Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Iranain Elections Part infinite

So, let's summarize:
1. the famous "tweets" that supposedly were giving the real information in Iran accounts were created the day before the elections, ALL used English. were using the same profile photo, and were written about in an Israeli newspaper days before the elections started. Sorry, guess the revolution WILL NOT be tweeted, Tweedy bird.
2. BBC was caught outright lying about the elections, manufacturing false news, doctoring photos, etc.
3. Nada, the girl who became a symbol of the violence turned out to have been killed by a small gun, NOT at all a gun the security or polic would use. So much for that angle.
4. Reports about CIA getting involved in Iran have surfaced and Santorim proudly admitted they have been meddling in Iran.
5. Most of the "news" on Faux News turned out to be unconfirmed video clips from YouTube and unconfirmed Tweedy reports by unconfirmed eye witnesses. That didn't stop them tho. It NEVER does.
6. Turns out the challenger was just as anti West as the president. Why were the Western media SO in favor of him then? Or were they truing to just show the violence and gloat?

I can continue but what's the point? Turns out most of what corporate owned media presented about Iranian elections was total and complete bullshit. As usual.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Theater of the absurd ALL over the world, part I

this is how the supposed democracy I.E. "will of the people" in USA works: the congress votes on a mamute climate change bill without even having the chance to read it because it was still being written on late Thursday. This bill levies hundreds of new taxes on people and businesses and it will make everything even more expensive than it already is plus it will cause electric rates to sky rocket. Do you mean to tell me USA people are SO dumb they would vote to pay more taxes and get less? Same as in "Bruno" by Lewis Caroll where people were chanting: "More taxes, less bread!" Yet USA is always pointed out as an example of perfect, OK near perfect "democracy" in action. That's a great one, harhar now tell me another one, please!

This bill won't stop greenhouse gasses, all it will do is make the lives of ordinary people even harder and more expensive. Has anybody ever wondered how much pollution one single airplane makes just in one single flight? Yet has anybody ever proposed to limit airplanes pollution standards but the people are asked to pass rigorous smog check inspections for their cars every single year. What's much worse the cars will have to use less gasoline per mile; the ONLY way for car manufacturers to accomplish that magical feat is to make the cars NO more fuel efficient": because that's impossible, but to make the cars lighter by exchange metal parts for plastic ones thus making the car more dangerous to use. Talk about heaps of bullshit! No wonder they demand people use seat belts, to show they care!

Actually I DO have another one: Just so people won't say i ONLY bitch about USA: In Germany the government voted an Internet surveillance bill in that will make Germany as bad as in the Internet surveillance in China; the the will supposedly stop child porn; the people petitioned against it but the government ignored them and passed the bill anyway. Yeah, Germany is a great "democracy", for sure!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Danger, danger, is there any intelligence left?

Seems people's intelligence is getting at dangerous all time
low levels. But then again, why should I even be surprised at
this? Looking at how much bullshit the sheeple are willing to
swallow just so they get some security it's No wonder ain't
no intelligence left. I been getting some emails, asking me
WHY and how can I be supporting the bloodthirsty Iranian
government that's butchering its own people. Huh?
Hellooooooooooooo? Can you show me WHERE do I say I support
Iranian's government? The real Iranian government is that
Khomeini guy sitting behind all the elected presidents and
giving orders. Those religious hijacked the real revolution
from the students back in 1979 and they been using religion
to suppress Iranian people ever since. ALL governments are
the same, period. There is a little difference there is
between the rulers of Iran and USA's government for example.
Yet the US has the gal to point out the killed protesters
when they just killed 60 more people in Pakistan. Burt then
Americans are the most insolent people on the planet,
thinking they own the whole Earth an thinking they can do as
they please any time anyplace they like it at.

All the governments around the world share the same
priorities: to stay in power as long as possible and to have
control over as much as possible. The will of the people
comes second if ever. That's why all that talk about
"democracy" is just that, talk.

