Monday, November 30, 2009

American lefties are dumb.

the American lefties are truly hilarious. They are constantly raving against the "corporate war for profit and controlling the Eurasian oil" when in reality this very same war is to secure and to make sure their sweet sweet 1st world lifestyle continuous uninterrupted. Don't they realize USA's is and has been an imperialistic country ever since its creation and it has been an empire since the end of WWII? That nice lifestyle they have enjoyed ALL their lives is directly tied to US's ears ofd conquest being the Philippines, South America and all the other places US has been in invading and killing people for profit and to control natural resources.
Imagine for a moment the USA and UK and NATO are pushed off made to leave ALL the countries they are currently occupying: Irq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Imagine USA suddenly is forced to fold up and shut down all the 700+ army bases around the world rrom which they control and extend influence around the world. Imagine US is forced to live and play by the exact same rules they are forcing everyone else to play by... The US will not be able to maintain their sweet sweet lifestyle for more than a week: their cheap food supply will immediately dry up, their oil prices will shit up overnight to at least 5 dollars a gallon and imagine how much the price of everything in US wll go up. So the leftist nutcases better shut up and actually think before they open their stupid mouth again and how themselves the morons they are.
Do they really want to live like 3rd worlders, paying high prices for every day items? Do they really want to pay 5 dollars a gallon? Do they? Golly, what morons!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the Chilcot inquiry

Rivero who runs is SO busy foaming and behaving like a rabid
dog over the hacked emails(funny how he now supports hackers when usually he advocates hackers be shot. but then he does say a lot of stupid things such as for example how Linux will be hacked as much as Windoze if it was more popular. stick to subjects you know Rivero; otherwise you make yourself look silly.) that show some scientists were ready to manipulate data about global temperatures he is missing the major story coming out of UK: the the Chilcot inquiry into the illegal Iraq war.
So far the inquiry is shown the Bush poodle knew very well in advance that Iraq had NO weapons of mass distraction of any kind yet he chose to ignore that and go along with Bush in attacking Iraq.
Of course I don't expect much to come out of the Chilcot inquiry; I would be VERY surprised if Bush's poodle faces any real charges at the end. But hey, at least it shows I and all the other people were right when we said Iraq had NO WMD.

With this, I again, will say i DO NOT believe ANYTHING ANY government says about anything anymore; be it the US or UK or German or EU or whoever.

P.S. I have yet to see ANY proof Iran is doing anything illegal, yet it appears USA is desperately trying to ruin them the exact same way it ruined the communist countries: by stopping their economic development ANY way they can. Communism didn't fall because it was a "bad" or "non working" economic system; it fell because it was not allowed to compete economically with the West. But the sweet irony is that China which is communism is beating USA which is a fake "capitalist" system. Oh, bayback is indeed sweet.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climate gate? No global warming? Oh really?

very strange, if global warming has been discredited then can somebody please explain to me why for the last 7-8 years the winters here in Bulgaria, Europe have been very mild and warm and we have had very little snow? For example today is the November 28th and we should have had our first snowfall already yet the temperature today was 15-18 degrees and sunny? Funny that. Come on I challenge YOU ALL the explain that to me.

PS. The TV weatherman JUST admitted on the news we are still breaking records for high temperatures. Imagine that.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I was right yet again.

So. Tony Blair was told 10 days before Iraq invasion that Saddam did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction. Turn out I WAS right when I boldly claimed back in 2003 that iraq had No weapons of mass distraction and got into a fist fight with a dumb American. (Actually there is a list of the kind of of Americans: the dumb, the gullible, the moron, the assholes and the total idiot)
I just wish I was right in front of him right now so i can go up to him and simly point this into his face.
Of course, neither ABC, CNN, FOX, Drudge. Glen Beck or any of the other so called "news" sites are carrying this news. But why should they? They got a Reality to maintain and dumb Americans to lie to. Of course, with this news I will NOT believe ANYTHING the UK or USA government ever say ever again. The question is what IF anything the Americans will do? Ah most likely they will find something, watch the new American idol or tat football game.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter is refusing to come to Bulgaria

