Thursday, May 28, 2009

N Korea, easily explained

The Western media portraits N Korea as an extremely dangerous country being ruled by a maniac bend on causing eternal trouble in the Far East while everyone else is running around being concerned and scared. As usual, the Reality is completely different. North Korea is isolated in an iron ring, living on international aid. It's technology is decades old, most likely 50 years. The Western is accusing N Korea of playing games when in reality everyone involved is playing games including the Chinese, the Russians, the Japanese and the USA. The Chinese like N Korea being there as a buffer against the
35.000 USA forces that are stationed in S Korea. the USA gets a reason to keep the solders in South Korea and about 65.000 and how many more in Japan and other places close by. The japs get to act scared and to maybe have a reason to start a nuclear program of their own. The Russians get to act concerned and station solders of their own close by. So what we got in reality is a nice stalemate that NOBODY wants changed, least of it the North Koreans government. It ends up in power when in reality their back is against the wall. Everyone wins, except the Korean people themselves, both "South" and "North".

Its obvious N Korea is being used by everyone else to further their own agenda. N Korean is hardly a threat to anyone, except their own population which is starving due to the heavy economic and political sanctions placed on the country(same as Cuba) Sure, they got some rockets they can use against South Korea. But obviously they are not stupid cuz they know the minute the rockets starts flying they ass is grass. The Koreans will never START anything no matter how much the West corporate owned media is trying to paint them as nutcases and suicidal.

the only card Koreans got left is the threatening card and they are playing it to the max of their abilities. The West of course is using their posturing to act all concerned and to scare its population. Witness how the USA is using the Koreans to place their useless and NON-working missile defense system in far away places such as Poland and to spend a big chunk of money (that could have been used to better the lives of its people) .
It is now a given that N Korea are "nuclear". Apart from two underground tests and the word of N Koreans gov, we don't really have any hard data it was nuclear tests at all. Nobody has been able to verify anything and nobody seems to be even trying. Where is N Korea going to get the equipment and the know how to do such a thing? They are literally starving, and live on the aid given to them by China and Russia and USA.
Nobody wants the situation changed. If they do it is very simple: begin by removing ALL economic sanctions against N Korea.
Open their borders, remove all the ships cruising in the waters near N Korea. Let them trade and do commerce just like everyone else can. This will surely remove the schizophrenic paranoid behavior the N Korean government is exhibiting. The rest will come on its own. But as I will say again, NOBODY really wants any real change. All they want is the satatus quo to stay exactly as it it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just imagine

Imagine Russia, China, Iran and North Korea together have sent an armed to the teeth armada of war ships to the coasts of Florida or/and California and they are cruising up and down near USA territorial waters claiming to have the right to inspect ALL USA ships leaving and coming into USA for "weapons of mass distractions"(this is what is happening near Iran's coastal waters and near China's).

Imagine Russia, China, Iran and North Korea together constantly threatening to bomb USA if USA doesn't close down all its nuclear power plants because USA *might* be producing nuclear weapons. Yet neither Russia, China, Iran and North Korea have produced a shred of evidence USA is doing what they are claiming.

Imagine Russia, China, Iran and North Korea together have used their political clout to impose crippling economic and political sanctions against USA. Imagine they are threatening to place even more sanctions against USA if USA doesn't do what they want it to do IE close all its nuclear power plants and opens up all its weapons making facilities for inspection.

Imagine Russia, China, Iran and North Korea together meddled directly into USA's elections and political system, going as far as overthrowing the rightfully elected government and helping the Queen of England take over USA because USA used to be a British colony after all. (that is exactly what happened to Iran in 1950, learn your history, kids)

Imagine Russia, China, Iran and North Korea together are constantly bleating about how dangerous USA is and are claiming all sorts of bullshit about how USA wants to attack them with "weapons of mass distraction" because after all: "USA's president is an unstable nut case".

Can you imagine all and any of that? If you can, then now you know just how Iran, Russia, China and North Korea feel about USA.

Monday, May 25, 2009

and the bullshit continues pouring forth...

