Wednesday, September 30, 2009

District 9 VS Avatar. No contest whatsoever, D9 blows Avarat's cutesy aliens outta this Universe.

While Avatar is 100% predicable by-the-numbers self richeous fantasy Hollywood churns weekly to the stupid sheeple, D9 is raw and realistic portrait of what happens when corporations run for profit are allowed to do whatever they want.
It IS true that I havent really seen Avatar except for a 2 minutes trailer, but Hollywood movies are generally SO predicable I can pretty much tell you what happens in most of them and what their ending will be within 89% accuracy. But then again, I havent seen a good Hollywood movie in decades. The last one surprising was Strange Days from 1996 that was produced by Cameron. But Strange Days was nothing more than a fairly successful copy of cool cyberpunk style sci-fi.
Avatar is one of those silly fantasies complete with cute natives with anime like eyes (so we could care for them more) giving the usual liberal lip service with bad CGI. D9 on the hand looks as realistic as it get coming with TV footage talking heads .
I just saw the Avatar trailer and frankly, I am NOT impressed at all. To begin with, I expected a whole different movie from the one presented in the preview(I will discuss that in a minute). Second, this is the absolute best state of the art CG??? At best, it looks like pre Lord of the Ring stuff; I kept on thinking I needed to plug in my console and start playing the game, it looked SO much like a CG for a military style shot 'em up. True, I didn't see in in the IMAC 3D theater but so what?
The story is what I got the biggest problem with. Some people have already named it "Dancing with Wolves in Space" and that's kinda pretty accurate from what I seen.

As its custom, Hollywood LOVES to pay lip service to the so called "liberal" view point yet the problem is exactly that they only pay lip service to it and NOTHING else. Thwe movie is nothing more than story against the colonialism imperialism: in trhe far fture, the Earth send military space ships to mind minerals rich other planets where other less advanced intelligent races live in full harmony with nature. Yes the alien race is different skin color: since they are aliens they are blue thbut they could have easily been red or pink or yellow with slanted eyes. You know, a movie detailing the evils of imperialism is fine and dandy with me, but it's a fantasy after all, how many Americans will make the real connections dn maybe begin to think about exactly WHAT their militarizes are doing in Afghanistan, Iraq, bombing Pakistan, and in the other 127 something bases scattered around the world?? And how many will make the next step to actually try to do something about it? And even if they do, the US Congress/Senate will even listen to them? Besides, the riches of most countries come from outside sources, for example "Great" Britain would never have been so "great" and so rich without its many colonies and its main supplier of wealth: India. Therefore an movie such as this doesn't do anything to fix the injustices of the world; in fact it aggravates them. becuade it's only a silly peace of entertainment used to subdue the masses and make them feel good about themselves but giving them a fantasy tra-lala story

The REAL story of colonialism and imperialism has to be taught in schools to ALL children without any type of censoring and omitting Any facts to be dealt with; it has to be talked about over and ovr and over again until maybe the white man grows up ashamed of what he had done in whole continues of Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia. Then and ONLY then we can maybe then we can prevent it from occurcing, becuade it is STILL occurring in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and many other places. and it will be occurring more and more in the future. a silly shitty movie is not gonna do anything about it except make assholes such as James Cameron richer and make him feel ALL self richeous.

news tid bits

Interesting report appeared recently and I.m finally getting to it: United Korea could be an econimic power US investment bank Goldman Sachs said
Just another reason I can add to my list of reasons as to why the USA is keeping the two Koreas apart and at each other throats. More links at

Sunday, September 27, 2009

And NOW I AM worried, something big IS about to happen

Right on schedule, JUST before the talks between Iran and the "super powers"(who designated them to be super powers anyway???) an event that is tailor made to divert world's attention occurs: Polanski gets arrested after 31 years on the run. Mighty interesting coincidence, the timing is JUST so darn perfect. I am sure I am one of the few people who remember but right before Israel attacked Lebanon a few years ago, a hapless guy was arrested in Thailand who was somehow connected to the death of JonBenet Ramsey. The media gave us breathless updates for the whole week following that while largely ignoring what Israel was doing in the meantime. The pattern is exactly the same: sensationalistic but old case involving children and sexuality.
Tailor made to catch the attention of the drugged masses. ALL the media whores are splashing it on their front pages of course. Of course, I wouldn't expect No less of them.
Or and (that's even more scary) this might mean something else and big is ABOUT to happen and our attention is being diverted early. Ah, the next 49~72 hours will tell me if I am right or wrong. I wish I am wrong this time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11....

