Thursday, December 31, 2009

Prediction for 2010

I just read the silly crap Mat Rodina wrote on his blog about 2010. The absence of any predictions about Israel and/or Iran is fairly noticeable; after all they ARE the MOST important part of the word, the rest is complete bullshit nobody would care about. What's more astonishing is why would publish such drivel, but on second glance it is obviously why. Russia comes pretty clean and on on top in his "predictions", so will like that.
Let's go over his obvious crap:
First of all, Russia is hardly what I would call self sustaining. Russia is heavily dependent on EU; the majority of its cash comes from the sale of its gas and oil to European countries. These countries are well aware of the fact and they are desperately trying to build alternatives. Come on, mat Rodina, and you are supposed to be an expert? Even little children know these facts.
Second, Rodina claims China will experience an almost complete Economic meltdown in 2010 because according to him they have been overextending their credit or some crap like that. If China collapses then USA will soon follow it 'cuz USA and China are totally dependent on each other. Basic economics lesson 101 Rodina:
China buys USA's Treasury Bonds, then it creates a lot of useless crap, sorry products and the USA buys that crap, creating a constantly moving circle.
The Chiense gov ain't dumb; they have been around for 3000+ years and they have been able to survive by mutating. I would like to see USA survive for another 100 years.
The Chinese got a lot of tricks under their sleeves; one trick they use is let their currency float for example. Just 'cuz you wanna put them down the same way the Western emdia is doing ALL THE TIME(ever seen a positive news story about CHina anywhere????) doean't mean you should be writing such total bullshit.
Turd, sorry Third he claim a major civil war will break in the middle east. The only way a war will breweak there is because USA would want to. The Saudi Arabia got enough power to subdue their population. They wont allow such bullshit.
Better luck next time bucko.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Surprise surpise, yet another record of warm temperture today!

16 degrees, and maybe even more. My thermometer showed 18. Yes, that global cooling is really something!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Open letter to the "Americans" i.e. the citizens of USA.

Are you feeling scared, confused, afraid and all the other adjectives I can think of? Welcome to the REAL world buds, where the rest of us live in. Where we had to endure poverty, hunger and be treated like sheep by our government because of YOUR country so people like exactly YOU can live a sweet, sweet 1st world lifestyle while we suffered all sorts of economic hardships and had to make do with little. Yeah, karma is a bitch. You and people like you will be providing me with countless hours of free entertainment in the upcoming decades as I watch you suffer and moan and bitch and complain and essentially do nothing but keep on talking about Obama or whoever is currently in the White House as being responsible for your current problems. Where you keep on talking about revolutions and electing the proper people into office. The more you moan and bitch the more I shall laugh.

P.S. You obviously STILL haven't got it yet, because still you say crap like: "our military is all over the world saving everything". Don't worry, you will... eventually. Maybe. Or maybe not.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why are Global Warming deniers denying globalr warming is happening?

This past summer was the warmest on record where I live. July and August we had temperatures around 40 Celsius(ALL measured in the shade of course). These temperatures are NOT normal for the pace where I live. The fall lingered well untill early December, often sunny and much warmer than it should have been snowing.
OK, USA had a colder than normal summer but get why: this is an el Nina year!
We had hugfe icebergs breaking off Antarctica and floating to Australia and new Zeland. We had all sorts of of weird shit going on with 4 consecutive tornadoes and typhoons hitting the Philippines. and so on. And SO on. Yet the global warming deniers keep on insisting the global temperatures have bene falling since 1998 and they have seassed on ONE scientific research centr that usesd statistical patters and rounded their numbers as "proof" that the global warming is a fraud by the world governments led by the asshole Al Gore to levy all sorts of taxes on us.
OK, I agree Al Gore is a complete asshole, who is seizing on the opportunity to millions of money on cap and trade. I agree the cap and trade is a complete sham, designed to create a tradable commodity out of nothing (pretty much how modern money currencies are created). I agree all that. But just because Al Gore is trying to benefit dishonestly, doesnt discredit global warming. I have been experiencing global arming for years now. Nobody can tell me it is a lie. Just because some scietintsts decided to fiddle with the numbers doesnt make global warming a lie.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Money money money, it aint funny...

