Saturday, January 30, 2010

More bullshit and nothing much else

So Mr Change claims the US troops will leave Iraq by August. Does that mean ALL of 120.000~140.000 troops will leave Iraq by August? Forgive me if I am a little bit skeptical and I will ONLY believe him if I see a photo of the very last solder's boot leaving the ground.
After all, it's been 70 years after WWII ended yet USA STILL has around 30.000 solders in Japan, another 40.000 in S Korea, some 50.000 in Germany and so on.
Simply put, NO effing way USA is leaving Iraq until the last drop of ool is sucked out of the ground. No effing way I believe USA will leave Iraq. Oh, sure, maybe some 60.000 solders WILL leave Iraq but that will still leave at least 50.000 or 60.000
US solders there plus who knows how many "contractors". Riight. So much bullshit
but I wondner if the stupid American sheeple REALLY do believe this bullshit or they don't care or just who gives a damn? It's ALL a giant circus anyway, all performances on stage. After living among those dumbos for 23 years I KNOW how they really are: they don't really think about anything, they have been conditioned to accept SO MUCH bullshit daily, they don't even bother thinking about any of it; it's too hard.
THey showed what docile sheeple they are when they allowed Mr Change to take 14 trillion ofd their money and give it to the rch bankers while they dont have any health insurance or any type of good social system. The joke is as usual, on them.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A few numbers to wrap my head around

According to an article on Reuters the cost of Iraq, Afghanistan tops $1 trillion Congrats, Americans! You have been had, yet again! I wonder how much the cost for the Cold War was and I bet adjusted for inflation it was also over a trillion dollars. Don't let them know it though, shhhhhh!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

China bashing in full force!!!!

I don't get mad or upset at the bullshit and oh so obvious propaganda the corporate owned media fills their web sites with daily but even this is way beyond what I call basic decency.
In the "article" if one can call a bullshit propaganda the writer claims China is taking Avatar off their screen because of Avatar's storyline which deals with imperialism. The article claims China is sensitive on the subject of "occupation of foreigner's lands" when the reality is USA is the one who have done exactly that when they forcefully evicted millions of Indi... sorry "Native Americans" off their lands and broke EVERY single treaty they ever signed yet the bullshit article makes it sound like China is taking that shitty Avatar movie off their screen for that very reason!

The writer had to make sure we get the point so he mentioned it twice, and gave us fiull explanation of the evils of China's regime when this has been the common practice of the Western world since 14th century at least.

Monday, January 18, 2010

End of the World as we know it(and it's a good thing)

The majoroty of sheeple around the wold have no clue the whole so called human civilisation is based on oil and runs on cheap oil. The ones who know are handful of people on top and a few farmers who will tell you a lot of eye opening stuff if you ever talk to them. It's no coincidence all the "wars" USA and Western powers are waging around the world happen to be centered around places that always got a lot of the blakc gold. One word is enough to give a major clue to all the mindless sheeple who still believe Muslim terrorist are out to "get" 'em. And that word is fertilizer. Yeah, guess what, fertilizers are made from oil. No fertilizers equals no crops. No crops equals nothing to feed animals with. ut it's MUCH much worse than that. All the morons need to do lift their eyes and take a quick look around their rooms and note down how much of all that stuff is plastics. Surprise surprise, plastics come from oil! No wonder USA got such a hard on for Iran and they want to fuck with it ANY way theyc an; Iran is the last country in the middle east not durectly under USA/Western power control!
Oh sure, a lot of the sheeple will start jumping up and down claiming new oil fielda re beign discovered all the time and the oil peak is just another media lie and so on. As a matter of fact, yes there is oil fields all over the place but the ear of the cheap oil is rapidly approaching or already over. Yes there is petny of oil reminign for to last us 200 years or more, but the problem is that oil is deeper and will cost mroe to suck out; not cost effective, dig?
Once the ear of cheap oil is over the ear of abundance of food and abundance of cheap plastic junk will be over too. And thats a good thing. We have been polluting the Earth long enough; she will be happy we won't be able to do it much longer. And that is inded a good thing.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

China VS Google

The vilifying of China got into a high gear with the silly announcement by Google
that they might be pull out of China's market because they were hacket. Big Butch
didnt waste a moment and immediately got into the game by issuing a statmenrt and
demanding China gives an explanation. WHo the fuck is she to demand an explanation)
I have been watching China bashing for a while now. I clearly remember one
particularity silly example when obvious shills kept on posting images on 4chan of
how smoky Beijing was during the 2008 Olympic games. I quickly collected images of
smky LA, Washington DC and other cities and posted them in return. China has been
vilified almost weekly now all over the place; almost not a day passes on /.
without yet another China bashing article.

his is yet another brilliant tactic by the USA. it helps them create yet another
"enemy" and t divert the attention of their people away from USDA problems by pointg
at China and screaming: See, they are the bad guys who dont play by the rule while
we the good guys are Oh so helpless to do anything!"

