losing your iron grip on the world MUST really be a scary feeling. What's worse, knowing things will NEVER be the same must truly be getting to them. No wonder they are acting the way they are acting. Yes I can understand them completly. Maybe they need to talk to the Brits and exchange info on what to do when you lose your number 1 spot in the world. I bet the Brits will eba able to give them some fairly valuble points and some good advice. At least the Yankees will have a sympatetic shoulder to cry on. Snicker. I bet the feeling of that sweet, sweet 1st world lifestyle slipping away from them is making them mental. And you know what? Good, I am glad. They have been controlling the world for the past 60 years, doing pretty much whatever the fuck they wanted, while we had to suffer for their amusement and get by on whatever we can, while they ate well, laughed and had a good time. Well, they got fat and bloated and all that fat from these rich foods got into their brain cell and they got dumb. Not that the average American Yankee ever was a symbol of any high intelligence whatsoever but they were convinced they were "Number 1" baddest mufther effers in the world and now....this. No wonder they are letting complete clowns such as Glen Beck telling them what's wrong and how Obala is a "communist".
No matter how fucked up their government was before, they allowed it and didn't care too much as long as they felt were in good shape economically and they had entertainment and were able to buy that new color TV they wanted and to go and see that singing star. Even if things were bad, they still believed a lot of fantasies and knew their gov will take care of thngs and eventuallt they will still control the world. Well, not anymore. Enjoy your long distance fall, fuckers. The ground is really hard and is coming up fast. Me, Im gonna get some popcorn and enjoy the show you are putitng on for the rest of the world.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Freedom & Democracy" vs Slavery & Security

I live in a little village in the middle of nowhere. It's a peasants' place complete with cows and sheep freely walking the streets, dogs in every house and so on. Early spring this year a homeless dog appeared on our street. We suspected it wasn't wild, most likely it got lost or something because it would come and beg for food but it would run away if we tried to touch it. We started giving it slices of bread and it decided to stick around, running up and down the street but often coming to the door and jumping up and down. Slowly it decided to simply stick close to our yard knowing fully well it would get some food from us sooner or later. We would open thew door and try to invite it in but it would refuse. This played for a month untill it finally got it and I closed to door behind it trapping it inside our yard. A chase inspired but it was too fast, I could never caught it. it staying locked in overnight then somehow it found a way to jump the fence it and it was free again but it soon returned begging for food.
After a while it would finally let me touhc him and it finally decided to even come into the yard on its own. It would leave whenever it felt like it but it always came back after a few hours. I got the idea to tie it up and told that to my mother. we got a chain and a leather collar, collar. I gave it food and while it was distracted i jumped on top of it and tied it up. It didn't struggle too much.
After a few days we wanted to walk it bt we had make the collar too loose because it managed to slip its head out and run away. My mother was distraught but I assured her I was sure it would return. Lo and behold it was in front of our door the very next morning jumping up and down when ti saw us. I invited it and and accepted. I tied it up again. A few days later we had a storm and I went outside to see how it wqas. I saw it had managed to get loose a again, and I saw it running down the street n the rain. I told my mother but I again I said it would return because it had become accustomed to to food we gave it. True e3nouhg it was back within 2 hours. Clearly the dog preferred the safety and security of slavery even it it meant being tied up to the "freedom" but hunger of the street.
Dogs are social primates that like to live in tribes. In this they resemble humans. It would appear they would prefer security over freedom. In my observations humanity is pretty muhc the same; it would always prefer ad chosoe security and slavery vs some imaginary "freedom" Yet the myth of "freedom and democracy" is one of the most cherished fairy tales that is pushed into our heads over and over by the media even against ALL the available evidence that humanity prefers slavery and will happily sell itself for some security. All one has to do is observe people on Monday morning busily rushing to their place of slave labor, excuse me, work. There is nothing more telling than this. nothing more needs to be discussed or argued over.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Behavior, instincs, conditional behavior and so on.