Maybe in a thousand years we'll look back at the early 21st
century and shake our heads at how those ancient, primitive
people could still have believed in government, states and
the whole power structures. At least I hope that future
generations will find better ways to govern themselves.

Friday, June 26, 2009

So Michael Jackson is dead. So what? Good riddance to no talent corporate media creation.

When I arrived in January 1983 in Austria after living behind the iron wall all my life I encountered what I call the "dancing puppet of Michael Jackson". He was everywhere; there was simply NO escaping him. I watched the Billy Jean vid, didn't think much, but he kept on pushing himself into my face whether I liked him or not. I was ambivalent; I tried to like him but I was only pushing myself, Something was bothering me about this whole business I was too young and naive to be able to properly formulate it for me.
Michale Jackson wasn't my very first clash with the obnoxious Western pop "culture"; I had lived through ABBA and Boney M. But this was my first front line assault by the American media conglomerate; I had absolutely zero defenses against
it; it's exactly the same as in a brand new virus; either it kills you or straighten your immune system; you just have to live trough it.

I moved to USA in June 1983; the Jackson onslaught was in fill effect; I was slowly wising up what it all meant. I never bought his records or singles; one woman gave me his record as a present I threw it away. Now he is dead.
At least he will help taking the propaganda news USA media is engaging against Iran off the first page, so his death is not a total waste. What nice timing, asshole. You and "phony smile" Fawsett will keep the corporate media occupied for at east a few days.
Years ago i did figure what Michale Jackson was; he was a total media creation; a guy who could kinda sing with high falsetto voice; nothing about him was real or spontaneous; everything was measured and calculated and artificial to the point of absurdity. Music? What music? He never wrote any of his songs; they were written for him by high paid contracted sell outs; all he did is dance and sang while a full staff around him took care to create an image, a totally false persona to sell the the gullible public and the public did buy it. For a while at least. His records sales were always on the down path after Thriller, each record selling worse that the presvious one.
I m not gonna discuss his behavior or antics or whatever; he was just a nigger who got too rich and that screwed up his head. He desperately wanted to be a white man. Nothing of what he did meant anything to me; I watched them with amusement and saw how the same media that created him turned against him and used him to make even more money. They use you coming and going.
Therefore I say that yes obviously IS an Western imperial culture war, against other countries and cultures, because the people there got no immunities, they cannot even distinction between whats good and bad; whats real of fake. So Paul Pope, you were dead wrong, The Chinese government and the communists governments were right when they limited our exposure to Western pop media. 99% of pop culture is complete bullshit; it's designed to be flash in the pan attention grabbing garbage that's has NO real cultural or historical significance whatsoever. hey are all the same: Michale Jackson, Prince or Madonna or whoever. just the faces are the shticks they use are different.
In final analysis, Jackson was nothing more than yet another terrifying symbol of the power of USA corporate owned media who will make you and brake you just so they can sell/make some news. Well, they broke him. That is the lesson.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What happned to the promised Iraqi withdraws?

Hey, weren't the USA army forces along with the hangging small time asslicker countries supposed to be leaving Iraq at the end of this June? Gee, with the ALL important news about rioting and violence in Iraq, sorry Iran seems that everyone forgot! Well, NOT me! I remember shit like that! Well guess what, imagine my complete lack of surprise, they ain't moving! In fact, I think the deadline has been extended into 2010 because of upcoming elections and of course the violence is going up, so the withdraw is on hold. Yet ANOTHER promise Mr Change forgot to keep... Wonder if any of the moronic sheeple in USA will remember to ever raise the question? When is Mr Pills going to bitch about Mr Change's lies? Do I have to do his job NOW too?


I been getting a lot of ridiculous emails ever since I stared this blog. Some are moronic, they are he morons are commenting on my writing, and asking Why"? I am doing this and why I am wing in such a style and what I want to accomplish with this. Let me explain something:
1. I do NO want to accomplish anything, nor
1. do I want to teach anybody anything. I am pass that stage when thinking that sharing my knowledge will be good.

