Thursday, April 30, 2009

few facts about what's REALLLY going on in the world today:

Spanish Court Opens Investigation of Guantánamo Torture Allegations

NATO is conducting war exercises in Georgia.
IF that's NOT a direct provocation againts Russia I frankly dunno what is.

At Least 51 Killed in Baghdad Shi'ite District Bombings

04-29-2009: 73 Iraqis Killed, 116 Wounded

Bin Alladin Still Alive, Assures us Mr Change himself. despite ALL the evidence to contrary. I guess after all he does have access to high intelligence info than me.

Er, anyone heard any news about Zimbabwe lately? Guess that's not interesting.

so the when-pigs-fly flu turns out to be a bust. Wonder what other nice suprise is being preraired for us and will ver 2 be the real thing?

the real news is that in fact when-pigs-fly flu turns out to be rather mild and anemic according to scientists who are studying it. Surprise surprise!,0,5923718.story
So why all the hoopla and the FUD? Wondering wondering...

Ah so now the deaths from when pigs fly fie re ONLY 7 and NOT 152 as was reported earlier.
Makes me wonder what OTHER real truths will be revealed in the next few days.
Let's take a loot at numbers: CNN said just in the 4 moths of 2009 36.000 have died form ordinary flu but we don't see thew corporate owned media screaming about it every single minute, do we?
Let's look at more numbers. 3000 children die EACH DAY worldwide from Malaria. 36,000 die from the ordinary flu. Why is there no screaming about how dangerous of a pandemic malaria is but the corporate owned media cannot stop talking about the when-pigs-fly flu?

Now let's look at the presented facts:
the when pgs fly flu began in the remote farming village of La Gloria, where 5-year-old Edgar Hernandez contracted the disease nearly one month ago, authorities say. So why didn't the village people get all sick but somehow, the when pigs fly flu shows in the the biggest city of the planet, Mexico city? Oh, I'm sure they wil tell us in a few days or weeks. Thankfully I been reading blogs and thankfully I I have noticed a positive trend: ordinary people are NOT buying the official story.This is good. It shows people CAN think, even if it is in minority. In opposition, the idiots who post Remarque on ABC appear to be total morons. They keep on talking about "illegal emigrants" and the like. Shows that their level of intelligence is.

Now they are trying to lie to us that the when-pigs-fly flue may have come from some farm in Mexico town in Veracruz state near a large pig farm . Wouldn't it make sense for the workers in that farm to have been sick instead of people in Mexico city that had NO contacts with pigs? I mean really, who are they trying to kid?
even routers itself noted that "Oaxaca is one of Mexico's poorest states, but victims of the flu have been found in wealthier areas including the capital."

The presence of Eurasian swine flu genes in the H1N1 virus makes it unlikely that the disease originated in that Mexican pig farm.

in OTHER news, according to Wall Street Journal, Chrysler is about to announce bankruptcy. And they just did. Wow, American "capitalist" economy is sure string, isn't it?
of course Mr Change has to go on TV and regurgitate the same rubbish we been hearing for decades: USA is still the riches and strongest country in the world, blah, blah blah...
You know, the problem with this crap is that most corporate owned media around the world will show this (as they did in Bulgaria) and the sheeple know nothing will really DO believe USA is the strongest and most powerful in the world self propagating memes are so easily transmitted, unlike the when-pigs-fly flu that turned out to be an almost total dud.
he scariest thing obviously that this when-pigs-fly flu it was most likely a test and the real thing will still be coming sometime soon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Do we look like a bunch of dummies to them? I guess we do.

These people must really think we are idiots and will accept any bullshit they tell us. Listen to the guy from New Zeland: yes he is pretty sure its the Swine flu. Pretty sure? Either it is or it isn't. There is NO in between. These guys are so far gone down the road to they think nothing to lie. I bet you the same in Canada. I bet you those "possible" cases in Canada, Spain, France is NOT the Swine flu". If independent testing is done I bet you it will turn out NOT to be.
This is NOT a pandemic. This is NOT a problem. All they wanna do is scare us into submission. even 100+ dead is not a a problem. 1000 infected is not a pandemic. 100,000 might be a problem. 1,000.000 is a problem. The corporate owned media is having a field day trying to scare the shit out of us. As usual.

Gee, seems like global warming is back with a vengence!
is reporting record high summer like temperatures on the East Coast . Quote:
Warmth befitting many a midsummer`s day will spread over the East early in the week. Record high temperatures will be under threat once again.

A wrinkle in the weather; namely, Monday`s `backdoor` cooling into New England and Long Island from the still cold ocean, will temporarily put the warmth on hold from New York City to Maine. Farther west and south, however, temperatures will soar well into the 80s and even into the 90s. Records will be challenged or broken from Philadelphia through Washington, D.C., and northward to Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse.

Throughout New England and along the I-95 corridor farther south, Tuesday will be warmest--make that hottest--of the this summery spell with many record highs rivaled and broken by readings in the high 80s and 90s.

A cold front will cool the East by Wednesday.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews.End of quote.

