Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

How come "Ali Queda" appears in every place where Americans go into? How come bombings begin to occur in ALL the places Americans invade? There was NO "Ali Queda" in Iraq before the US invasion. There was NO bombings either and no fighting between Sunni and SHiiti. There were NO bombings in Pakistan up until recently.

Even if Warming and cooling is All natural and cyclical and has nothing to do with human activity at all that doesn't mean it will NOT severely affect human society and all of our lives and most importantly, our ability to grow enough food to feed ourselves. Saying it's all natural and cyclical and all good doesn't fix the problem is growing food. Cooling is actually much worse than warming.

Bible makes a LOT of sense, yes. Entity makes a mud pie man, doesn’t think about reproduction till later, fabricates a female out of the man’s side, the entity knows in advance that the created couple are going to screw up big time, blames them for his flawed design. Do I even need to talk about the talking serpent? Later said entity battles with sea monsters. Later said entity throws thunderbolts blows smoke
out of nostrils, causes volcanic activity where there is no evidence of such.

For all the blame Nixon took and was turned into devil incarnate he did a LOT of thing USA should be grateful about: stopped the VietNam war, opened up the path to China, severed the tie between the dollar and gold thus giving the USA the ability to print as much money as it needs and signed up a threaty with Bregneff about cutting long range missiles.

Thomas Sowell STILL has't bothered to reply to my email where i asked for evidence of the fabled Iranian "nuclear program". Oh well, I guess who am I, right?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

news you WON'T find on

I live in southeastern Europe, in Bulgaria that's right above Greece and bellow Romania. For the last 3-4 days we have har record high temperatures, sometimes in the mid 30s. This is happening in late October when it is supposed to be much cooler.
So yes, global warming IS real, I am personally experiencing it every single day.

The Sun is supposedly experiencing a solar minimum but yet again today a big brand new sun spot has appeared. Here is a link I borrowed directly from
. This will be the biggest sunspot for 2009. Gee The Sun ain't quiet no more, yet again

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thomas Sowell update part 1

I found Sowell's email address and sent him an email on Wednesday, asking him to present me with the proof he has that Iran has a hidden/illegal "nuclear weapons program". It's now Saturday and of course NO email whatsoever. yeah, what a surprise.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thomas Sowell: Yet another house boy

I began reading Thomas Sowell's columns as an intellectual exercise yesterday. It
took a whole lot of will power forcing myself to keep up reading obvious garbage..
And he is supposed to be a high level intellectual, a at several universities and
clleges? If this is the best a supposed intellectual giant like him can produce?
No wonder he has been reduced to a house boy role, defending Pills Limbaugh
against charges of racism. Wow, is the guy senile or a total sell-out? Or both?
Whatever its content's, the guy is clever and can write. As normal practice, he
takes a little bit of truth, half lies, a lot of innuendos, outright lies and
mixers them in such a manner that resulting concussion is imposable to
separation lies and truth. As a right wing conservative, he is 100% boringly
predicable in what He peaches: the phantom never existing "free market" and what
he attacks: the ever present liberals, the phantom liberal media, EVERYTHING Mr
Change and does and say and any form of communism/socialism.

Anyway, i will write an article that will discuss Sowell's writings. It won't be a any type of strenuous intellectual exercise because is arguments are surprisingly easily defeated.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Payback is a bitch, eh?

The hottest topic on the left and right wing blogs is the upcoming Copenhagen meeting in December. Everyone from Alex Jones to is giving their "expert" option on the subject and as usual, spreading as MUCH FUD as they possibly can. Some are saying ridiculous things such as Obama will sell our country (meaning USA), others are screaming about the beginning of World Government that will be able to tell everyone what to do or not to do essentially controlling al the countries in the world. I just ran across a blog where they said:
start quote: The treaty will also allow the distribution of wealth from developed countries like the U.S. to Third World Countries like Africa, in other words; taxpayer-funded socialist welfare! end quote.

Excellent! And that is exactly how it should be. It's about time.

NOTE:Let me just say dividing the world into 1st, 2nd and 3rd world is racist and derogatory, but I will use it here for the sake of argument.