The sheelple do NOT care; they will learn ONLY when push comes to shove; otherwise they go happily bleating and staring into the radioactive screens of their TVs hypnotized by the latest Music Idolor typing away in chatrooms. Trent Reznor taught me a very important lesson years ago in Broken: the Slave doesn't want the system abolished because he is afraid ofd the unknown,.Sure he knows the system is fucked, and it is using and abusing him but he reasons, what;'s the alternative? S the slave happily goes along with the slavery as long things are OK and he got enough to eat and some "entertainment" tro dull the senses with.
3 What I want is to clarify it all for myself and to figure out what's rweally going on, to cut therough ALL the bullshit that we have been given ever sicne the day we were born. Nothing more. I could care less if I can teach somebody anything or show the true path; everything is actually pretty darn easy to figure out: economics, politics whatever sects you can take; dont have to listen to the so called "experts" most of the time they are paid shills working for the modern government-corporate state.

The smart ones have figured it out long ago and they have either jointed the winning team or they have either gone mad or went to live in a Monastery.
Take politics for example; all one has to do is read Timothy Leary and study some of the psychology writings of his and one wll see why people behave the way they do and why they do the things they do and why Kim Jon II and Ahimejad (or however one spells his name) appear 'crazy" to us. Simplicity fukken itself; Leary laid out all out; but the paid shills never explain things in simple terms, they have to lie and talk about "freedom and democracy" or "nuclear threat" to fuck with your minds.

Same with so called "terrorist" and wars for safety; all one has to do is study history and what primate mammals do and it all becomes clear as a day in May. It's all a trivial battle for survival of human tribes; the same exact shit has been going on as long as we have kept written history. Alexander the Great did exactly the same shit 3000 years ago conquering everything from where does Macedonia is way to where Afghanistan is today. Hm isn't it weird how that land where Afghanistan is located seems to be desired by everyone? Wonder whats there that makes it appealing SO much? Wonder, wonder...
Anyway, those are the reasons I am writing this. Who cares if the sheeple gets it or not as long as I do.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iranian elections, cont'nued

CNN and all other media whores are of course filled with images of the violence and rioting in Iran. Huh. Well, I say this: If the American sheeple had the actual guts to riot and protest during both of their stolen elections in 2000 and 2004 and tried to hold unauthorized i.e. illigal assemblies what do you think would happen in USA too? The cops will meet them with milk and cookies? No, the cops will meet them with force JUST like they are doing in Iran now. Believe it or NOT, but ALL assemblies around the world, be in Tehran, New York, Paris, London, Paris et etc MUST be authorized and "allowed" to happen. Even if the country is a "democracy". Gawd, I hate, NO, I despise that word. SO many people have been lied using it, I cannot stand that word. I got allergic reactions against it. That and the overused "freedom" too. They are worse than curse words to me. hey show how clever humanity is ad how it can manipulate other sheeple just by using words. In that aspect, animals are more honest because they cannot bullshit other animals with words like we humans do.

Again ALL I can say for the Iranians: BRAVO! Ok, so you don't like the guy becaus4 your country is in bad economic shape, Whatever your reasons for rioting are you are showing your are NOT pussies, and you are NOT afraid to defy your laws to do that. Good for you people, I AM proud of you!

I admit, I dunno much about Iran, but I know a few things:

1. they happen to own a piece of land that is holding one of the biggest reserves
of oil and natural gas in the world,

2. USA, and UK and other Western government have been fucking with them for at

least 100 years. Especially US; the CIA engineered a coup in 1950s to over throw
their elected president and then placed a brutal shan on top, and when the
Iranians overthrew him,

3.USA sold arms to Iraq and pushed Saddam to attack Iran resulting in the death
of estimated 10 million Iranians

4. Today USA is actively interfering in Iran's affairs by placing crippling

economic sanctions against them.
Gee, everywhere I look I see USA's hands meddling in Iran's affairs over and over
and over. Wonder why that IS exactly? Hm lemme think does it maybe have something
to do with those resources of oil and gas? Gee, you think??
And how come every place that USA is trying to control has problems with their
elections? I recall the same thing happened in Venezuela too. Gee, what a
coincidence, huh???