Gee, I guess global warming came back right when the cold season ended! What a coincidence, huh?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Damn, one thing that I really hate is earthquakes

We just had a medium sized one (5.3) here a few hours ago and I can't sleep. I swear, one thing I really can't stand is earthquakes. I've been through 2 serious ones in my life and many small shocks; as it happens this one we just had came from the same exact fault in south Romania where in 1977 came a pretty good one at 7.2. I was 11 at the time; we were living in this house at the time. The house is at least 60 or 70 years old; it held pretty good for an old barn. I happened to be sick at the time with high fever so I don't remember much except standing after wards in the cold street with lots of people.
The second big one I experienced was in California in 1994; it was early in the morning and I was living downtown LA in an old 4 story place; my bed shook pretty good, so I got up, put on my clothes and walked down using the stairs and a candle I had with me just in case. I figured since I was up, I should go to work anyway. LA was pitch black at 4:30 in the morning; I walked the Figueroa tunnel carrying the candle. I was working for ARCO's computer center at the time; everyone was outside. We stood around and talked then we went upstairs and had the place cleaned up. Nothing to it. CILiving in Calli you get used to the earthquakes; I am still waiting for the BIG one to hit there; yet I go back to Bulgaria, and the same damn fault that mesed us up in 1977 is giving us a scare again.
Damn, I hope this was it and we re not gonna get anything more serious cuz as I said, one thing I REALLY hate is earthquakes or as my mother calls them, earthquicks.

The world is resembiling a low budget science fiction horror movie rmovie more and more every day

Hm, strange how this swine flu which has killed 68 people in Mexico and sicken at least a 1000 is a weird never before seen in nature combo of swine flu, avian flue and human flu. Even stranger is the human flu happens by some sheer coincidence of course to be the same strain of the Spanish flu from 1913 which killed a few million people. Stranger still, the sicked people did NOT have any contact with pigs; they weren't farm workers.
So where the heck this never-before-seen-in-nature virus came from and how did it happen to start infecting people who didn't have any direct contact with pigs?? But the real corcer is the wuickly buried news item about the missing samples from Fort

I don't wanna sound too cynical but I bet some people a observing the news VERY carefully right now, and writing reports and using statistical mathematics to figure exactly how virulent this virus is. I also bet these are the same people who were on vacation in mexico last week and were spreading some vials then quickly leaving. I don't have any evidence to support this except for the sheer amount of weirdness that i mentioned above. Using common sense, this virus is pretty weak, out of 20 million city ONLY a thousand people get infected and only 68 people die. I guess their tests can be considered successful and I bet they have gathered good Intel out f this. Yah I know, morbid and cynical.
Prediction: the epidemic will be short lived and will die quickly but this is only phase one of the experiment; watch for the swine flu to suddenly return again and again, kill a few people and disappear just as quickly as it begins

but the panics that comes out of it will be useful; the media will have a field day using it to scare people shitless even more than they already are.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Sun ain't quiet no more! is reporting a rather big eruption occurred on April 24, meaning yesterday. Here is a link to the actual movie clip too: Spacweather says and I quite:
he complex explosion produced not one but two billion-ton coronal mass ejections CMEs)
So to all those worried that the Sun is "cooling down": well it just woke up!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Sun is quiet, too quiet, therefore global warming has stopped!

The big "news" these week is how the Sun is too quiet and that's worrying a lot of people including scientists. Those people are quick top point out the last Solar minimum correspondents to the "mini ice age" the Earth experienced during the 18th century. They use this to disprove global worming.
Let me give them all a clue: The Sun happens to be right in the middle of the Sun minimum cicle. and it is completely normal for it to NOT have any sun spots right now. Let me repeat that: we ARE in the middle of Solar minimum cicle. True to find a cycle with fewer sports we have to go back to 1913, NOT 18 century but that's statistically not out of the ordinary. Its so happens. We haven't' been observing the Sun for that long to be able to accurately predict its cycles yet, all we got is a few statistical mathematical models. Our meteorologist can't even predict the weather eight for more than a week, so predicting the Sun is rather silly affair.
Looking at a chart of past Sun cycles at that I found at we can clearly see the Solar Maximum cycle for the 1970s was way bellow the previous AND the one after it.
So in conclusions: to all the people(especially Rivero from Whatisreally happening spreading his propaganda about too quiet Sun) equating the Solar Minimum with disproving global warming: please find some real problem to talk about instead of using some imaginary statistics to try to disprove that global warming is happening. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

cutting through the bullshit lies about Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN meeting on racism

The Western media is delivering its usual lies about aAhmadinejad's speech at the UN conference on racism. Here is the full text as I copied it from BBC. Read it for yourself and see if the actions of the delegates who walked out were justified.

his is the full text of the speech Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave at the Durban Review Conference, a UN conference on racism, in Geneva, Switzerland, on Tuesday, 20th April 2009.

Protesters interrupted the conference before Mr Ahmadinejad could start his speech. He refers to the incident in his opening sentence.

I would like to ask all honourable participants to forgive them. They are ignorant.

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Thanks to God, the Lord of the worlds, and peace and praise be upon our master and prophet, Muhammad and his immaculate progeny and true followers. O God, hasten the reappearance of the Hidden Imam and grant him health and victory and make us his true companions and believers and those who testify to His rightfulness.

Praise belongs to the just, merciful, and compassionate God. May God's blessing be upon the prophets, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the last prophet His Holiness Muhammad Mustafa, who called for monotheism, fraternity, kindness, human dignity, and justice.

Mr Chairman, Honourable Secretary-General of the UN, Honourable High Commissariat for Human Rights, Ladies and Gentlemen, following the Durban anti-racism and discrimination conference, we have gathered here to examine the current situation and to find practical solutions for this humane and sacred campaign. In the past centuries, great injustice was inflicted on mankind.