The USA is using the Echelon system to spy on the world; No Such Agency
employs the largest number of mathematicians; I'm sure they used them for
aritmetics ryes. Remember the USA spy shop that was caught near China's water a
decade ago? USA syes on Chin as MUCH as they can; China is simply doing exactly the
same. This is all MORE China bashing and nothing more, pure and simple

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Capitalism" is clearly on its way out

All the economic data coming in is clearly pointing out how the so called "free-market" "capitalism" is clearly on its way out. Leaving aside the obviosuly ridiculous drivel of how really "free" the market of "capitalism" is, the main and rather important question here is what will replace this so called "free-market" "capitalism".
Or will the Western countries will try to save it again by starting up another world war. A major world war sill clearly be bad for business so I don't think they would want to do that except maybe as a totally last resort.
let's first define what this "free-market" "capitalism" is and isn't.

It's a debt-based consumerism where middle class lives mainly on credit by borrowing money created by small cartel of banks via frantural banking.
It's a system where money is fiat money and debit and not "real" money i.e. backed by gold or silver. It's a system where debt is continuingly being created becuaee this same cartel is giving credit to EVERYONE (including small, middle size and large) businesses, individual and governments. It's a system, where products are created using the cheapest materials and cheapest labor and sold for profit creating real money and taxes in the process.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yep, our heat wave is STILL continuing,

I hate to sound like a broken record but... This has been the 4th day of yet another heath wave in Bulgaria and where I live was the warmest yet again: official temperatures were 18 Celsius in Veliko Turnovo. Yeah, yeah I know, the rest of Europe is frozen solid. One cold snap doesn't disprove Global Warming however.
So why is my winter not a winter at all?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bullshit everywhere

I am literally drowning into bullshit thrown from me at all sites. The corporate owned media has decided the best way to attract our attention is to present us with scary but totally bullshit stories. The government is doing the same. I have to literally shut down my TV and exercise harsh control over myself to curb my habitual reading of the tons of webs sites that are supposed to serve me news, but instead only delver steaming piles of crappy poo poo.
Take for example the oh so scary news about Bacteria linked to feces found on soda fountains! Oh MY GAWD, it sounds so scary and disgusting! Total bullshit. Anyone who knows a bit about the real issue will tell you too much cleanliness is bad for our health; exposure to various bacteria and viruses straighten our immune system and make us healthier and ready to fight. It's a well known fact children from 3rd world countries are healthier and have a lot less allergies exactly becuase they have been exposed to so much dirt
their immune system has been developed much better. But no, we are given yet another bullshit story about scary news item that has little to do with the actual reality itself. I call bullshit.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yet another day of recortd HIGH tempertures for my country

The news web sites are filled with news about record low temperatures ll over the world including UK, all over USA, China and so on. But where I live we just had yet another day where our temperatures hit a record of the opposite kind; high temperatures as high as +15 in some places! And that's in early January when we are supposed to be covered in deep snow with temperatures well bellow freezing.
Yeah, I know Al Gore is a liar and Global Warming is a total scam and it only exists
in the minds of Al Gore and his partners who are salivating in the prospact of selling Carbon Credits to companies and making themselves filthy rich in the process.
Do how can the continuing record high temperatures in my country be explain then?
I have been talking about them for several months now. Gee, do I live in some parallel universe or something?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Same old Hollywood movie scrips

I'm never gonna tire of repeating myself: Americans LOVE to live in a fantasy made up tra-lala world. Take the new editorial by Justin Raimondo: "The long war: who is winning".
Predicably, he begins the article with "8 years ago Ali Queda attacked USA with the attack on the Word Trade center". Right from there, I knew he will maintain the fantasy story line about Bin Alladin and his all powerful ALi Queda. Leaving aside the ridiciloness of this script, there is absolutely nothing new to learn from reading his drivel. But it's much worse than a waste of time; all it does is reinforces the Hollywood script the corporate owned media has been pushing, oh for decades now, yet he he likes to position himself as some kinda alternative to them. What a crock of smelly old shite.
His next step is to ask who is winning in this long long war, showing he is: 1 either a complete dumbo or worse
2 possibly a possible shill for the status quo.