So North Korea blows up something underground at some remote test site. We don't know what they blew up. In all actuality, it coulda been a few tons of TNT they put a match to. We dunno. Nobody knows and of course there is NO way of checking if there is any radioactivity getting released. Nobody got no way of checking anything 'cuz after all, North Korea is a "isolated secretive communist country with a leader that's a total nut job". Or so the scrips go. South Korea is in panic. The Japanese stocks markets sell off. The White House "condemns the explosion as a blatant violation of UN charter". And so on. Everyone is acting out a pre-written script. CNN and every other "news" site carries the news complete with some stock photos of erect penises, I mean big long rockets pointing upward.

Soon after, North Korea says they blew up a nuclear device, thus the news becomes "official" since they themselves admit it, right? So what are the North Koreans gonna say, their holy leader had indigestion and released a few strong farts? Of course they are gonna claim it was "nuclear" thus they become oh so dangerous in their own eyes and scare the world! Now they are big bad and they are nuclear! Hear them roar! So the new week begins.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Things to pounder

Everyone praises "free market capitalism" but everyone wants to find a nice safe and secure government job.

Everyone raves against "communism" but everyone is trying to get ANY kind of free benefits they can from the government.

Blacks want to be white, among them the paler you are, the more desirable you are. Whites are the opposite, they go to the sea to get tanned.

When Chavez nationalizes banks and oil companies he is called a "communist" but when Mr Change gives trillions to the banks and buys up all of their toxic access, that's because they are "too big to fail".

Capitalism as practiced IS a zero sum game. Ain't no question about it.

Iran is NOT allowed to build a power station but Israel will not deny or confirm its own nuclear program. But since the UN never sez anything, so it MUST be OK.

In USA, 5 big corporation own all the media outlets including TV station, radio stations, newspapers and everything else, yet the US media is called "liberal". Still can't figure that one out.

The USA media has a script by which they write up ALL the "news" but they claim the media in Russia and China is censored.

Everyone knows ALL their "rights" but nobody seems to know their obligations.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Days of Wonder

I have wondered for years and years why exactly those FBI and ATF guys got those gigantic letters in phosphoric yellow on the back of their jackets?

What possibler function does it serve? Or is it simply because they look great on TV when they are shown escorting some poor schmuck? It can't be for anything else, it looks too much like advertising shtick to me but then, what the heck do I know.

The classic wonder I have always had and NOBODY could explain it to me is WHY cigarettes and alcohol are allowed when we ALL know they ARE a drug that can kill and cause cancer AND all sorts of physiological and psychological problems but the good ol' mary jane is NOT allowed?

Another classic wonder i got is WHY Coca Cola and its products don't have any type of warnign labels on itself, when after reading the inexpedience it is fairly obvious the thing is as highly addictive as cigarettes? At least two ingredients in it are addictive: sugar and caffeine. Plus it's got all shorts of shit no thinking human would ever think of putting inside their bodies.

I finally figured why rappers like to be shown from bellow in their music vids. I used to wonder about that, but finally it downed on me. Thye look more threatening and dangerous that way, obviously. Shit, spent years mulling over this one.

Another wonder is WHY USA is only bitching and raving against counties what have the back gold in them and gas? USA keeps on making threatening moves against Iran, when North Korea according to popular knowledge (which I strongly disagree with for several reasons) got nuclear weapons already.

I wonder how much bullshit can the average sheeple take before it decides it has had enough and do something about it? Will it ever?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

important news for 5-20-2009

none dare t call it "communism": so the US gov will buy up most of GM debt, forgive the 15 billion loan they gave them and give them even more money:

Americans are NOT stupid, yes of course they aren't!:

so USA WILL place "missile defense shield" in Poland. if that's not trying to antagonize Russia, I dunno what it is:§ionid=351020606
yet at the same time, a group of US and Russian experts deems the should ineffective

The government says Fannie and Fredie are in "Critical" condition. I guess they have to givew them a few more billion, naw, let's make that a few trillion dollars:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The latest Mr Change decissions clearly proof he is nothing more than Shrub Jr Lite:

1. Changed his mind on releasing more prisoners abuse photos because his generals advised him "it will endanger the solders' work in the field"
2. Will now detain Guantanamo people indefinitely even if there is nothing to charge them with
3. wll restart with the military tribunals
4. Just today he said he is giving Iran "untill the end of the year" to show tey are willing to change or...or what? he will let the Israelis start WWIII?
5. The health reform is clearly dead because the system cannot be dismantled from the ground up and rebuilds from scratch.
6. Keeps on bombing Afghanistan and Pakistan killing hundreds of civilians in the process
Nothing more to be said. Only an idiot will believe Mr Change is any different than Shrub jr

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Putin is my man.