In the Middle Ages scholars and scientists were sentenced to death. And later on slavery and the hunting down of innocent people, separating them from their families and taking them in millions to Europe and America in the worst conditions, was popular. These were dark ages where lands were occupied and their sources were looted, and innocent people were killed and made homeless. Years passed until people rose. They paid a high price in order to drive occupiers out and establish independent and national governments; millions of people were killed. Those in power imposed two major wars in short periods of time on Europe and parts of Africa and Asia. These were wars which took about 100 million lives and resulted in destruction of a lot of countries and regions. Those who won these wars considered themselves conquerors of the world and considered other nations defeated. And by the imposition of oppressive laws and arrangements they ignored and violated other nations rights.

Ladies and gentlemen, look at the Security Council which is the legacy of World War I and II. Based on what logic have they been given the right to veto? With which human and divine value is this logic compatible? Justice, equality in the eye of law and human dignity or discrimination, injustice, violation of human rights and belittling the majority of nations and countries? This Council is the most supreme decision-making centre for maintaining peace and security in the world.

When there is legal discrimination and the law-making centre is a source of bullying and force instead of justice and fairness, how can one expect to achieve justice and peace? Seeking power and selfishness is the source of racism, discrimination, aggression and tyranny. Today many racists condemn racism in their slogans and speeches but when some powerful countries give themselves the right to make decisions for other countries, using their discretion, and based on their own interests, they can easily trample on all rules and human values. As they have already proven.

After the Second World War, by exploiting the holocaust and under the pretext of protecting the Jews they made a nation homeless with military expeditions and invasion. They transferred various groups of people from America, Europe and other countries to this land. They established a completely racist government in the occupied Palestinian territories. And in fact, under the pretext of making up for damages resulting from racism in Europe, they established the most aggressive, racist country in another territory, i.e. Palestine.

The Security Council endorsed this usurper regime and for 60 years constantly defended it and let it commit any kind of crime.

Worse than this is that some Western governments and America are committed to support genocidal racists while others condemn the bombardment of innocent human beings, the occupation of their land and the disasters that took place in Gaza. Even before they kept silent, not responding to all the crimes of that regime, and supported it. Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, what has been the source of recent wars such as the Americans' attack on Iraq or the wide military expedition in Afghanistan? Has it been anything else than the selfishness of the American government of the time and the pressures by those in possession of wealth and power to expand influence and hegemony, support weapon manufacturers, destroy a great culture that is thousands of years old, destroying possible and potentials risks by the countries of the region against the occupying Quds regime, and looting the energy resources of the Iraqi people?

In fact why were one million people dead and injured and a few million people forced to leave their homeland? Why were hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage inflicted on the Iraqi people and hundreds of billions of dollars of costs for the military invasion imposed on the American people and America's allies? Was attacking Iraq not orchestrated by the Zionists and their allies in the previous ruling government of America which was on the one hand in power and on the other the owner of arms manufacturing companies?

Did peace, security and prosperity return to Afghanistan by military intervention? America and its allies were not even able to stop the production of narcotics and during their presence it increased several fold. The main question is this: What was the role of the previous ruling system in America and its allies? Were they the representatives of the world nations? Were they elected by the world nations? Do they have representation by the world nations to interfere in the affairs of all parts of the world and especially our region? Don't these actions, the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, count as examples of selfishness, racism, discrimination and violating the dignity and independence of other nations?

Ladies and gentlemen, who are the people in charge of the crisis-hit economy of the world? Where did the crisis start? Did it start in Africa and Asia or American and then Europe and their allies?

For a long time, using their political influence, they [West] imposed unfair economic laws on international economic transactions. They set up financial and monetary systems without provisions of international supervision and imposed those systems on countries that did not have the smallest role to play in the processes and policies adopted.

They do not even allow their own nations to supervise. By taking away morality from their actions, they have established laws in a way that they serve the interests of certain powerful people and capitalists. By giving a specific definition of free market and competition, they took away many opportunities from others and imposed their problems on others.

Today, with dozens of thousands of billions of dollars of debt and thousands of billions of dollars of budget deficit, those waves of crisis have come back to them.

Even today in order to improve the situation, they have started injecting hundred billions of dollars of unsupported money from the pockets of their citizens and other nations into banks and companies and financial markets which were close to bankruptcy and they have made their people even more indebted and they have made the problem more complicated.

They are thinking of maintaining their power and wealth. And the people of the world and even their own people are of no value to them. Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the true root of racism is the lack of human understanding as God's chosen creatures and deviation from the true path of human life and human missions in creation. Due to negligence in worshipping God with awareness and pondering on the philosophy of life and the path towards human perfection - which leads to the natural outcome of being committed to divine values and mankind - the horizon of human insight has declined. And limited and temporary interests became the criteria of evaluation and actions by human beings. Therefore, the seeds of evil power took their shape and by neglecting fair chances for others' growth, it added to the boundaries of its development.