For centuries the so called "1st world" countries have been exploiting the so called "3rd world" countries. has anybody even done any type of maybe calculation how much wealth for example flowed form India into UK? Or how many people were forcefully taken from Africa to work in South and North America essentially giving US free labor force?? Can somebody maybe calculate the value of all that land that was stolen from Native Americans by white settlers? Why all the silence all of a sudden?
So it was fine and dandy for wealth in form of ore, gold, iron, spices, silk, whatever you can think of etc, etc, etc flowed form the so called "3rd world" countries into the so called '1st world" countries starting form about 14 century and going into the 20th century but it's not fine and dandy get get SOME kind of payment back? Whaat?? I caan't hear you!

Second, the "1st world" countries have been polluting freely for a long long time and NOBODY ever could tell them anything. That is about to end, finally! And YES they should pay the exploited "3rd world" countries. After all, what's fair is fair. You got a problem with that?

Poor USA, ALWAYS getting attacked

Reading up on USA's history, a strange pattern emerges. It seems USA is a magnet
for attacks! Several major wars have been started because USA has been attacked
so many times in the past. Let's count them all:

1. USA/Spanish war started with the surprise attack on the ship The Main that was
in Cuba.

2. USA entered the WWII after the surprise(again) attack on the USA navy in Pearl
Harbor. Many many articles have been written proving that USA KNEW and basically
put their navy at pear harbor practically inviting Japan to attack it after
singing documents stopping Japan's flow of raw material.

3. USA/Vietnam war started after (again!) a surprise attack on ship that was in
the Vietnam waters. There been many questions surrounding this and weave found people lied about it; no Viet boats were seen

4. The "war on terror", oops that term is not being used anymore began when USA
was attacked by Al Queda.

Ok, once I understand. Twice, maybe. Three times i get suspicious. But 4 times
attacked? Sorry but that is too much of a useful coincidence the USA government
would use.

And the sheep looked up

One of my favorite sci fi books of all time is a little known already out of print masterpiece by John Brunner called "The sheep looked up." I bought it secondhand and loved it. it deals with a sudden and rapid deterioration of the environment in USA and around the world in the near future due to ALL the "economic activity" humans have been doing ever since the begining of the industrial revolution and throwing tons of various poisons into the surrounding environment. Brunner is somewhat of a major prophet to me, for example he single handedly predicted the Internet in all its glory in 1975's "Shockwave Rider". But never mind all that; what's important is the name of the novel: "The Sheep looked up". And Im beginning to see not the sheep looking up but more honesty and outright telling the truth(partial but that's a start at least) on USA TV and even on places I would never imagine such as Faux news. Even Glen beck was surprisingly honest on a recent show while discussing the rummor that Arabs, Japanese and Russians are in secret negotiations to drop the dollar as a currency for oil. Beck admitted several facts I have known for a long time: That Reagan was basically bluffing with his missile defense system A.K.A. Star Wars and that Bin Alladin was yes a CIA agent and on their payroll whose job was the fight the Russians during the 1980s. Made my jaw fall to the floor I tell ya.
later on, I saw a commentator asking for the abolishing of the federal Reserve on Faux news. that amazed me even more.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Heat wave in Southern California; 100 degrees in Oxnard, why isnt Rivero from linking to that?

While Rivero from is very quick to link to ANY news items talking about early snow fall, why isn't he linking to the report from the LA Times about the heat wave and 100 degrees temperatures in Southern California? Seems he is quick to try to disprove global warming but when news speak against him he is mum on the subject. Of course, no surprise there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What the heck are you idiots saying??

Why do idiots keep on talking about USA as being turned into a communist country by Mr Change? OK< I can understand Alex Jones who after all got an agenda juast as much as the corporate onwe media and/or Bush have one, and the idiots at 4 winds, but people such as mat Rodina shows what a disgrace he is.

OK, I they have been told what an evil an fascistic state "Communism is all their lives, but for fucks' sake get a clue already! Do I have to point out basic AND obvious things yet again? I guess I do.
Communism as preached by Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Chavez and the other original communists ALWAYS tried to benefit as many people as possible. Obviously Mr Change is doing exactly the opposite. For example, He has taken 15+ trillion of US sheeple's money and given them to the banks. Does that benefit the largest number of people in ANY way? Obviously not. So please ALL you "communists" hates such as Mat Rodina who has No idea he is saying when he invents meaningless terms such as Ango-Marxist communism)get a free clue already: Nothing Mr Change does is ever remotely "communistic" in any sense or form dictionary wise. He is trying to benefit a very, very small, microscopic number of people at the benefit of many.
That is the opposite of real communism.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yes, USA's economic system is "capitalism", yes indeed.