The more Michael Rivero from whatisreallyhapening is screaming about the hacked emails and how global warming is fake and fraud, the more I am convinced he IS a fraud and he is refusing to see the evidence we are seeing every singe day for some reasons of his own. Sure, Al Gore is a liar and a complete fraud but even he doesnt have the power fo come to Bulgaria and change our weather right here into the way over extended gypsy summer we are experiencing. The thermometer doesnt lie, Rivero. The huge chunks of ice breaking off Antarctica and floating near New eland are NOT proof that the ocean are getting colder but JUST the opposite: the ice at the South Pole is ALSO melting.
Is this a Photoshop Rivero? People are seeing it with their own eyes. When are you Rivero gonna finally admit toyu have gobe off the deep and and admit what your eyes are telling you???
The real question here is WHY Rivero who is so bent on exposing the truth has up his ass aganst global warming? Sure he is upset trhe government is using the global arming to levy heavy new taxes on us. I am upset about that too, but my thermometer doesnt lie. The lier is YOU Rivero. You.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Still experiencing a heat wave over here

If global warming has stopped(and how come it stopped when it didnt exist in the first place?!) then how come we are experiencing a relative heat wave were I live in Southeaster Europe Bulgaria? We should be having snow right now; instead we are having sunny weather with temperatures in the 15 to 20 Centigrade range.
Somebody clue me in please? Anybody? Helloooooo?

Just cuz Al Gore is a fraud and a complete circus show doesnt mean global warming is
a scam.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Global Warming has stopped? Oh really?

The global warming deniers are claiming the global warming has stopped and/or stalled for the last ten years. (You know truth be told, I truly feel sorry for these people. To prove global warming doesn't exist they have to admit it does. go figure)
OK, so there is early snow in some places in North America. But here where i live we should be having our first snow fall but what e are having instead is a prolonged what we call gypsy summer. As a matter of fact, it's rather hawt here. Thermometer is showing 35 in the sun and 15 in the shade. So im NOT experiencing ANy type of global cooling but just the opposite. Just a heads up. As a mater of fact, we have been having this extended gypsy summer for the last week and a half.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Communism: what exactly it is and what exactly it isn't.

Communism as presented by the propaganda filled corporate owned western media
paints a "totalitarian" almost fasist like state of social order where ALL
political, social and economic activity is tightly under the control of a
single government party. No independed thought or individual activity is
allowed. Personal "freedom" is strictly limited and the population is
actively spied upon and monitored. Therefore, communism is bad and evil and
something nobody would want to live under. As usual, this fairy tale is easy
to disprove becauase it is far away from the real truth. And I should know; I
lived in a communist state for the first 18 years of my life. Therefore I can
discuss what communism isn't and what communism really is because of first
hand experience.
I will be the first to admit communism I lived under was far from perfect; in
fact it had many faults: the wrong people were in charge, people who didn't
know what they were doing and they made very wrong decisions; nepotism was
rampant; yes there was a lot of spying and monitoring and not enough material
goods. But that doesnt mean pure communism by priory contains any of the
above mentioned negative attributes associated with it. As a matter of fact
countires labeled as communist can prove communism defined as defined by the
western media is just pure and silly propaganda. Take Singapure for example:
its very well develoed and robusty econiomy proves communism CAN and DO make
their economies work. I can give other examples: Venetsuela, Chile, China,
Vietanm and so on. Therefore just by looking around one can easily and quicly
learn communism CAN work (when done right) and IS a succesful state of social

NOTE: Singapure had to bail out USA's financial ass recently by buying a lot

of USA's Treasurty Bonds. Fairly ironic, isnt it? Of course, only very few
people in USA will know that fact.