In such a way that it changed to an ugly and uncontrollable racism that today it is threatening the global peace as the most dangerous factor. And it is an obstacle on the way of achieving peaceful life in the world. Undoubtedly, racism should be recognised as the symbol of ignorance of the depth of history and a sign of dogmatism against mankind's general growth. Therefore, we should look for the signs of racism under conditions and situations in a society where poverty of knowledge and lack of understanding would be spread. Therefore, the main means of fighting such symptoms is to promote general awareness and deepening public understanding towards the philosophy of mankind's existence and the truth about the human-oriented world. Its requirement or outcome is a return to spiritual and ethical values and human virtues and finally the belief in God. The global society should start a united cultural movement for enlightening certain suffering and undeveloped societies as much as possible and uproot this hideous and evil phenomenon.

But dear friends, today the human society is facing a kind of racism which has an ugliness that has completely distorted the honour of mankind at the verge of the third millennium and it has made the global society shameful. The global Zionism is the complete symbol of racism, which with unreal reliance on religion has tried to misuse the religious beliefs of some unaware people and hide its ugly face. But what should be seriously considered are the goals of certain superpowers and those in possession of major interests in the world; those who try their best through economic power and political influence and wide media means, to lessen the crimes and ugliness of the nature of the Zionist regime. Here, the main issue is not ignorance and therefore, cultural movements on their own, are not sufficient to fight this evil phenomenon. But we should try to put an end to the misuse of international means by the Zionists and their supporters. And by respecting nations' demands, we should motivate the united governments to eliminate this clear racism and step on the path of reforming international relations 0and mechanisms with courage.

Undoubtedly, you are all aware of the extensive efforts by the institutes of global power towards creating a deviation on the path of the real mission of this important conference. Unfortunately in the literature supporting the Zionists, a clear participation and cooperation in their crimes can be noticed. And this adds to the responsibilities of the respectful representatives of nations in revealing this antihuman issue and improving relations and behaviours. We should be aware that to keep a huge global capacity, such as this conference, away from its real intentions, means helping to continue the most hideous sense of racism. Today the necessity of defending human rights is firstly, to defend the rights of a nation to be free to make decisions regarding important global affairs without the influence of certain powers; secondly, to take action to improve international structures and relations. Therefore, this conference is the arena of a major test and we will be judged by the world's public opinion today and tomorrow.

Mr Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, the world's general condition is rapidly moving towards basic changes. Power based equations have become very weak. The sound of the pillars of global tyranny breaking can be heard. Political and macro economic structures are falling. Political and security crisis are growing. And the growing global economic crisis, for the resolution of which there is no bright horizon, makes all sorts of quantitative and quality aspects of change on the way very impressive. I have emphasised the necessity of getting back from the wrong path that today's absolute global management is following and I have warned about the critical outcomes of delaying to do so.

Also now, in this valued conference, addressing you managers, thinkers and all the world nations who are thirsty for peace, freedom, progress and prosperity, I would like to say that the unjust ruling of the world is reaching its end. This deadlock was inevitable since the logic behind this imposed management is tyrannical. This is because the logic of the mass movement of the world is divine, purposeful, humane and God-centred. It is a movement which opposes any policy or plan which is not in line with the interests of nations. Victory of truth over vice and the bright future of humanity and the establishment of a just global system is the promise of God and all prophets, and a common hope of all communities and generations. Achieving such a future justifies the reason behind creation, is the belief of all those faithful to God and the very high status of the human beings.

Formation of a global community, the practical possibility of a common global system materialising and finally involving thinkers, managers and people of the world to actively and justly participate in the macro and principle decision makings is the main path to this great destination.

At the moment, scientific and technical capabilities as well as information and communication technology have created a mutual and comprehensive understanding of the global community and have created the necessary ground for a common system to materialise. .

Now, this is a grave responsibility that the world's scientists, elites and officials across the world should shoulder by playing a historic role through faith in this definite path.

Now I want to stress on this fact that western capitalism like communism has reached the end of its path because it does not see the world and humanity as they are. It has tried to impose a self-constructed path and destination and instead of paying attention to human and divine values, justice, freedom, compassion and brotherhood it has set fierce competition for gaining individual and collective materialistic interests as a basis for life.

Now we should collectively try to learn lessons from the past and understand the necessity for correcting this path by considering today's conditions. And on the same note and as the final word I would like to draw your attention to two important points.

First point: The improvement of the current international condition is hundred per cent possible. But we should know that this cannot be achieved without the cooperation of all the governments and nations. Therefore, we should benefit from the capacities of international cooperation to the maximum. My presence in this conference indicates my respect for this important issue, and the essential issue of human rights and support for nations' rights against the evil phenomenon of racism and cooperation with you, the thinkers.

Second: Considering the lack of efficiency of systems and international political, economic, security and cultural relations is necessary. In view of divine and humanitarian values and the true and real definition of human beings and based on justice and respect for the rights of all human beings across the world, confessing to the wrong management in the past and changing the views and performances, measures should be taken to reform the current structures. Therefore, a speedy change in the structure of the United Nations and the elimination of the discriminatory right to veto and a change in the financial and monetary system of the world must be on the agenda. Obviously, the lack of understanding for the urgency of this change will result in heavier costs due to any delay.

My dear friends, you should know that moving in line with justice and human dignity is like moving quickly on a stream of water. Let's not forget the valuable elixir of love and compassion. The guarantee for a clear future for human beings is a great asset that can keep us more aware and more hopeful than ever before. It can enable us to create a world full of love and blessing and can be free from poverty and hatred. We will also be able to profit from the blessings of God and have the advantage of having a decent management of a complete human being.