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Iranian Elections, Part III

It's official, the Western media has been caught yet again manufacturing news about Iran; the same way they would manufacture news about Iraq. BBC was Caught In Mass Public Deception With Iran Propaganda. They took a photograph, edit it by cropping it and added a totally misleading headline.

Of course, anyone taking what ANY of them say as truth is a complete moron;
It doesn't matter if it's BBC or CNN or FoX or CBS or any other alphabet soup "news" media outlets; they are all owned by a few corporations and they ALL read from the same pre-written script. Even here in Bulgaria I witness a total manipulation
of the news when a so called "expert" showed on on the Bulgarian channel BTV and
pretended to give a non bias explanation of what is going on in Iran but he was such a bad actor, while pretending to hold a conversation with the anchors he kept his face toward the teleprompter clearly reading the pre-written script off of there.
BTV is owned by Murdock, so I am not surprised at all. The propaganda is world wide.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Iranian elections Part II

I have been following the Iranian situation very closely. As usual, the corporate whores are emphasizing the riots and the crack down of protesters while the real analysys is as usual coming from the independent bloggers The bloggers are wising up to the obvious that tweet can be manipulated same as everything else. But I have yet to see ANY blogger talk about and discuss the heavy economic sanctions USA has managed to place against Iran just because Iran refuses to dance to the USA tune and sell the oil at the price US wants. Iranian economy is in bad shape and that's largely due to the above mentioned sanctions; Iranian people are not happy and they are directing their anger against the elections USA employed the same under the belt tactics all through the Cold War fighting the Soviet Union and all the other communist countries. Lets make this clear: communism was NEVER allowed to compete at equal economic terms with the world therefore it couldn't function properly it because ill and failed largely due that those sanctions. USA is now using the exact same tactics againts countries that opposite them inducing Russia, Cuba Iran, North Korea etc. Russia for example s NOT a member of the World Trade Organization because USA and other European Western countries don't want it inside; Cuba has been suffering under harsh economic sanctions ever since the 1960s. Most people cannot even imagine living under these conditions yet the Iranian have to endure this bullshit every single day

Now about those famous tweets that supposedly are spreading news about the "real" situation side Iran. How do we know which tweets are from Iran and second how do we know what the tweets say is true This is the Internet after all, where men are men, women are men and 14 yo girls are FBI agents. And men. This claim that social media is true and cannot be used by the government is the same claim "free market" believer use when they talk about "Supply and demand" principle. One time one guy kept n telling me about "supply and demand" and I stopped him and simply asked: Are you gonna insist that "supply and demand" cannot itself be manipulated and therefore controlled? Same with the so called social media; The US State Department is SO concerned and involved it went through the trouble of asking tweeter to postpone their down maintenance time so they can stay up and continue their service. This is again direct meddling.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Web sites that I read for the LULz

Searching for real news I have found some web sites that are so ridiculous, I cannot believe they are for real or/and they really believe the stuff they write. One of them is www.fourwinds10.com (which features updates by some guy calling himself "Casper". In his updates Casper keeps on talking about deliveries of some packs that are being prevented by OBAMA, THE ILLUMINATI, THE WORLD COURT, BUSH, HILLARY, CLINTON, THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, THE M5, M6, M99 and even little green man from Mars. (Casper ALWAYS uses capital letters for all the politicians, to make sure we see their names I guess)
I have sent several emails trying to fond some info on those mysterious trigger packs and deliveries but www.fourwinds10.com hasn't bothered to answer me. Anyway, I LOVE Casper's updates I eagerly wait for them and read them with the greatest pleasure; they make me laugh so hard. I was forced to keep a diary writing down all the stuff Casper is claiming is happening "behind the scenes" because the story is getting long and convoluted and ridiculous beyond imagination and its hard to keep a track of. Here I wanna share the latest happening according to Casper:

06-16-2009 Addendum: Obama is begging for money from South America. Oh, OK...