I got a somewhat intense phobia of spiders. I find them both scary and disgusting yet somewhat interesting from mechanical point of view. (My fav Japanese artist Masamune Shirow uses spiders in his designs) I scream like a little girl if a spider is on me. To combat that fear I have been catching the spiders who walk on the walls of my room and watching them. I have been doing this for 2 years now every summer. I would put them inside a plastic cap for DVD folder and let them live there for as long as the can last. Some do last a while, one lasted for 3 months untill it feed it to a prying mantis I had also caught. But this is not really important. What is interesting is all this observations have taught me interesting facts about sociology psychological behavior or animals. By their nature, spiders and solitary predators. They are also cannibals, meaning they will eat one another if the possibility arises. Therefore, spiders tend to run away from one another and don't stand close to each other if possible.
Yet this behavior is drastically altered when I catch and put two spiders together inside one plastic spindle. Surprise surprise, spiders do not attack one another if they are equal size, and they can even stand close to each other. Strange indeed. So spiders (rather lowly animals on the evolutionary scale) modify their behavior when they are in different conditions. Same as pretty much every other animal in existence, including primates, mammals and man. This shows animals will behave in a different manner depending on the conditions they are placed in; even their instincts are altered.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Shit is about to hit the fan.

The signs are ALL there. US's economy is NOT improving so Mr Change has given Iran until the end of September or they wil try to strange them with a gas embargo that will most likely bring Iran to their knees economically. In turn, Chavez pledged that he will give Iran 300.000 of refined gasoline per day. Russia and China will (most likely)
veto any more sanctions rendering any UN actions useless. Now Netenyahu went to Russia to ask them to stop selling arms to Iran. Wonder what he offered them in return.
Now UN is warning the dollar has to stop being world's reserve currency and the world needs a new one. Since when is UN a n economic organization??? Last time I checked, they were a political organization. China is warning USA to stop printing dollars or they might just star buying gold. Derivatives arte in the toilet. Yeah, something is about to happen and most oikely it will be the start of WWIII. They want it. They NEED it. They are gonna have it. They are slowly preparing us fr the major event and we know it, it the back of our heads yet we refuse to acknowledge it, same as how people thend to disregard signs until they ht them in the nose.
You know I been wondering for a while now how the Jews would try to maintain their grip on world power sicne the nexus of world has moved deep inot Asia. Introducing a new world currency that everyone will be forced to sue will be one very clever way of accomplishing that.
Forget about 9-11. The event hwas been used up and is merely now a onc a year mythology even designed to stroke emotions.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do Jews have a trademark on Holocaust™?

We are yet again reminded of the Jewish Holocaust™ (TM). Now some Jews who were kids during the Holocaust™ are recreating their train journeys, and of course Drudge HAS TO link to it like its such a BIG BIG very important news. The WWII Jewish
Holocaust™ happened almost 70 years ago. That's a generation ago. Yet we are still bombarded almost daily with unearthed "news" about it. Seems we have to be reminded of it or else we will forget about it or something. Yet we are never told about all
the other Holocausts that have happened during the decades and centuries previous to the Jewish Holocaust™. Neither we are told of the ongoing Holocausts happening RIGHT NOW in places such as Kongo, Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan(90 people killed in a
new NATO attack)

Let's list some other Holocausts that happened:
1. The Holocaust of The Native Americans from the North American, Central American and South American by the and of the Spaniards, French, British Dutch and pretty much ALL Western European. By some estimates 12 million Native Americans died JUST in North America alone. The white European settlers used bio weapon by giving them small pox infected blankets. Another way of exterminating the "red vermin" was to exterminate their main food supply: the buffalo ths making sure the vermin would starve to death. When was the last time we saw a movie about that? Yet Hollywood keeps on churning one Jewish Holocaust™ movie after another. Where are the serious scholarly works carefully investigating the facts and making sure we all know what
the white man did in North and South American? Nowhere to be seen.