Yeah, I admit it. I like the effin' Russians, man. Putin is one of my current heroes. The guy is tough, no nonse muther effer and if you do something stupid or annoy him in any way you better watch your @ss 'cuz it's grass. There ain't no playing games with him. That's how things ought to be in Russia right now cuz Russia is in serious danger, contanstly being antagonized by the dinosaur NATO and USA both. USA has been playing games with Russia ever since the fall of the Soviet empire; they have been slowly taking position ALL around China and Russia, trign to encircle them both. If you don't see that you are a total fool. It's true that a country gets the leader it deserves, Russia got Putin exactly at the right time and Putin saved its sorry @ss.
Predictably, the corporate owned Western media hates Putin and paints him as a Hitler like tyrant. They have staged several incidents including the poisoning of that fool in UK and the killing of that woman journalist to accuse Putin of being a monster ego maniac who is killing "democracy" and 'freedom" in poor poor Russia. Oh booh hooh.
My theses is this: we MUST have laws and tough s too. Without laws and the strong police force to enforce them we got a lazy, shiftless population which thinks it has the right to do Whatever they want and is free to for example play their effing music at 10 PM at night or come into your house and rob you. Humanity needs tough hand and laws to guide it; there is NO question about it. I will argue that point with anybody who want to. Normally humans have very little discipline and would do things when if given the opportunity. I can see this clearly in Bulgaria where I currently live. Here the police force is so weak and ineffectual, they get beaten by teen boys and pregnant Gypsy women!
It is nice to live in a fantasy world thinking you got "freedom and democracy" but if you carefully begin to look around you and to think about how much rights you REALLY got you'd notice things ai'nt the way they keep telling you they are.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Watching the Fall of an Empire, part IV

I like talking to Americans. They amuse me. They are always so sure things will improve because well because they have always improved in the past. I was just talking to my friend who returned to United Stupids of American after teaching English in the land of the Raising Sun for something like 7 years. Leaving aside the fact he left the wildest and coolest country in the orld to go back to (voluntarily) the dumbest and easily most ridiculous country in the world, his actions make no sense. (I wont even talking about his profession: the ONLY thing he was qualified to ever do was teach English! What an accomplishment that is!). I discussed the current "financial" crisis and Mr Change. As usual, my friend is STILL faithful and he is convinced things will change and turn for the better.

I guess Americans HAVE been hypnotized into believing a lot of crapola. But then the very words "believe" are explained in the dictionary as:

"to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully." therefore, no proof required You just go by feeling anome. Seems these people have been conditioned to not being able to think.

Yes the capitalist economy is cyclistic, meaning it goes up, then it goes down then it goes back ip again. So they believe things will eventually pick up and go back to up swing.
But if one takes the time to actually study the history of capitalism one quickly notices
capitalism is essentially a train wreak, with massive crashes happening at the interval of EVERY 5-7 years. What's even more noticeable is the intervals of down turns are getting shorter, and how the crashes happen every 5 years on average.

Here is the official gov data on post WWII recessions. Make note that since US gov has the habit of constantly lying this data is itself suspect and the recessions listed have most likely lasted much longer than officially listed and started much sooner too:

Nov 1948 - Oct 1949 lasted 11 months
Jul 1953 - May 1954 lasted 10 months
Aug 1957 - Apr 1958 lasted 8 months
Apr 1960 - Feb 1961 lasted 10 months
Dec 1969 - Nov 1970 lasted 11 months
Nov 1973 - Mar 1975 lasted 16 months
Jan 1980 - Jul 1980 lasted 6 months
Jul 1981 - Nov 1982 lasted 16 months
Jul 1990 - Mar 1991 lasted 8 months
Mar 2001 - Nov 2001 lasted 8 months
Dec 2007 - still ongoing, has lasted 17 months

So therefore the Americans argue, the downward cycle will eventually end as it has done many times before and good times will be here again.