06-16-2009 Over at Casper's hilarious bad Illuminati spy novel, Obama is once again trying to hack the "accounts". Now he has hired real hackers specialist from the Pentagon for the purpose. I guess the Microsoft hackers who tried this a few months back wertent good enough so the Pentagon hackers are better. I didn't know the pentagon employed hackers but if casper says so then it MUST be so.
The trigger packs are being hed at Fort Benning Georgia and specialists from there are also trying to break into the accounts. Two hackers are better than 1 after all...
Plus, both the US Military AND World Court agree Obama is in office illegally.

BASEL III is in effect and this means the major US banks will be shut down, padlocked by Friday. We shall see. I predict the banks will NOT be closed, but then according to Casper, he has sources which I got no access too And the saga with the trigger packs and deliveries continues and continues and continues...Yeawn...

Monday, June 15, 2009

news tid bits for 6-16-2009

Gee, how come he is holding a sign in Engish and how come CNN managed to find exactly him and shoot a photo so they can splash it on their index.html page? Looks a bit too much like a propaganda set up.

In other rather imoportant news, the SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organization is holding a meeting. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13707. USA asked to attend but was barred. Gee, the mightly USA, supposetly the world's nunero uno economy, is barred and they cant do a thing?
Most likely the sheeple being fed corporate "news" ain't never heard of SCO but that's OK. They will, soon.

The Iranian elections

It's interesting how much attention the corporate owned media is paying to Iran's elections. They been keeping close tabs on it, running hourly updates. Even /., the Micro$oft haters is running articles, there claiming Twitter is spreading news. Now USA is concerned the Iran's elections mush have been rigged somehow. They are also running the angle of police brutality too.
It's a scream actually. They are focusing on the Iranian people's rioting and protesting using this as an excuse to smear the re elected resident. Good fore the Iranians I say. hey are rioting and showing their will,; BRAVO! I distinctly remember how the USA sheeple rolled over and allowed their Supreme COurt to decide for them who their president will be back in 2000. No rioting, no fighting with the cops. Bitching and complaining to high heaven but nothing like the Iran's fights. Gee, Sheeple, where were YOUR protests back in 2000? You allowed the Supreme court who by the way has NO right whatsoever to do it to choose your president! Don't worry about the Iranians,. loo at your own psheeple and enjoy your Mr Change.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fairy Tales debunked part 1 What Communism really is and what communism isn't.

The official story goes like this Communism utterly failed as both economic and political system back in the late 1980s proving once and for all it didn't and could work. Now Communist in popular media is pared with fascism and Nazism and presented as a totalitarian regime enslaving its people and robing its markers. .
THis is rewriting of history is done because its useful to the powers in charge and their cheerleaders: the corporate owned media. The truth is very different.

Let's first look at the very word and what its means in simple semantic terms. "communism" obviously comes form the word "commune" or or people working and living together in a n organized fashion. Communes come in all ofrms of shapes and sizs and under different names. Commune means organized. You see communes every where in nature and especially in higher form mammals and primate mamals. Exept in malams these are called herds and tribes. Most mammals lives in some form of hierarhiam tribe organized to provide higher survival for the animals. Very rarely mamals live solidary. The herd and Ttrie give better change of survivals. therefore tribe, herd, commume is a good thing and NOT a bad thing as presented.
Humans also live in tribes. They distinguish themselves according to racem religion, nationality and so on. Each one of these is a commune. Humans MUST live in cummunes same as animals do because the community also gives them higher change of survival.
Far from being a totalitarian regime communism as a political form is therefore good.
Even the people denouncing communism live in units such as marriage couples and tribes of all kinds. Most humans will NOT be able to survive without a commune of some sort. The commune looks and protects each of its members. Communism tried to do that. Yes communism didn't succeed and some aspects but not because it was "wrong" or totalitarian. It didn't succeed because it was NOT allowed to succeed.