2. the Indian Holocaust of 1860s when around 10 million Hindus including women and children were massacred or left to starve to death by the British because the Hindus organized an uprising. But hey, it was a long time ago, right, so who cares?

3. The Armenian Holocaust of 1915 when around 1.5 million Armenians were massacred by the Turkish army when they organized a rebellion in East Turkey. The Armenians have been trying for decades to have the massacre designated as a Holocaust but the
jews have been preventing them from doing so.

4. The Ukrainian Holocaust where around a few million people died when Stalin left the Ukrainians to simply starve during the 1930s. By some estimates at least 2 to 6 million people died. Some scholars say a lot more but nobody knows because no records were kept.

These are the Holocausts that I know of. if you paid attention some of them involved numbers bigger than the 6 million numbers cited by the Jews during WWII. I am sure there are many other holocausts that happened in Africa, Asia and all over.

So what does my list prove if it proves anything at all? It proves Humanity has a long history of killing one another for under different pretenses but the basics reason is the same: to grab the land and the resources the people were on. the people Human history is one Holocaust after another. the Jews neither own the Holocaust nor is their Holocaust the biggest number wise. Yeah let the anti Semite calling begin.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Untill the end of September

So Mr Change is giving Iran until the end of September to accept unconditional talks on their nuclear program (NOTE: which he has NEVER provided ANY evidence at all that it exists What's more, the head of IEA has said there is NO evidence the nuclear program is used to any illigal means plus Mr Change is contradicting its own CIA) Unfortunately, I foresee the beginning of what might be WWIII.

The audacity of Mr Change is totally understandable, given the sorry state of USA's economy and given the fact the ONLY way the so called "capitalism" gets out of trouble is to either start a major war or invade a land rich or resources so they can exploit it. Since they cannot just invade Iran outright, and since they KNOW very well Russia and China WILL not vote for any more economy sanctions(at least i hope so but both Russia and China have shown in the past they can talk with forked tongue and can wiggle around and be as dishonest as USA), the ONLY option left for USA is to stir some kinda shit that will escalate into a major world war so they can jump start their economy.

Yes. it IS a cliche, but cliches are cliches exactly because they are right. yes USA economy IS military industrial economy. USA's economy has been tied to military ever since the mid 1940s when it used the excuse of WWII to rescue their failing "capitalism". USA need a major war ever new decade to keep their economy going. Simple look at the last 70 years shows how many wars USA has started:
0: 1940s: WWII under the fake false attack on Pearl Harbor
1. 1950s: the Korean war.
2. 1960s Vietnam war started on totally false premises and lies, exactly the same as first and second Iraq invasion
3. 1970s Vietnam war ends. Notice how sorry the state of USA economy became with no war in sight
4. 1980s Reagan's few quick victories against Grenada and Libya; early 80s were also bad economically, yet again proving war is tied to how well USA economy performs
5. 1990s first Iraq invasion (largely based on the fake testimony of the daughter of Kuwait official)
6. 2000s: second Iraq invasion under the pretext of "searching for "weapons of mass distraction" that were NEVER found.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ted Kennedy: yet another circus performer with an enormous ego.

Sorry he is dead? Why? EVERYONE dies sooner or later. What's the big deal? The question is not about feeling sorry about a totally natural event but about how one has lived his life. Was Kennedy the great man the media is painting him as or was he just another career politician who knew how to cleverly find the right government job (and ALL really nice benefits that came with it) and didn't move from it for over 48 years because of a huge over blown ego? Sure he fought with the Republicans over many "issues". But since in a very careful analysis, the Democrats and Republicans are just diff faces of the same coin, most of their battles are just carefully staged circuses for the masses, all fury in really signifying little.