Let us all have a share in this important issue, and hope for that bright and beautiful day. I would like to sincerely thank the President and the UN Secretary-General and all of you for your patience, wishing you dignity and success.

Iranian draft of speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad [400 KB]

Most computers will open this document automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader
Download the reader here

This is a BBC translation from a speech transcript supplied by the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network, Tehran, in Persian.

The speech Mr Ahmadinejad gave was different in some respects from the draft submitted previously by the Iranians to the UN. That can be accessed here.

I don't see what they were so upset about. He didn't lie or say anything that was remotely untrue unlike let's say Powell who had the nerve to go infront of UN and lie abut Saddam's imaginary "weapons of mass distractions".

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playing nice

Watch Rush "pills" Limbaugh start foaming at the mouth Monday morning discussing the meeting between Mr Change and Chavez. I can hear him now spewing words like "communist", "socialist" and other garbage. This said, Mr Change is just being himself: a very slick politician doing slick moves. he knows where the oil is coming from, and it ain't Saudi Arabia(since theirs is almost out). For clarification, the top 3 countries USA is buying oil from ate Canada, Mexico and Venezuela. And since Chavez had a nice meeting last week with the Chinese leaders, Mr Change is quickly making sure the oil will continue to flow toward USA. Simple business deal there, nothing more. Great for Venezuela's poor people, and good for USA. Sure, they shake hands but the CIA is still most likely in the background doing who knows what in Venezuela, I'm sure. I don't trust Mr Change anymore than I trust Shrub Jr.
Mr Change maybe playing nice but he is still carrying a big stick. Meanwhile more US attacks in Pakistan kill more civilians. Same as it ever was.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Right, left, middle.

Politics is a circle. Say you are a leftie. If you become more leftie you move even more to the left. Simple and obvious, right? And if you keep on moving left you eventually come out on the far right. Same as me. I am a far left hippy who has moved so far to the left, i have found myself agreeing with Leo Strauss on pretty much everything he said. Yes, people are dumb idiots who need a strong hand to rule them. Most don't know how to thnk period, therefore they have to be told what to think. Religion is good and useful. It gvies the idiots something to "believe" in. Different people have to be told diferent things. I agree with the man totally. He KNEW humanity. What's funny tho is how a lot of the news web sites I scout daily are run by self admited righties. Sites such as Whatis really happening , prisonplanet, Yet its very telling how qickly Rivero can turn and show his true colors. He is listing a site after site dealing with those staged "tea parties". hey Rivero, pal, havent you heard them evens are staged? Guess you don't check As silly and juvenile eXlied is, they got it right between the eyes with that expose at But we get our info any place we can and in today's world lying to us art every step we cannot be too choosy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

United may be not so united soon?

Several months ago i read an article about some Russian economics whose name escapes me at the moment who pr3edicted USA might brake into several parts within a few years. At that time I didn't agree with him at all, sure, he was right about other things but breaking up USA would be rather hard knowing how much power the Federal government exercises over other states of the union. Yesterday the Governor of Texas declared the sovereignty of Texas and today he declared Texas CAN leave the Union if they want to ANY time. . Te link is via Drudge. Of course neither CNN or Yahoo or any of the other so called "news" sites carry the article. Of course.
Th idea of USA getting ripped into several smaller parts is nothing new; sci fi books have been predicting this for decades. Timothy Truman, a comic book author and an artists had the same idea about Texas way back in 1986 in his futuristic book Scout. Bu for a real scientist to claim it and to see the happen right in front of your eyes is fascinating to say the least. The future will be very interesting indeed!

So Nuclear UN inspectors were denied access to North Korea's nuclear facilities and they are living. SO why isn't USA demanding to pass a resolution in the UN and preparing to attack Korea the same way they had a hard on for Iraq? Ah wait, since North Korea is just som very poor and extremely isolated country with No natural resources of oil USA is NOT going to do anything of the sort they are on in the Middle East.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The citizens of United Stupids of America

Yesterday I discussed the country known as United Stupids of America. Today, I'm gonna talk about the citizens of United Stupids of America better known as Americans. I lived among them for 22 years, so I can say that know them pretty well.
I have never met a bigger pile of self satisfied, narrow minded know nothings. A lot of them are convinced USA is absolutely the best country on Earth. After all, why would so many people wanna emigrate there they reason? I got news for them: Canada, Australia, New Zeland and many other countries in South America, Africa and Asia are preferred destination of many people looking to emigrate. As a matter of fact, while in the refuge camp in Austria in 1983 upon learning I was going to "America" a young Polish couple shook their heads, sadly smiled and told me I w3as better off going to Canada and I only chose USA because I didn't really know how it was "over there". They tried to tell me USA is a myth, a fabricated fairy tale people believe in. I didn't listen obviously; but I can say now they were right 100%. USA is a fantasy land, as made up as a 1950s Western where the Injuns are the bad guys" attacking and scalping the white settlers who are only trying to live a peaceful life in their new farm. Problem is a lot of people believe that fairy tale; I have met Japanese and Hindus who worship America without knowing anything about it. The silly backward Bulgarians I live among now have the same problem; they worship USA blindly, and can't fathom I would leave it.