The mainstream story about communism goes like this: communism as a social and economic order was flawed from the very start and doomed to failure. Eventually it did fail spectacularly in the late 1980s/early 1990s taking down the Soviet empire and all its other satellite states in Europe leaving capitalism and free markets as the only economic system to continue. As usual, this is yet another revision of real history and the real events.
First of all, communism never dissapeared as much as its haters like to pretend it did. Need I mention the names of countries that are still communist to this day: China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba? Some countries have even become communist: Venezuela and Bolivia. Some might quickly point out that oh, no, China is NOT communist anymore you see, but has embraced free market economy. yet it's government is STILL communist, therefore they are communist. Communism as it was practiced in Europe wasn't working economically, so the Chinese were smart to modify it. Didn't Barak Obama himself just nationalized the US banks with the blessing of leiser faire capitalist himself Mr Greenspan himself. This move would surely be called a Communist and Barak is often called communist and socialist by a lot of people. So if USA can adopt communist practices such as nationalization, why can't China adopt free market policies? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander right?

Second, USA did lot of dirty tricks against Communist countries including severe economic blockades (Cuba) or outright started meddling in and removing communist presidents. Chile is a prime example of CIA meddling into the business of a democratically elected communist president and doing everything to make sure he fails.

USA refused to share technology, for decade it was illegal to export computer technology to communist countries. The European countries were actively invited in strangling the Soviet Union any economic way they can think of. Communism could have continued but they simply couldn't compete at the same level with capitalists and their economics slowly suffocated.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The lie that is the UN

UN is always presented as an internatinal body of countries that have gathered together to fix world's problems. In the coprporate owend media, UN is presented as a serious organization which is fighting to maintain world stability and to fight against poverty oppression and rogue nations such as Iran, Iraq(not a rogue nation once USA occupied it), North Korea. The Reality as usual is very different.

UN 's headquarters are in USA and believe you me, USA has taken advantage of that fact. USA has been using UN to its own goals and aim. That;'s NOT a statement, it's a true fact. I will never forget the speech of that despicable house boy Collin Powell where he looked into the calmera and blantly and boldly lied about Iraq having weapons of mass distraction. His theatrics lead to a vote which gave the USA the green light to eventually attack Iraq and claim it had the right to do so becuaee of what UN decided.

UN is NOT a democracy body. Far from it. It has only 5 permanent members and suprsingly they are: USA UK France, Russia, China. Notice a pattern? If you don't, then you must be a moron. UK will ALWAYS vote with USA and France will most likely vote with them to, this leaving only Russia and China as the odd men out. Therefore all votes the UN members take will be skewed and certainty not "democratic". Second are we to believe that these 5 countesses can represent the WHOLE world??? Where are the countries from Africa and from South America??? The UN members circle is a joke of the highest proportions, a joke on the humanity.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

David Carradine, a perfect symbol for USA itself

and the story keeps on getting funnier and funnier, according to ABC he was found in wig and fishnet stockings: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/story?id=7797469&page=1

Carradine is a perfect symbol of USA: extremely bad actor in a ridiculous 1970s TV show , an alleged macho man who turns out to be a major weirdo and his life ends in a ludicrous accident of fapping in Thaland! USA is exactly like that; a fantasy tralala land where really is different from the script giving by the corporate owned media.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More of the same typical phony USA behavior

Mr Change is yet again proving what a total phony USA is. Giving a speech he think the Arabs are gullible
morons who will fall for empty words. Put your money where you mouth is Mr Change. here is a few things you can do to prove you are nor just an empty suit reading a pre-written speech:
1 Immediately lift ALL economic sanctions against Iran.
2. Recall all of the armada that you got floating in the Persian gulf
3. Stop the olde divide and rule shtick: treat ALL Arab countries the same; no preferential treatment to Kuwait/ Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
4. Insist the Palestinians get their own country today and insist the UN ratify it and gives them equal rights.

Otherwise, its Just words. Empty words...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Government Motors, eh?



Hm, I thought communism meant owning the means of production...
Nothing more to be said