Strangely, I wonder what An Coultier would say if she write about him. She will most likely mention the car and the dead girl inside and the fact he never found it nessasary to report the incident to the cops and that he got away with it. If it was ME for example that this happened to, I'd have been thrown in jail so fast, my glasses would have been flying off my head. But since he was Kennedy, the case was dismissed and he wasnt charged with anything. Yeah I know, it happened long time ago. Well, at 77 I think he wa sold enough to retire but he didnt seem to find it necessary. Was it because he was doing such important job or was it because he didnt want to give up his seat and ego? Hopefully with his passing they can get some fresh young blood in there instead of an old fart who should have been put out to pasture
long time ago.

Why I am basing all this on? Well it's fairly simple, just like everything else is. looking at the way Congress has been voting for the past 50 years (through all the time Kennedy was in it) is clear they weren't "working for the American people" or representing them at all but mostly fort the big corporations and to ensure more power for themselves. All one has to do is look and think. It's not that hard at all. Really. try it for once, you thick skilled fuckheads and wake up finally. None of thse people are workign for YOU. They havent been for a long long time. Longer than Kennedy was alive for. If this is what a great man is, I'd take Charles Manson any day of the week.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Off the top of my head

I been thinking lately(which is a rather dangerous activity in itself, don't do it if you haven't been accustomed to it kids!) about all sorts of things. For example, why are cigarettes STILL allowed and legal after ALL the studies clearly proving they are dangerous to human health? and today as by order comes a report that smokers on average live 15 years shorter lives than non smokers. There is MY answer, staring me right in the face! Let's count the benefits of cigarettes:

1.People die faster with tobacco's help. Helpful to governments because they will pay less in social security payments
2. cigarettes are heavily taxed; about 60% of the actual price is tax that goes directly into government's coffins never to be seen again.
3. Cigarettes cause all sorts of illnesses and this cr4eates a lot of work for doctors and profits for hospitals, medicine manufactures and so on down the line.
4. Usually lower poor class of people smoke and the government doesn't want them; they rarely if ever pay taxes and don't consume much.

There is very nice 4 reasons I can think of that show how beneficial cigarettes are to the government of ANY country. Therefore, why would they even stop them? All they ever do is pay some lip service to the 'cause" passing silly laws that supposetly make less people smoke but accomplish NOTHING of the sort.
The same exact reasoning appliers to another drug that's also legal and also deadly: alcohol. the deaths and injures it causes, who cares as long as the government gets their taxes out if it.

makes me sick just thinking about all this. Maybe I need a cigarette and a drink to calm down...

Friday, August 21, 2009

and the bullshit continues and continues and continues

It's extremely interesting how we JUST hear about the new elections in Afghanistan right on the eve of the elections and NOT lets say a week before..

Of course the whole ting is a pure circus from beginning to end, designed for mass consumption on an international level and yet another faked news story. Nobody in their right mind would believe any of it; even the other presidential candidates si said so themselves. I'd be shocked if Karzai doesnt win. There is already spin on yahoo claiming the voter turnout is low "because of threats by the ever present boogie man the Talibanies who are some how ALWAYS associated with the phantom Ali Queada

But the other way MORE important news that no corporate news site is for some mysterious reason willing to publish as if it doesn't exist or is NOT important: Iraqies WILL hold a referendum in early JN 2009 if they would te USA to stay in Iraq. By some amazing coincidence, a
4 bombs explode all over Iraq and the victims are 96 at lead and 599+ wounded. Yeah.

Way back in 2003-2004 when the absurd terror levels were implemented and the levels were raised every few days, I was pretty sure it was ALL for show and designed to scare the easily scared Americans into seeing Muslim terrorists everywhere, pretty much exactly the same way the government used to scare them during the 1950-70 Cold War era. I didn't have any evidence to back my claims however but yet AGAIN I have been proven right.

Ridge says Bush officials sought to raise terror alert before '04 election
is splashed right across CNN, Yahoo and the other web sites. Of course the idiots will quickly point out that CNN is part of the ever present "liberal media" that you see controls everything.