Living among the Americans for 22 years I got to know them pretty well as people. I found them arrogant, self-righteous, extremely self-centered assholes. If we would get into arguments about other vountiers they would immediately began making fun of my birth country, saying things like: bah, you shit outside in a hole in the ground." or similar other ridiculous put down. They would make fun of my somewhat heavy accent; for example, i would say "tree" instead of "three"and they would laugh.
Low educated, they care only about simple things Of course, it's is a LOT easier to live this way; not to not have to strain your brain and think complicated thoughts but to only care if your favorite football team won. The government and entertainment-industrial complxex of USA understand human psychology very well; they serve the gullible US morons an endless stream of non news and scandals keeping the sheeple occupied while they are fleecing them. It's a wonderful system...for the rich that is.

and won't discuses anything complex. To them everything is a matter of "opinion" and as you well know opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one. Therefore, ALL opinions are equal. They make no distinction between educated people and dumbos; they refuse to acknowledge that some people have knowledge instead of mere "opinions" therefore what they say carry more weight. But trying to reason with Americans is a dangerous task. I have goten into actual physical fights with several when I tried to discuss evens such as the September 11 attacks and of Iraq's Saddam Hussein might be involved in them. That was back in 2002-2003 before USA invaded Iraq.

There is two ways a government would control its people: either through pleasure and material goods or through fear. As the Roman said 2 thousand years ago: bread and circuses! For 60 years the US government used the first method, then when they couldn't give the US citizens "good life" they quickly switched to the second: fear. Leary taught fear by passes are rational 3th circuit of the human bran: the reasoning center and goes immediately to the 1st and c2nd circuit the reptilian brain. so controlling with fear is rather easy. All you need to do is invent a phantom enemy and convince people that enemy is about to get them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I love collecting quotes. A great quote is both true and educational. Here is a few:

"Omission is the most powerful form of lie." – George Orwell

history first repeats itself as tragedy, then as farce." Marx’s

fear equals respect.

hate is 4th cornerstone of shrub's administration, the other three keys being fear, force and bald-face lies.

intelligence is like pornography:
* it's hard to define what it is
* it's easy to identify when you see it
* it perpetually frustrates organized religion

“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” Warren Buffett

“What do the U.S., Canada, Australia and Israel all have in common? All were created through ethnic cleansing and apartheid. No wonder they all stick together.”

"There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns....there are also unknown unknowns." ~Donald Rumsfeld

“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” –George Orwell

there are very few things that are positives or negatives per se. Just about everything is a matter of context.

it is always the minority that wants to ‘really’ learn about hidden things and archetypal truths. A greater number just wants to expound on them once they’ve got some order to their collection of data

If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman,” Margaret Thatcher

the establishment is still trying to sell you the belief that bankers are performing a needed function in today's world. It is true that in credit driven capital economies founded on debt-based money issued by central banks, bankers are essential.

stock market is just a conceptual mass delusion based on fictitious valuing of abstract assets

"Credit is the economy's life-blood" Barak Obama

one reason the US Government is spending so much of YOUR money propping up various US companies because the Chinese will view these companies collapse as a signal they need to stop buying any more US debt.
Money is the greatest tool of manipulation; It is one of the most efficient and potent means of mass coercion

and is a blight unto this earth.

"Character is destiny." ~Heruclidis

Political power comes from the barrel of a gun - Mao Tse-Tung

first law of success is, “never make things simple when you can make them complicated.”

Pussy is actually good for you, while having a bitch in your life makes no noticeable improvements.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

only a person over 18 can give consent. but the problem is that the law defines what a person of consent is. circular argument, anyone?

"Bay way of deception, thou shalt do war!" -Mossad

"All war is based on deception." -- Sun Tsu, "The art of War"

"Truth is the first casualty of war." -- Hiram Johnson

The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject.
– Marcus Aurelius

By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth. -- George Carlin

"Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms" should be a convenience store, not a government agency.

"You have the right to free speech, so long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it." The Clash:

Because oil is a commodity traded on the worldwide market and both its supply and price are indifferent as to where it comes from or where it's going.

"Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem," ~Reagan

"Naturally the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. ...Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." ~Hermann Göring

all governments are inherently evil.~Thomas Paine

You can easily generate a collective response from the public by inflaming desire or instilling fear. It's nothing more that that; activate people's appetites or amplify their fears.

"fierce fight" is going on for natural resources around the globe and many conflicts and foreign policy actions "smell of oil and gas". ~~Putin

"Under the disguise of turgid declarations about freedom and open society, sometimes the sovereignty of certain states and whole regions is being destroyed," ~Putin

I've been insulted lots, but I've been criticized little.

you get preocupied with what you want to do, and ignore what you have to do.

f you're not very clever you should be conciliatory. - Benjamin Disraeli

snobs look down on people, elitist look down on shit.

We live in a world where the symbol is more important than reality.

The more yopu look the less real something becomes. and the less real it becomes the stronger it gets.

I have NO wish to live in anyone's perfect world but my own. ~Marcus de Sade

drawing from a photo is the easiest thing in the world. the hardest part is to hide the fact that you drawing from a photo.

"God is a concept by which we measure our pain." -John Lennon

lind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed. Bruce Springsteen

"Old soldiers never die - they get young soldiers killed." -Bill Maher

superstition is tendency to falsely link cause to effect.

life itself has become so absurd, it is resisting satire. ~Gary Groth, the owner of Fantagraphics books

"Everyone that has pr0n less nasty than mine is a prude. Everyone that has nastier pr0n than me is a freak."