Well, it's NOT that simple. In the past, USA has been able to exploit other poor countries. and when necessary to wage war against some 3rd world power to make some nice profit. Wars is more than profitable, USA learned during WWII Its is a necessary for its very existence. You will notice the ONLY decade during which USA didn't wage a war was thwe 1970s and wqe all know what type of economy was back then.

This is NOT the 18th century when USA was able to use slave's labor for free. This is NOT the early 20th century when they were abler to use their colonies such as Cuba for free. This is NOT the early 1950s when the r4est of the world was in ruin and USA was able to sue the Brendon woods agreement. This is not the 1960s when USA was waging war against poor Vietnam to make money/ This is NOT the early 1970s when USA was able to convince the Arabs to only sell their oil in dollars thus giving the dollar an artificial value. This is not the time when Nixon removed the gold and silver peg of the dollar making it flat freely. This isnt the 1980s when Japan poured billions into USA effectively saving its @ss. This isn't the 1990s when everyone

thought they will make money over fist from the Internet. This isn't the 2000s when Greenspan lower the interest rate to almost 0 and created the real estate bubble. These are different time ALL together. China is tired of buying USA useless Treasury Bond even with USA's triple AAA rating. Just in the last 25 years USA has turned form the biggest creditor in the world o the biggest debtor. Sure debt doesnt matter as long as somebody is willing to finance it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Who sez communism/socialism cannot work? Apperantly it's working JUST fine in Norway, thank you very much

A big article in the new York times has a nice long article about Norway and its socialized government.

All those liars who who keep on insisting communism/socialism cannot work as an economic/social system ought to shut the fuck up. I am saving this article and will whip it out EVERY time somebody will dare to claim to me the opposite.
Of course, the other side of the coin is USA where a new budget for the 'wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a package aid to Pakistan was just approved. of course, communism/socialism cannot work in USA, since USA spends its money NOT on its people but to feed the parasites who are attached to the government and sucking its lifeblood.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Watching the Fall of an Empire III

is reporting that GM wants to import and sell Chinese made cars into United Stupids of America. Yeah, Chinese made cars! I cant's stop laughing my ass off.Nothing more to say.

Watching the fall of an Empire, Part II

A report came out to day that the Social Security system will become insolvent in 3016, sorry I meant to say 2016. Ah wait, 2016?? that's like ONLY 7 years from now! What will happen is Social Security fund will then begin to pay MORE than it takes in taxes. That means two things: either the taxes will have to be raised or payments cut. By 2037, the Social Security fund will be all dried up. So to all those 30 something yo olds: start planing now about how you will live in 40 years from now hen you retire cuz all those promises the gov tells you wont amount to a pitcher of warm spit.
Of course, this is ALL bullshit. Social Security's problem is that the gov has been using it as a don't have to pay back piggy bank to finance its spending for the past 20 something years. Without dipping their dirty hands into the SS fund they would have had to borrow billions more dollars from their creditors China or japan or whoever other sucker they could find.
I wold like to ask my pal and his wife how they plan to live 20 years from now when he is gonna be 6 but why bother and waste my precious time. I got better things tio do such as reading my favorite comic books. At least get pleasure out of them, unlike listening to predicable answers from Americans.

On second thought: Mr Change has reversed his decision and will NOT release any more photos of prisoner's abuse. The comments on ABC are the worst part. Those obvious shills congratulate him, saying things such as Well, we don't need to see more photos, we know abuse was going on, and this will only inflame and help the terrorists and turn people against America!". Americans are beyond insolent and elf serving. They manage to ALWAYS somehow turn things around and make white into black and up nto down. But that's one of the few things they are good at.

Monday, May 11, 2009

news bits for Monday 5-11-2009

a stressed America solder in Iraq goes nutso and kills 5 of his fellow solders.

Pentagon’s Black Budget Grows to More Than $50 Billion (Updated)
Must be ncie to have the government as your client. Yeah, everybiody talks about market economy and capitalism but EVEYRONE wants to work for the government or have a conteract with them. those 50 nbillions will buy a nice chunk of health insurance for the 50 million uninsured USA citizens but hell, spending money on them ain't a priority. Right.