As yet another anniversary of 9-11 approaches, I can yet glaot that yes I was right yet again: neither Osama Bin Alladin was ever caught and of course by now we know the fabled Iraqies "weapons of mass distractions" never existed.
Back in 2003 right before the invasion of Iraq I would say to people that I was willing to make a million dollars bet that:
1. Bin Alladin will NEVER be found and
2 no weapons of mass distraction will ever be found either.
People would laugh at me and point out that I didn't have a million dollars and I would rely

that I was SO sure I would be right I didn't need them.
Well am STILL right. Nobody was willing tot ake mty bets though. Oh well...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rejoice, the good times will soon be here again!

As irritating and self serving the "news" of corporate owned media are, they are also often unintentionally funny. Take for example the "news" item that France, Germany and today Japan are Officially "out of recession" because you see, their economies shows a growth. Oh we are NOT talking about much growth, only 0.3% but hey since it's growth, then statistally they have put the recession behind them!
Gave me a good reason to laugh out loud early in the morning. I KNOW ordinary people hardly pay ANY serious attention to numbers such as these; they don't mean much if anything to them at all. Thse numbers are first of all for government consumption, so they can put them down in the history books. I can imagine the book keeping tricks they did JUST to show the supposed 0.3% growth. They probably just took the falling prices of some seasonal food items and the price of some obsolete TV sets from 6 months ago, wrote those into their statistical tables and presto! France and Germany are on their ways to good times again! We can ALL rejoice now, weee!! I bet USA will show some "growth" in a few months too for the Christmas season and they

will use those numbers too to show growth in USA also!
I do NOT believe pretty much Anything ANY government tells me these days, and that certainly includes economic statistics of ANY kind. USA gov for example hid throuhg ALL of 2008 the news that USA had gone into recession in December 2007 because of their uncoming elections; they had to wait until jan 2009 to care to inform us of that little item.

I bet the ONLY reason they are trying to make it look better because of the news that the economies of the so called BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India, and China and a few supposedly backward "who cares for them countries" are booming while the ALL of EU and USA and Japan are seriously stagnating. How can all those tyrannical communist countries Russia and China even Brazil be doing good while we, the democratic and free markets economics are doing bad? Impossible! So they have to cook the books.

Another place where USA gov lies throuhg their teeth and inflation. They are always going throiugh hoops to try to show the lowest possible inflation. Inflation is bad, because it measn they wil have to raise social security checks for retirees. It's a common knowledge the inflation numbers never reflect the real "cost of living". I am NOT going to get into the specifics here, but there is plenty of articles and studies proving governments always severely under show inflation.

The stock market is another are where news about it means very little, contrary to what the corporate "news" sites say. Stock market goes up and they are ecstatic, or it goes down; in reality it doesn't really mean much. The stock market is heavily manipulated and controlled the myth that is represents "free market" "supply and demand" economy is one of the most prevalent and persistent but that is all it is: a complete lie. Reagan created the stock market task force which controls it. Various stocks are added and removed at whim without any explanation to the sheeple. It is a well known fact they remove companies that are not doing well and add companies they want/need. Therefore the ups and down of the stock market are just another fantasy story tale told to the sheeple.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why are the left fringe refusing to accept scientists data?

I been reading ALL summer how long this has been the coolest summer in USA and how this has been the quietest hurricane season in years.
Oh really? Well, where i live in southern Europe this has been the hottest summer I have ever experienced here with temperatures often over 35 and sometimes reaching upper 30s and low 40s. These are measurements "in the shade" of course. These are desert temperatures NEVER before seen here. Our watermelons, pumpkins, melons and so on never developed and the tomato plants are already beginning to die early death.
USA is NOT the whole world. Just because USA is having a cool summer doesn't mean the rest of the world is too. Plus I posted a link previously about Seattle having record high temperatures this summer. So which is: coolest summer or somewhat coolest summer in some places and high tem in another?