So Laurent Belsie has calculated how much the war in afganistan will cost USA. You
The article is at
here are the quxim numbers. We areADY know each solder will cost USA a million dollars a year. But what about overall?
$30 billion this fiscal year The troop increase will cost $2.5 billion per month, $82 million per day, $3.4 million per hour, $57,000 per minute, and $951 per second.
So its a thousand dollars a second. No wonder USA cannot give its citizens health care. Enough said.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mr ZERO Change speech

did NOT surprise me ONE bit. What's MUCH worse (as some people have already noted) is how much of his speech could have been said by Shrub Jr several years ago. People have noted it tool him just 32 words to mention 9-11 and to hit on exact same reasons Shrub jr would have used. I don't know about the lefties, but they should have been pissed off how taken for a ride they were by a very slick liar. Of course Mr ZERO Change would escalate the "wars" in Afghanistan; he has no choice. US/Western world MUST control that part of the world; the prize is continuing world domination. Otherwise China and Russia and India win and the Western world is left in the dust. That's the truth. The rest are just the usual lies about the Taliban hiding "Ali Queda", Afghanistan being vital to US/world security and the usual complete bullshit anyone should be able to see through.
What's darkly amusing though is how some of the Americans ARE surprised. My acquaintance from USA confessed that yes, he WAS surprised by Mr ZERO Change's speech.
You know, I will NEVER cease to repeat myself: Americans ARE the dumbest most ill informed people on the planet. He JUST proved that to me once again with his confession.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

People do NOT lie. It's unusually warm ALL over Europe

Here is a proof I am not making shit up when I talk about how unusually warm it is here in Bugaria in South Eastern Europe.
A guy in The Netherlands confirmed this November has been the warmest on record sicne 1901 there too. Check it out:


This is what he said:

Jacob Kuiper
Image taken:
Dec. 1, 2009
Steenwijk, The Netherlands
The full moon high in the sky with a taste of frost over plants and landscape. It is the first frosty night in The Netherlands in more than a month for the temperature records of meteorological station De Bilt. November 2009 has been the 2nd warmest month since 1901. Due to this very, sometimes ‘spring-like’ weather, my kiwifruit was still hanging at their place. Now on this first clear moonlit night the white ice crystals formed on the kiwis. The harvest this year has been splendid, 3 big plants delivered more than 2500 kiwis.

BW it was 18 degrees today here. We should be having snow. Just because Al Gore is trying to profit from the global warming doesnt make the global warming a lie.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Capitalism: does it really exist anywhere? Part I

The biggest lie the ruling elite of the world foisters on the sheeple is mthe myth of "capitalism" and "free market" economy. That myth is told so often almost 99.99% of the people in the world believe in it. Even if they don't, they are scared of ANY alternative; they know the system is totally fucked and a total lie, but since they cannot see any better alternative they are willing to live in the system because they really have no choice.
Because I was NOT raised inside this fake system and was not brainwashed from an early age, I can see what a total fabricated lie it from the outside. Problem is I couldn't formulated enough to be able to explian it to myself and/or soembody else.
It has taken me over 25 years of studying and thinking about "capitalism" to be able to figure out some things well enough to finally begin to see the "big picture" so to speak.
First of all, as defined in a dictionary, "capitalism" is not being practiced anywhere. At best, capitalism should be called by what it is really is: "creditism".
Marx was wrong: Credit controls everything, NOT capital. Its been like this for a a long, long time. Centuries in fact, since when the goldsmyths decided to use fractal banking to lend "money" they didn't actually have. From real thing backed by soemthing "money" instead became something created. ie debt to be paid. Ever sicne then the sheeple have been taken for a ride. Today the central banks fullfill that role of the 17th century goldsmiths. EU has a central bank. USA has a central bank . Each big country in the world has a central bank of its own. They are the one who control the money supply therefore controlling credit and thus they control how economy will do. They how can this system be "free market" when its being controlled by somebody/something? It isn't.

People are now judged according to what how good their credit is! It has become SO bad in USA you may not get a job if your credit rating is poor. I do not know how the majority of people in EU and developing Asian nations live, but the majority of the so called "middle class" in USA lives on credit. Their whole lives are tied to a credid rating; wanna get a new car? need good credit, wanna get new furniture, ditto, new TV? the same and so on. people do not buy anything outright, they lease it on credit. What's telling is how all this people accept this as fully "normal" way of life. The American way is charge "it"! I was appalled and dismayed by that behavior while living there. They look at your with suspicion if you do not have at least 2-3 credit cards. An emigrant guy from the Philippines was simply shocked when i told him I did not have even a single credit card. he couldn't believe it. When pressed to explain to me WHY would I need a credit card SO much he came up with the idea that I needed it for emergencies. I just shook my head and laughed. Simply put these people have been brainwashed into believing credit is the key to "middle life style" success, NOT saving and maybe investing your money.