Let's begin with pure semantics: communism of course comes from the word
cummune/community i.e. union of people working together for better survival.
Nothing fashistic or "oppresive" about the word. People are in
comunities/unionts ALL voer the palce: marrige is a union of two people, a
chirch is a community of likely minding people, a coutry is a union. Union is
therefore hgood becuase it gives you us humanity a abtter chnace at playing
the survival game. To even claim that a lone wolf has better odds of survival
is plain silly and downright dishonest. To claim individuals fare better on
their own is therefore pure farce and twisting the facts. We live in a human
society that is simply tribal union after all. Ayan Rand was full of shit,
pure and simple when she placed the "individual" over society. Try living in
the forrest on your own and see how far you will get, why dontcha?
Second, there is buncvh of rules governing our behavior on all set of levels.
When you drive a car you ovay a bunch of rules. Otherwise you get lkkilled or
you kill somebody. In a marrige there is rules too, you dont just do whatever
you want. Same as living in a human society. Sets of rules will ALWAYS govern
ne's behavior. Rules are good. and with the ever quckly changing
technologiycal rules and the dumbing of population we need NORE rules, NOT
Fr example were i live the gypoes think just becuase they have been
able to fford to buy home stereos (somethign they havent been able to do 10
yeaRS ago) theyc an now listen these home stereous at full blanst pretty much
ANY time of day and night they desire, regardless of their neibours. Yet the
law doewsnt have a ny laws goberning this behavior. Talking ans asking them
to turn it down is uslesss. they just keep on doing it. Therefore we either
need new sets of laws or need to maybe make the stereos only plat at certain
volume cuz thse people do NOTY casre about anybody but themsleves.
This is what happens when there is NO rules and the individual is placed
above society. I can give the same exact example with cars too as a matter of
fact. Therefore dumb people MUST have rules that modify their behavior. Simple as that.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fakers all over

It's fairly amusing how quickly the people who band together because "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" can just as quickly disband and to show how muhc they dont like each other they stop linking to each other's web sites, HAR-HAR! yes I am talking about the two pals who appear to not be such good pals no more: the eternally boring and playing the EXACT same song predicable hippy from smokingmirrors.blogspot and the former conservative Michael Rivero from
So what happened, guys? Why did you stopped linking to each other's web sites? Did you had a fallen put over some little detail about 9/11 or something even sillier?
Ah, I know they will never tell especially ME of ALL people...

Palestine and Israel

There is two diametrically opposite presentations of Isreal and Palestine. The official corporate owned media view presents Israel as the innocent country that is simply fighting to secure its borders and save itself from the hordes of the terrorirst from Palestine who are intent on destroying it. Israel is presented as priory "right to exist" in lands given to the Jews by their God Jehovah over 2.000+ years ago.
The left wind sorry wing loggers present the Israelis is bloodthirsty cowards who are exterminating the Palestinians any illegal and legal way they can and are slowly stealing all that Palestinian land. Frankly speaking i don't know which view is more "correct" since I don't know all the facts surrounding the whole affair. I suspect the leftist don't either, but they will hardly admit that. I am honest enough to admit the fact. Being even MORE blunt, I will say that I don't really give a damn about the isreal/Palestine conflict; it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with my own life, and besides, that's NOT the only hot spot in the world; there are many other places where people are fighting or being killed for reasons not fully understood by me: Sudan and Ethiopia, Shri lanka, the basques in Spain, Chechnya and so on.
What I want to do is not get to the heart of the Israel/Palestine fight; as I said, it's got NOTHING to do with my life, so why bother with it? What i want is simple clarification about a few points that I have been bothering me. Simple stuff really. One of the MOST interesting question that I have been thinking over for a while now is WHY in that 60+ years of Israeli existence, the Palestinians have NEVER simply said one day: that's enough, TODAY we will declare a real country with real borders and be done with it.

After all, that is what normal people will do. Why haven't the Palestinians done it, ever? I have read their dead now leader Arafat threaten for years and years that he will declare a Palestinian country; why did he never do that? That would have been the obvious, and logical thing to do. With Palestine a real country they would have been able to secure their own borders. Yet Arafat never did that simple step, thus setting Palestinians for suffering for decades and decades. Would somebody explain that to me, eh?

Friday, November 6, 2009

20 years since the fall of communism: A time to celebrate?