Now those deniers beginning to talk about how this has been the quietest hurricane season in years. get a free clue: the hurricane season has JUST started. And of course, the serious scientists, the people who actually KNOW about this stuff just had a hfo n article on BBC saying exactly the opposite:

Many hurricanes' in modern times

Hurricanes in the Atlantic are more frequent than at any time in the last 1,000 years, according to research just published in the journal Nature.
So is nature magazine full if shit and part of the world wide conspiracy to lie to people? Those left fringe nuts would certainly say so.
Well, the ONLY thing I will say is this: I cannot wait when a few more years down the road the global warming will really hit us and the evidence will begin hitting us in the face. I JUST wonder what those idiots will say then. Personally, i cannot wait.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big lies, small lies

USA is pretty busy these days.

1. Creating and arming terrorists
2. fighting non existent Al Queda
3. demonizing and antagonizing Chavez and Putin
and whoever else they feel is threat to them,
4. meddling in Pakistan and yet giving them millions in aid
5. supprting Georgian and so on
6. all the other spying shit

But among ALL the big lies the USA is spreading about Iran/North Korea, Russia, etc etc they still have the time to invent small fake daily news items that never go anywhere. Remember for example that supposedly oh so dangerous North Korean ship that the USA military started following convinced they were carrying nuclear weapons?

NOTE: in today's Orwellian double speak world all they need is to use words like "nuclear" to get indicate some imaginary danger.

Of course NO evidence whatsoever was presented the
ship did carry anything "illegal" or dangerous". But evidence IS NOT needed in today's world. Innuendo is sufficient, after all these are NOT real news, they are daily news bites that are designed to scare the sheeple into submition and nothing else.
So anyway, if that ship was really carrying ANY type of dangerous cargo, wouldn't the world governments demand some ANY kinda action and stop it? But NO, no other couytry said anything, the ONLY country making noise was USA.

These one-day fake news items are as easy to spot as flies. Their are as follows:
1. They appear out of nowhere
2. they are ALWAYS connected to one of the countries USA has a problem with: Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Venezuela, Russia or whoever they are after.
3. there is NEVER any follow up on them, the "stories" simply disappear the next day, NEVER to be discussed again.

Another recent fake news item was the supposed connection between Myanmar(Big butch called them by their old name Burma; shows how much in the know she really is) and North Korea. Supposedly they were exchanging "nuclear technology" or nuclear knowledge". Big butch said it, then we never heard about it again. Amazing, simply amazing.

I LOVE noticing and noting these little one day fake news items; they are fun to watch and show once again what a fake liar trouble seeking country USA is and how dangerous it is to the world.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great and useful news web sites

There are several web sites that I check eithwer daily or every few days that carry news and analysts the honest way that is never reached on CNN or FAUX news or Drudge. Sure I look at CNN and Drudge daily but I do nOT expect ro see any meaningful or real news there; I know they are good to tell me about a taiphun or an earthquake but that's all.

Anyway, here is a list of the good web sites in order of usefulness: believe it or NOT but Pravda the old communist news paper is now more honest and trustful than the Western corporate owned media. The stale now joke In Soviet Russa...holds pretty well. Pravda doesn't carry news per se, but their analysis of the current evens are right on the money, even if they DO have a distinct anti western/anti USA slang. But so what? I will accept truth in any form. is another great site that doesn't carry news but it does run great analytical articles on Mr Change, USA thew military industrial complex, fiat money and other important subjects. is an online newspaper focusing on Central and Middle Asia and the important events happening in that MOST important area of the world. is run by Russian-American expats. The majority of their articles fall into sophomoric category where the writers appear to be aspiring writers trying to show off how clever they are but War nerds articles on arm conflicts around the world are always informative and great to read. is pretty good when they post numerous links to articles that do nto appear in corporate owned media. Very informative altho it does get a bit repetitious after a while.