-- Optic7

Capitalism will never fail because socialism will always be there to bail it out." Ralph Nader

“If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed; If you do read the newspaper you are missinformed.” —

Mark Twain.

Bush dictatorship simply reflects an evil that has always existed in America’s shadows, but now no longer

fears the light of day.

“behind every great fortune lies a great crime” Balzac

"The problems we face today cannot be solved by the minds that created them" Albert Einstein

Obama is Coca-Cola and McCain is Pepsi - at the end of the day you’re still drinking the same beverage.

The two-party monopoly offers no solutions for the problems we face, in fact the two-party monopoly that you will be helping to maintain should you vote for either Obama or McCain - is the problem.

US: socialism for the rich and capitalism for everyone else.

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." ~ Winston Churchill

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" ~ Benjamin Franklin,

The only thing that men learn from history is that men don’t learn from history.

Kennedy had it backwards: It's not what you can do for your government but what your government, who is actually your employee, can do for you after you pay all those taxes to them.

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something" - Plato

Religion is the best, most proven way to get people to kill each other in all of history. ~the War Nerd

The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits. -Albert Einstein

the slave who thinks himself a free man who makes the best slave.

Americans are masochistic about a lot of things–they don’t mind getting yanked around, fleeced, repressed,

lied to, or murdered–but one thing they won’t tolerate is a loser.

"When fascism comes to America it will come wrapped in the flag, and carrying a cross."
-- It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis, 1935

We make money the old fashioned way. We print it." -- Art Rolnick, former Chief Economist, Minneapolis

Federal Reserve Bank

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy". Henry Kissinger

These systems are built upon enforcing conformity, turning nature into consumer goods, and controlling


The more we learn, the less we know

Descartes, with his vortices, his hooked atoms, and the like, explained everything and calculated nothing.

Newton, with the inverse square law of gravitation, calculated everything and explained nothing

If you want to understand the policy of a country, look at the map. ~ Napoleon

Media prefers to cover the scream of the peacock, while missing the whole fox hunt

"Who controls the present controls the past. Who controls the past controls the future. " -- George Orwell

Mussolini (who should know) described Fascism as "corporatism", or the teaming up of government and business against the common people

"Madness is rare in individuals but in groups, political parties, nations, and eras it's the rule." ~Nietzsche

Correlation does not imply causation

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Clarke's Law

government at its very best, when it is doing everything right and nothing wrong, is a necessary evil ~Thomas Paine

America thinks that it owns the world, but the fact of the matter is that the US owes the world. Noam Chomsky

"Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them." -Aristotle

"The man enslaved to wealth can never be honest."-Democritus

It is what we do that defines us." -Batman

"Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another." -Madonna

Love, crushes, even orgasm and bonding, are stimulated and created by a neurotransmitter called Oxytosin.

Dominate yourself, or someone else will.

"Everyone that has pr0n less nasty than mine is a prude. Everyone that has nastier pr0n than me is a freak." -

People are dying to belong to something, anything bigger than themselves. They are a sheep wondering aimlessly from one sacrifice to the next. The key to life is to be a wolf.

the only difference between genius and insane: the plans of the genius worked out

Humanity ❤ fairy tales

After all, fairy tales were used to explain the world ~9000 years ago when humans wearing bear skins were sitting around camp fires eating mammoth meat and the only tools they had were a few sharp rocks and pieces of sharpened wood. Today we split the atom, the International Space Station is spinning around the Earth and surgeons perform complex life saving operations(if you can afford the medical coverage that is), in other words we got Science with a major S.
But other things haven't changed much if at all. The modern priesthood and government figures still insist on feeding us fairly tales to explain a lot of things going on. Simplify complex things and dumb them down to the common idiot level and if somebody who actually understand a subject complains, call them word such as ivory tower intellectuals, elitists, snob and egghead. Who needs/wants real knowledge when a fairy tale will suffice?
There is many fairy tales around us today. What's worse they keep on adding and becoming more and more as time passes by. Complex life , people not having any real time to live and critically think about anything they are being told.
In a several future articles, I want to examine a few of the most common and persistent modern fairy tales. One of them is the myth about how and the real reason why communism collapsed. Another is why and how United Stupids of America appears to be so rich and powerful.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Watching the falling of an Empire in real time

So WHY am I obsessed with United Stupids of America? Because the USA is in very unique position right now: it is failing and that is both very educational to watch and study. USA became an empire at the end of WWII; it did pretty much whatever it wanted for 60 years, bulling some countries, outright meddling into the affairs of others(Chile) or simply attacking some(Vietnam, Korea, Panama, etc etc etc, the list is rather long).
But now the end of the road is near; even the average American moron can feel it and that's making them extremly nervous. But as I said, the main reason USA is fascinating to watch is because they are about to collapse and as the saying goes a mortally wounded animal is at most dangerous. What steps will USA do to try to maintain its sweet position as a top dog in the world? How long will its fall take? What will happen to it?
all Might it find ways to prolong the inevitable for a little bit at least? Will it succeed to the inevitable? Those are fascinating questions that require answers and NO self-respecting student of human history will want to miss the show. It's educational to say the least and damn amusing at the same time.And that a show it has been! First we got the predictable "we-are oh so innocent but we get attacked for having freedom and democracy" bit on 9-11. Totally fake attack, designed to get a rouse of the sheep. Isn't it strange how USA gets attacked EVEYR single time it needs a war? Need I list the other attacks?
Perl harbor that helped drag the reluctant USA population into WWII. Gulf of Tonkin attack that helped start the Vietnam war. and so on, see a pattern there? Hopefully you do if NOT I feel sorry for ya.