Over 150 civilians mostly women and children were massacred in Afganistan by the US army who was again hunting for "terririrsts". Of course, CNN is NOT reporting this. ABC is the one I checled who had articles on this. Good for ABC.

Microsoft is gonna sell debt bonds. Weird.

GM are gonna close its US palns and open others in Mexico and Asia. More Americans will lsoe their jobs and STOP consuming. Really good for the US economy

Thursday, May 7, 2009

the true Ron Paul

Ron Paul is nothing more than a media whore. I would see him commenting every time a "major"issue comes on; he shows on CNN or someplace, and it's always the same: a devil's advocate response. For a while I was taken in just because he appeared to be such a lone voice in the wildness, but I am suspicious and never fully bought the act, preferring instead to listen carefully to him and ignore the predicable devil's advocate shtick he uses. Eventually it turned out my instincts were correct. The guy is just another media whore, spewing the same "government has to be limited" line and offering nothing of real value and substance. "Socialized medicine", indeed Ron. USA claims to be the richest and MOST powerful country in the world, yet it is STILL the only one in the so called 1st world industrialized nation that doesn't offer its citizens ANY type of medical coverage. Yeah, using worlds like "socialized" shows your true colors, whore.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bread and circuses

Powell VS Limbaugh: two phony assholes sell outs creating much needed circuses for the masses, trying to keep the illusion there is any difference between the Democratic and Republican party in USA. I have NOT forgotten (not I will ever) Powell's speech in front of UN assembly where he looked into the camera and blatantly lied about Iraq having weapons of mass distraction thus paving the way for the resolution giving US the excise to invade Iraq. As for Mr Pills, I suspect his drug use is due to the fact he knows what a total sell out phony he is. Enough said.

Monday, May 4, 2009

So I was right. As usual.

The predicted " world-wide pandemic" of when-pigs-fly flu never materialized, the new cases are steadily dropping and except for a few isolated few cases here and there seems the when-pigs-fly flu turned out as I said a n almost total dud and not much more dangerous that ordinary flu. Yet they are STILL at it, with newly invented scare warning that sound so dire yet are full of stale old smelly shite.

China quarantines entire hotel! A farm worker infects a whole herd of pigs in Canada!! CDC warms when-pigs-fly flu virus can mutate into a new more dangerous form!!! What if when-pigs-fly flue and HIV viruses combine??? and so on. Lie , lies and even more bold faced lies to confuse the population and make it stop thinking. Clue number 1: viruses ALWAYS mutate. That is how they survive after all.
The big question here is WHy are they doing this? WHy are they trying to scare us so much? What are they tryign to divert our attention from? My 1st guess would be that their so called capitalism is badly faltering. One of the biggest corporations on the planet Chrysler is to sell itself to Fiat, an European company! SO US is NOT #1 no more! There is probably smoem other weird shit going on behind the scenes. I wonder and worry. They are working on something. I can feel it. Something big that will fall on us and make us into bigger saves than we already are..

The EU parliament is working on new directives that will give the European ISPs the power to determine how many web sites we can visit per month and whcih web sites . making the internet nothing more than metered cable TV.
They are running scared. European Union is NOT much better than the fake US democratic system. They are just better dressed than USA and pretend to care more but in essence the ONLY entities the EU helps is the big corporations not the people in EU. Of course they MUST control the internet. They have to. From ramping pirating of everything in sight(movies, music, software, books, what is digital can be pirated) to dissident bloggers exposing their lies, they cannot afford to allow the Internet to continue in its present form. SO they will help their pals in big corporations first and make sure ordinary people's vices are muted. It's always enlightening to see the difference in Reality when government and corporate suits are talking on TV and when ordinary every day people get to voice their views. Seems the two views always happen to be diametrically opposite. Why is that? Are ALL the governments in the world corrupted beyond repair? Or has it always been so? I think it always has been so. What a sad sad state of affairs humanity is. Sometimes I imagine how at Cosmic Central our Earth is studied and observed and most likely shown as an example to civilizations of how NOT to develop and do things.