I tend to stay away from,, and other fringe web sites because after you have read 100 times that the Illuminati and/or Zionist are controlling the world and bend on world domination(havent they conquered to world already????) there is nothing new to learn there.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Using the word "fuck" shows she is really, I mean really pissed! And awesome!

I just found Layla Anwar's blog via (Urkenet) who is supposedly OH-So-alternative than alternatives. Yes I admit it, she DOES have flair for writing and she yes can construct beautiful sentences. But that's not nearly enough in today's age. Either you speak the truth the WHOLE truth WITHOUT ANY censoring of ANY kind or you are nothing than
1.a troll,
2. a shill for some government
3. or you are just giving your opinionS about something and skewing the facts so they suits you and your garbage.

She thinks cursing and using words such as "fuck" and profanities a good articles make. But her facts are mostly lies or not the truth. For one thing, she is blaming the Iranians for helping the US forces in Iraq and she is cursing the whole world and everyone under the Sun. Honey bunch, Iran didn't attack Iraq 30 years ago. Iraq attacked Iran and Iran has the right to defend itself. Second, Saddam wasn't innocent soul; he killed everyone who dared oppose him (same as Stalin) to stay in power; but his main problem is that he was dumb enough to believe the Americans in anything they told him. So what if Iran's Shias are helping in Iraq? Tough shit. Even if Shia and Sunni killing each other has to do with Americans well if you Arabs are dumb enough to do it and not unite against a common enemy, shows how dumb you are. Of coruse the Americans will use
that; they use whatever means they can.
Second, her perfect English is suspicious; doesnt speak it as a foreigner. Where did she really grew up and studied? Was it Iraq? Doubtful, with such good English. Is she really an Iraqi, born and raised there? Or maybe she was one of the rich ones?
Third, her choice of words. All she dos and bitch and talks about how great Iraq was and how many Iraqis died under the Americana occupation. Were these Iraqis killed by the Americans themselves or by the Sunni vs Shia religious wars? Ever heard of "divide and rule" concept invented by the Romans over 2 thousand years ago? Sure 1 million dead is horrible but who is REALLY responsible for them? The real facts speak against you, honey bunny.
Forth, why doesn't her blog has a comment section? Is she SO scared of anybody commenting or she cannot handle comments that are against her point of view? Then why write a blog in the first place?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Most leftish bloggers are hypocrates

The goofballs at, Alex Jones, and so on are always talking against the wars of aggression USA is currently waging. They keep on calling these wars with all sorts of adjectives such as senseless, meaningless, useless and so on.

Well of course these wars do have a rather very important function. Thye
1. serve to prop up business for the military industrial complex,
2. wrestle control of the local population
3. cause chaos in the world
4. control the world's most important natural resource: oil.

To say the wars are senseless and meaningless these left wing bloggers much either be dumb or liars of shills for gov. Or ALL at the same time. I mean come on! It's NOT like USA JUST started doing these wars yesterday on Shurb Jr's watch. USA has been waging wars of conquest and /or control ever since it was created back in 1776. Need these so called brainiaks be reminded of simple things such as these? USA has always been an empire and as an empire it needs land and resources. It usually took them by force such as what it did in the Philippines long ago. The very sweet 1st world lifestyle those hypocrites such as Justin Raimondo from and Michel Rivero from is directly tied up to those same wars of conquest USA has been waging all over the globe for hundreds of years now. DO they not realize that little fact or are they just hypocrites who claim ignorance? While growing up I had to suffer under harsh economic conditions because of economic sanctions placed on my country by the western countries and USA they enjoyed a nice lavish lifestyle of high protein diet, cheap fuel, and so on. The ONLY way i'd take them seriously is for them to stand up and renounce the the lifestyle they have had due to the very same things USA has always been doing and refuse to continue living that nice style and move out of USA, THEN and ONLY then I'd take them seriously. I have issued them challenges to do so, but NONE have replied so far. Of course I dont expect them to. They are just phony hypocrites in my book.