So last Tuesday the USA Senate approved $636B Pentagon bill while Wall Street Journal informed us that Many Family Businesses are dying due to the severe recession.
Yes, that's right. The Senate gives billions of dollars to war profiteering contractors while small USA businesses are dying off. What nice "capitalism" they got set up in USA. Must be sweet to be getting those orders from the Pentagon. Yes, USA is indeed "capitalism". No wonfer they cannot give its people heath care.
What a great country, it doesnt even list in the top 10 best to live in countries. I think the sheeple around the world are finally waking up to that fact.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Watching news clips from USA's TV makes me wanna laugh hysterically at the
absurdity of it all. They are discussing the "hot topic of the day" sending more
troops to Afghanistan. Who the fuck gave them the right to be in Afghanistan a
sovereign country in the first place??? Ah, OK UN Security console did,. OK, that
makes it all "legal" then. What the fuck are they doing there??? Ah, OK, fighting
that fathomable Al Queda that we never see any proof of. Saving the world from
terrorist threat. OK, thank you. I guess I am supposed to be grateful. Without them
and NATO where I guess I will be over run by Al Queda who will make me a Muslim
and force me to pray to Allah, right??? Those insolent Americans have the
unspeakable insolence to discuss what they are gonna do in a country half way
around the world because well, because the effing world sits by and idly lets them
get away wit it. Yes it IS Vietnam all over again. Eight years and counting and
USA is again in a country at the other end of the world and they act as masters of
the Earth and.. fuck I'm furious. Furious not at the effing Americans who act like
world masters but at the rest of the humanity that simply lets those arrogant
assholes get away with killing brown people and calls them collateral damage and
gives the excuse that they were "Taliban" A.K.A. "bad guys" who were attacking
them so they were forced to kill them. GET THE FUCK out of Afghanistan and NOBODY
will attack you. Stop supporting Israel and those Arabian kings and dismantle
those 127 + bases around the world and stop trying to steal other people's natural
resources and stop killing them and nobody will attack you I can guarantee it. But
you can't, can you? Cuz you need that oil to control China in the future and need
all those other natural resources so you can have that sweet, sweet 1st world
lifestyle and call it "capitalism" and "democracy" and teach us how we can be the
same as you. No, thank you. Fuck, I HATE, despise humanity. We are shit. Robert
Anthon Wilson was right, we haven't progressed one single step from apes and stone
ages yet we dare to call ourselves sapien.

Friday, October 9, 2009

report released the United Nations Human development index ranks Norway as the best place in the world to live. USA ranks n 13

Hwere is the list itself:

1. Norway 0.971
2. Australia 0.970
3. Iceland 0.969
4. Canada 0.966
5. Ireland 0.965
6. Netherlands 0.964
7. Sweden 0.963
8. France 0.961
9. Switzerland 0.960
10. Japan 0.960
11. Luxembourg 0.960
12. Finland 0.959
13. United States 0.956
14. Austria 0.955
15. Spain 0.955
16. Denmark 0.955
17. Belgium 0.953
18. Italy 0.951
19. Liechtenstein 0.951
20. New Zealand 0.950
21. United Kingdom 0.947
22. Germany 0.947
23. Singapore 0.944
24. Hong Kong 0.944
25. Greece 0.942
26. South Korea 0.937
27. Israel 0.935
28. Andorra 0.934
29. Slovenia 0.929
30. Brunei 0.920
31. Kuwait 0.916
32. Cyprus 0.914
33. Qatar 0.910
34. Portugal 0.909
35. United Arab Emirates 0.903
36. Czech Republic 0.903
37. Barbados 0.903
38. Malta 0.902

I was listening to Howard Stern and he exhibited large surprise USA wasn't even in the top 10. That report is wrong he said. Well sure, I bet for him it is, he cleans up cool 7 mills a year talking to porn stars and about his penis. This is yet anothwr prrof USA's myth about being the "best country in the world to live in" is just a myth that MUST be debunked at any cost.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Most of the shite is ridiculously easy to understand:

1. USA is in the Middle East for the oil. Technically, they don't need it but they want to control it ad middleman. Nothing to do with fathom non-existent Al Queda that they cannot produce any evidence of or ridiculous boogie man Bin Alladin. Trivial to comprehend, all one has to look through history and see how countries have ALWAYS invaded other countries for their resources beginning with Alexander the "Great" to England in India or Spain in South America.

