Friday, August 31, 2012

Yet one more proof(as if we needed more) Americans can't distinguish between fantasy and reality;

Reading the comments by shills and dumbos defending the inane ramblings of an 82 years old man yet again proves Americans can't make the subtle but rather important distinction between fantasy and Reality. Let me give them a free clue: That was NOT "Dirty Harry" up there. That was just a very bad actor who got filthy rich playing tough guys and now he is defending his money. That's it. What's worse, he should have been consulted BEFORE going up to the podium and making a foolish spectacle of himself. Come on, doesn't anybody have any sense or was it all sucked by listening to too many hours of Rush "Happy Pill" Limbaugh? But then again, these are the same people who elected Ronald Reagan another very bad actor who's only qualifications were that he looked good in suit. Indeed. On another note, as of 8-31-2012 the dollar still hasn't collapsed and the imminent take over of the world by the Illuminati still hasn't occurred. Damn, how long do I hafta wait before Alex "Im NOT crazy" Jones starts being right?