Since this has never been a real "war", but just another imperial grab for natural resources, asking stupid retorical questions exposes what a total phony he is. The "war" is NOT supposed to be won; it is suppsoed to be dragged on as long as possible, thus creating the biggest possible profit for the military indistrial complex.
he drops Bin Aladin name yet again citing some fake message by the "evil one himself" yet again reinforcing the fantasy script. he continues vby isting all the fake and staged attacjks around the world, reminding us what danger we all are in. Ooooooh, scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... let's throw in the name of Ali Queda several time to make sure people really get scared!
he ends up by making sure to srae us about the dready future becuade we dont know what Ali Queda is up to so make sure you are scared, oh so scared!

The Decade of Fear

so the first decade of the new century is about to end. Time for a reflection here. This has been the worst decade in maybe 50 years. It' wont be an exaggeration to name this the "decade of fear". Fear of the invisible but somehow all powerful Ali Queda who only show up on web sites, fear of a bearded diperhead man with the ridiculous comical name of Bin Alladin, fear of Antrax, fear of the crazy Arabs, swine flu, financial crisis, shoe bombers, etc etc etc. If you can think it, scare the general population with it. Fear is easy and fast. From psychologist Thimoty leary point of view, fear bypasses the rational ans logical higher parts of the brain and directly goes to the ancient reptilian part of the bran affecting basic functions. Easy as pie. Basic stuff. As a controlling weapon it's easy to spot tho; But since as I noted even logical and smart people will Stop thinking and revert back to their basic nature and will begin to say things such as "Let's nuke those ragheads" and other horrific bullshit. Very educational stuff indeed if one is willing to go above it all and view it as a big giant circus and study it.

Another thing that has become obvious is how globalization is quickly changing the world. Globalization has negatively affected the ordinary sheeple while making the rich cats even richer by moving the production cost down. Globalization has been killing the middle class in USA Europe and everywhere but at the same time created a brand new middle class in far away supposedly 3rd world countries such as India and China. The shift has been sudden and alarming. Or at least it should be alarming to the average sheeple who are seeing their lifestyle slipping away; that has made them scared and confused. And they should be scared. The nexus of power that I have observed over the centuries always moving west has finally placed itself in CHina. Like it or NOT, but China WILL be the next superpower. No matter what USA/ and EU do China WILL be the next superpower; it's inevitable. It's some kind of natural law that nobody can explain but only a few people actually see.
What's even more interesting how how well South American is developing economically. It's no surprise since USA hasn't been paying an attention to them, it this proves once USA stops bothering you and controlling you you can always do well.

USA itself is failing; the ONLY thing that will save it is to start up a world war. Europe is a dead museum, filled with middle class that's quickly losing ground. In contrast, South America and Asia are booming.

No wonder the average middle class sheeple is willing to to allow its government do whatever they want all over the world; witness how quickly they will swallow the bullshit fed to them by the corporate owned media about terrorist and Ali Queda. No matter how stupid the average middle class sheeple is, they understand very welll the fight is about their lifestyle and not about some fantasy movie vilain Ali Queda.

The other thing that has become obvious is the amount of shit entertainment. How much time the sheeple waste in simple mindless activities such as gaming, p0rn surfing and general idiocy. The rulers love it; Roman laid the law over 2 thousand years ago bread and circuses: when the bread is lacking, give more circuses. No wonder the average sheeple is getting dumber by the second; no matter how much wish fulfillment the left wing bloggers write about people waking up; it's exactly the opposite. The masses are drowning in cheap mindless entertainment and paying very little real attention to what's going on around them. The proof is in what total assholes they keep on electing each and every single time they go to the polls to exercise their "democratic" right.

What a joke the so called human civilization has become and from what Im seeing it will be getting much much worse.

Friday, January 1, 2010

and in Bulgaria, our heat wave continues

we had record breaking temperatures: on 1st of January it was 22.4 officially while my outdoor thermometer showed 34 (not in the shade). This is as far from normal as it can get; it's positively scary actually. Winter is NOT supposed to be cold one day then warm and even hot the next week. Winter is supposed to be Winter all the way through i.e. cold, ALWAYS cold and snowing starting from mid November and going until mid to end of March. But hey, Global Warming IS a scam cuz Al Gore is trying to financially benefit from it, right? Riight!

P.S. to all the Anonymous posters: come on, be real and use your names eh? Gimem an email so we can really get a conversation going. If you are gonna call me names and adjectives, try doing that the real manly way and gimme a name. Otherwise I will ignore your bullshit and refuse to post it. I have had enough bullshit from all sides to last me a lifetime. I will NOT tolerate it in any shape or form.