Since it is the anniversary of the Russian/Georgian war, I wasn't surprised at all when I just read a tirade against Russia on /. by a guy calling Russia all sorts of ridiculous accusations: she is neoimperealistic and so on. Wow, that guy has some nerve! I dunno if is he US citizen but most likely he is, ONLY they can be THAT insolent and say such ridiculous garbage not based on anything factual. I did leave a message asking him to count how many wars of aggression USA has started just in the 20 century versus counting how many wars of aggression Russia started in the 20 century.
But that's part of USA behavior. every anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings I have to read on 4chan shills SILL coming up with the same "justifications" for doing such heinous acts. All part of being an average American insolent asshole. They cannot help themselves, that is how they are raised.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For a "nutcase", the North Korea's leader is behaving quite rationally.

Let's list his wins:

1.He made the "journalists" admit they were illegally trespassing into North Korean territory,
2.he got an apology from them
3.scoring this wins and having no more need for them, he let them go humiliated

Gee, for a "nutcase", "dangerous maniac" and all the other silly name calling I have herd he seems to be winning (yet again) the latest game of poker I'd say. Hardly the behavior of a sociopath lunatic.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

news and views

I haven't been writing much because frankly, I am bored with the whole human "society". Everything is freaking easy and painfully obvious to figure out:

1. Empires get rich because they pillage and rob weaker countries and places, NOT because they are somehow "superior" and more "developed" than 3rd world countries

2. modern capitalism is a total con game rigged from the start, modern USA has nothing to do with capitalism where you produce aa product and make profit by selling it;
3. all the wars are about the conquest of lands rich in natural resources and never have to do with fighting evil imaginary cartoon deamons such as Hitler;
4. most history as we know it is almost a total fabrication
5. schools ae designed and run to dumb down kids, NOT to teach them anything useful
6. there is NOTHING worth watching on TV or listening on the radio because ALL big media is owned and ran by a few corporations who decided to give a specific script
7. there is NO such thing as Ali Queada
8. China WILL be the next superpower because the nexus of power is always moving west; it was in Japan and now has jumped into china
9. All modern fiat money are no worthless; they carry no real" value, except to act as credit and make profit to the bankers who issue them
10. taxes are the name of the game. Everything is taxed 3 times: once when it gets crated and sold to the middle man, second time when it is sold to the store and 4rd when it is sold to YOU.Happy consuming, piggies!
11. people really ARE dumb and worse, getting dumber by the minute
and so on...

I am left looking at all this and wondering at the audacity of them; but after thinking over it a bit more; I can see their point of view; if the poor and schmucks are dumb WHY NOT see them and squeeze them dry? They deserve it after all
So after looking over, one is left with not too many choices:
1. join the wining team if you can and become their bitch hoping one day they will let you play with the big boys
2. realist there is nothing you can do personally and to become a dutiful tax paying sheeple consumer
3. go completely insane
4. say fuck it all and go live in a monastery renouncing the material world

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looks like the "global cooling" has been put on hold.

I been reading all summer long how this has been the coolest summer on record in USA. Imagine my surprise when the main denier of global warming and all around asshole Drudge had a link pointing how Seattle is experiencing record hot temperatures just the other day. Here is the article and it's right on
So which is it? the coolest summer on record or the hottest in some places? Can't be BOTH at the same time, surely.
I can tell from personal experience, I am experiencing one hell of a super HAWT summer here in Bulgaria in southern Europe.e The other day temperatures were 41. 7 ; those are definitely way above ANY sort of normal summer temperateness for where I am. It's now 34 today but it will be 37 by Saturday. I been observing the temperatures in several European countries since the early 2000s and I notice how every day summer they are reaching record highs. So NO, I don't see that global cooling people such as Rivero from is constantly trying to prove is happening. In fact i see JUST the opposite. Personally, i don't care though. I got no kids and by the time the fan hits the shit I shall be so old I won't give a damn. Let the 20 something worry about the world they will be forced to live in. Who cares.