2. Capitalism MUST ALWAYS exploit somebody or something. Either it is the poor Mexicans migrant workers who end up picking fruits and vegetables in USA or the poor Chinese factory workers toiling away for a dollar a day and producing crap to be sold in Walmart main steet USA. Capitalism is a zero sum game meaning somebody always got to lose for somebody else to win. Forget what the paid shills in nice suits are saying on TV; all one needs to do is look around.

3. The phony "war on terrorism" (notice how they stopped using that term anymore?) is just same old same old centuries war of conquest for natural resources. Nothing more. They have yet to show a real Al Queda terrorist.

4. Marx was right: Religion IS the opium of the people. Aint no question about it. The Bible itself (as we know it today) was created in 300-500 AD at the little known First and Second CouncilS of Constantinople. That is when the Christian Canon was created and agreed upon. The Bible is an edited collection of specifically chosen stories whose beginning was oral. We know some stories were chosen and others discarded because they didn't fit into the Canon. For somebody to place their
"believe" and "faith" in the Bible therefore is beyond ridiculous. The Bible could have been very different.

5. 95% of ALL media is shit. This includes 95% of all movies, 95% of all music, 95% of all books, 95% of all people you meet are shit and so on. For TV, the % is 99.999..... Therefore, be very careful what you let inside your head. Theodore Sturgeon came up with that law when he stated: "95% of all books are shit".

6. Communism/Socialism works fine and wonderful when it is allowed to. Even the fucked up human nature cannot botch it. Switzerland, Norway, Holland are proof of this. Discussion over.

7. War is the natural state of most animal species, peace isn't. Ants, jackals, lions, monkeys, apes also wage wars. Problem is, we humans got weapons that can obliterate ALL animal/vegetation life on this planet in 10 minutes flat.

8. All one has to do is study psychology to figure out why people act the way they act and what is the easiest way to control them.

9. There is no such thing as "Illuminati" hiding in some secret temple performing Satanic rituals and plotting to take over the world.

10. Symbols are everything. To test this, try making your own money and using them.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is why Polansky was arrested

The United Nations Human Rights Council just released this Friday 10-01-2009 the Goldstone Report, a scathing report which accuses Israel of 37 specific war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza earlier this year. Of course the articles about this reports are pretty scares; Google search gives me "Gold prices" when I search for Goldstone Report.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A few facts

As old Ronnie said: "Facts are stubborn things." so lets look ar a few facts about Iran and the Iranian situation:

1. Iran sits on a whole lotta gas and oil.
2. Iran is the last country in the Middle East that is NOT under direct West control.
3. Iran was the good friend of the West untill 1979.
4. Iran was the "good guy" good until 1950s when it decided to nationalize their oil and gas. Bad move Iran!
5. Iran-Contra affair. Hello, ANYONE remember that??? It happen during the 1980s when supposedly Iran was the "bad guy" yet uncle Ronnie was selling them arms weapons and bio weapons.
6. Iran is surrounded on ALL sides by arm forces numbering over 200.000.
7. Iran did sign the NPT in 1970s while Israel, India and Pakistan all refused.
8. Iran IS fully cooperating with UN watch dog agency.
9 The head of the agency himself has said there is NO evidence iran is doing anything illegal.
10. CIA itself has said iran is NOT developing the "bomb".
11. Iran is enriching uranium at low rates. Even with million centrifuges thats still low enriched uranium.
12. The Iranians DO NOT have a death wish. They are NOT dumb. They realize fully well if they EVER try to attack israel they will be turned into green glass in a matter of minutes.
13 While Iranians are telling the truth, USA and UK and France are lying through their teeth.
14. Bush said Iraq hasd weapons of mass distraction. Now Mr CHange is playing the exact same game. Forgive me if I'm let's say somewhat skeptical of what mr CHnage is saying.
15. Zero as in NADA, Nichevo, NOTHING proof has ever been offered by ANYONE iran is even doing anything that's would indiace it is trying to acquire "nuclear weapons".

Yes, damn those facts! Maybe we should dispence with them all together and simply lie.