It's now 20 years since communism fall. A special program this week showed the fall of the berlin wall separating the west from the east. yet agna, propaganda assured us the fall of the wall was a good thing.
What about the walls erected by the American army in Baghdad separating the neighborhoods of Shittie and Suuni? What about the walls the Israelies erected around Palestine separating whole neighborhood s and families from their file4ds? WHY NOBODY talks about THOSE walls and keeps on constantly sticking them into our eyes wherther we like it or not?? Why is the fall of the Berlin wall such a big symbol when there is walls erected in many other places that NOBODY is mentioning??

I am in a very unique position: I have lived in both worlds: communism and capitalism for 20 years each, long enough to see and learn how they both operate from the inside and the outside. I was born and grew up in communism, and at the age of 18 I moved to USA where I lived for 23 years. Therefore I CAN talk about both systems with some athority, unlike MOST people who just parrot the same usual nonsense learned through silly propaganda or substituting personal emotions for real knowledge and critical analytical thought.

NOTRE: I did send MAt roduna inviting him yet again to explain his Anglo-marxisim
statements. I don't expect t him to reply however. He is so much in love with capitalism and hates communism/collectivism s much, he should move to USA and live there for a while to learn how the system there REALLY is.

Communism had some very good things. For example, I am eternally grateful to comminism that it shielded me while I was growing up from the attack of the mindless Western pop "culture". I am grateful it didn't allow total bullshit such as ABBA, Michel Jackson, rock music and so on into my life. I am much better off for it. 95% of all that passes for "entertainment" is pure crap and the communists did me a great favor by stooping it from reaching me.

Second, living in the communism society was very safe. We had no crime of any sort whatsoever! As children we walked alone late at night without the need for any protection: NO pedophiles to worry about, no robberies of any kind, no wild shootouts with the police, no crazy nuts going on rampage. Compare this with the scary world the children grow up in USA where they have to pass through a metal detector just to go into school! I truly feel sorry for them.

Third, with a few cars, our cities were much cleaner and there was no pollution. I dont remember a single kid among my peers who had any sort of asthma or any type of respiratory disease or allergies.

Communism offered pretty good totally 100% free medical care that was paid for from taxes. Hospitalization and doctor visits were free. Some of the dental work done on my teeth from the late 1970s and early 1980s is still fine.

No matter what the propaganda machine says, communist had some very good points too bad it was not allowed to succeed and it collapsed in large part because it couldn't compete economically.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Butch: Condi Rice ver 2

The left wing blogosphere is yet again! surprised with the behavior of Big Butch A.K.A. Hillary Clinton. They are asking if she is drunk or taking any drugs to behave the way she is behaving. Even Justin Raymondo from Antiwar whose articles are usually right on target is shocked at her behavior. My question is of course are THEY drunk or have they been on drugs or off the planet since Jan 2009 when Mr ZERO Change stepped into power. What have they all been doing since jan 2009, taking a long nap or what to act SO SHOCKED with Big Butch behavior? I mean, come ON! DO I have to point out the most mundane and obvious things yet again??? I guess I do so here goes:
She is NOT doing anything else that her job description requires. and her ho description is as follows: show up all over the place and say the exact opposite of what is going on, and lie ie through your teeth supporting USA imperial power. That's ALL. She is NOT required to tell the truth or help anybody or say what she thinks and feels. She is doing exactly what Condi Rice did during 8 years of Shrub jr's rule. How many times did we all have to sit thorough yet another Rice appearance on Meet the Press for example when she would lie lie lie shamelessly abut iraq and Saddam and everything else under the Sn and the corporate owned media will let her get away with ALL of it? I stopped counting and ever paid any attention to her or what she said; I just knew whatsoever sh said the opposite was true. if she would say Saddam was hiding weapons I knew he wasn't, and so on. So why the heck is the left bloggisphere caught again and surprised?? Are they really THAT dumb??
Of course the main thing here is we are seeing what a vile, nasty reptilian and all around inhuman being Big Butch really is; how she is willing to sell out herself and everything just so she can be in the limelight. of course, she is supporting USA's interests, she is American after all. what will she do, try to make nice with Iran??? USA got a hard on for Iran so Big Butch is just following the script, same as ow she voted for the invasion of Iraq. hellooooooooooo?? Remember THAT little item, left wingers??? is your memory so pathetically short??? Jezuz muther fucken Christ, what the fuck...