So now the Iraq war will soon cost MORE than the Vietnam war. Must be nice to be directly involved and have some nice contract with the US army, eh? Seems best way to make money is to work with the government. That's called Communism by the way.
Now we get the predicable by clockwork recession. if the American sheelpe have been paying attention, they would have noticed those "recessions" have started hitting every 5 years and NOT every 7-9 the way they used to do 30 years ago. Strange that.
We got the totally predicable boogie man: the Muslim terrorist. USA ALWAYS MUST have an enemy to hate and fear. In the 1940 was the Nazis, 1950-1980 it was the Commies, now it's the Muslim terrorists. Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same. Are the American sheeple paying attention? Probably NOT, but that will just make me laugh even more when they might wake up one and and realize it's all over for them.
Of course the question is what will they do? Will they accept it lulled by decades of bad TV and fluoride in the water supply or will they blame China and demand action from their government in form of war or will they figure the truth and maybe march to Washington DC and get the bankers and all their buddies responsible and hang them? I doubt it; for the falling of an empire is a natural process as inevitable as the changing of the seasons. All empires fall soon or later; show me an empire that has lasted.
So anyway, that's the answer as to WHy I keep on talking about and observing UA. It IS the place to watch to learn history. But to see the future, try China.

the real face of "Mr Change"

Sounding exactly like his predecessor(the intelligent and widely loved Shrub Jr) "Mr Change" has demanded the US Congress OK his $83.4 billion request to be used for "U.S. military and diplomatic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan". His new request would push the war and diplomatic money approved for 2009 to about $150 billion. That's nice. The numbers are so numerous and confusing, it would take me several readings and re-readings to figure exactly what sums we are talking about here. But I guess that's what they want; to confuse us instead of inform us. Nothing new. I would like to know how many of the sheeple supporting him several months ago still think he is the new messiah or at least different than Shrub jr.
A friend of mine(hi Jonathan "wapanese"!) who is a rabid "Mr Change" supporter told me recently "Well at least he is better than McSame." just so he can get out of the argument we were having where I pointed to him what a total failure "Mr Change" has been on everything so far. That's nice. We couldn't know what McSame's action would have been; but we can see "Mr Change"'s actions quite clearly and as I said at the very beginning, they are beginning to look exactly like the actions of his predecessor "The Decider". If you ask me, I am NOT surprised; but hopefully the "Mr Change" supporters might be at least shocked out of their hypnotic trance and maybe, just maybe begin to once and for all understand there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic party in United Stupids of America. AT least the Publicans bless their hypocritical and phony hearts are honest about being assholes while the Democrats will lie to the sheeple to hopefully win their votes. Then again the ONLY real reason "Mr Change" won (by a rather slim margin) is because the bad news hit right in the middle of September 2008 and changed the minds of the voters who got scared seeing their 401 K lose 90% of their values.
Of course, some people might wonder why the heck do I spend so much time commenting about a country that I left in 2005. Why am I SO obsessed about it? Didn't I decide to leave it behind? True, but I am simply commenting on the news. I guess I better start reading some news about France and Sarcozy and Russia and maybe start commenting on them instead on dueling on a country which by my own definition is the country of United Stupids.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

tid bits for 04-05-2009

Ah so it turns out Nader and me do think alike. Check out his quote i just found:
"Capitalism will never fail because socialism will always be there to bail it out." No wonder people call me Nader lite and tell me i should read his books; but why would I wanna do that when it's more than obvious i will agree with everything he will say and it all will be totally exactly as to what I would say, i.e. his books will carry zero new information for me as per Shannon's theory of information exchange. I'd rather read Coultier's nasty insolent writings to make sure I can defeat his, er, sorry her arguments.

I never write anything about the G20 meeting in London cuz to me that was just another completely phony staged media event for mass consumption; nothing of any real consequence would come out of it even of the leaders of the "free market/free world" pledge to pour billion or is it trillions into the world economy and to help the "emerging economies" of the 3rd world. Now this makes me laugh, their economies are about to fail proving yet once again the economic models they practice is not working yet the are worried about "emerging economies"? What gal those assholes' got!

yet another mass shooting in USA this morning when i woke up, the 6th one. This time a father killed his kids, all 5 of them ranging from ages 7 to 15 while they spelt in their beds. This is kinda getting boring, isn't it?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No more war on terrorism or no more "war on terrorism"?

Constantly hearing about where Hilary The Butch is, which world leaders she is currently meeting with today and all the totally predictable things she would say is gonna get mighty tiresome. Those 4 years are gonna be a long time. I have told my family to please don't even mention any news they read about her. I would prefer to forget she even exists if it's possible. So why would I be writing about The Butch? A small news item caught me eye: The Butch is no longer using that lovely Shrub Jr's term "war on terrorism". Ah, ok, so does that mean there will be no more war on terrorism? Actually No, as it turns out, the war on terrorism WILL most certainly continue as proven by all the steps Obama is taking against the Taliban and Pakistan, it's just the term "war on terrorism" will be laid to rest. Um, Ok, that made me feel so much better.