The left, the conspiracy lovers and the original conservative Republicans are all horribly stuck and they ain't moving. What are they stuck on? THey are stuck on 9-11 and all of its details; it's has become a full time obsession with them, they have given it countless hours writing articles, posting on blogs, and foaming n the mouth over it over every little detail of 9-11: Termite in the dust, the dancing Iraelies, the missing billions reported right on 9-10, why BBC reported the fall of building 7 before it happened, how can Bush see the first building fall, was it really a plane that hit the Pentagon, the list to choose from is endless, they love it. It's their reason d'etre. It's given their silly lives a meaning, a purpose.

I wanna give them all a free clue: 9-11 was 8 years ago. It was an important event and the government used it to their full advantage. But the government has moved on long time ago; they got other much bigger fishes to fry. Sure, they use the aniversary but that's all. Only these people havent figured out there and other evens going on even much more important. Except for those poor schmucks who still insist on finding the truth of whatreallyhappned on 9-11. Try to tell them 9-11 doesnt really matter aynmore as Nader tried to tell them and watch them go ape shit and start calling you names such as gov shill and so on. Poor schmucks. I bet the US government loves them wasting their time arguing over useless details
while shit is happening in Pakistan and Afghanistan and other places.
So what if termite was found and officially verified by a scientist? SO what if the official story doesnt make any sense? SO what? 9-11 is history, a event that happened in the distant past. Even if the proof is found and exposed what will happen? Will Shrub Jr and everyone involved be prosecuted? What exactly will change if anything? The average sheeple will continue to pay his/hers bills, consume and worry about their jobs and all the billS they have to pay. Plus there is plenty of fake news to keep them occupied sch as the fake ACORN scandal, the ridiculous "heath medical insurance" reform, the killing of this young girl or that young girl, the flood that just happened and there is the new Music Idol season that can't be missed! Will the American sheeple revolt and demand justice? No, they won't. The
government controls our lives to the fullest and all they can do is scream and watse their lives and think they doing something important.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Watching the Fall of an Emipire, part II

Poor, poor Yankies. I can understand how confused and frightened they must be feeling. Losing your iron grip on the world MUST really be a scary feeling. What's worse, knowing things will NEVER be the same must truly be getting to them. No wonder they are acting the way they are acting. Yes I can understand them completly. Maybe they need to talk to the Brits and exchange info on what to do when you lose your number 1 spot in the world. I bet the Brits will eba able to give them some fairly valuble points and some good advice. At least the Yankees will have a sympatetic shoulder to cry on. Snicker. I bet the feeling of that sweet, sweet 1st world lifestyle slipping away from them is making them mental. And you know what? Good, I am glad. They have been controlling the world for the past 60 years, doing pretty much whatever the fuck they wanted, while we had to suffer for their amusement and get by on whatever we can, while they ate well, laughed and had a good time. Well, they got fat and bloated and all that fat from these rich foods got into their brain cell and they got dumb. Not that the average American Yankee ever was a symbol of any high intelligence whatsoever but they were convinced they were "Number 1" baddest mufther effers in the world and now....this. No wonder they are letting complete clowns such as Glen Beck telling them what's wrong and how Obala is a "communist".
No matter how fucked up their government was before, they allowed it and didn't care too much as long as they felt were in good shape economically and they had entertainment and were able to buy that new color TV they wanted and to go and see that singing star. Even if things were bad, they still believed a lot of fantasies and knew their gov will take care of thngs and eventuallt they will still control the world. Well, not anymore. Enjoy your long distance fall, fuckers. The ground is really hard and is coming up fast. Me, Im gonna get some popcorn and enjoy the show you are putitng on for the rest of the world.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Freedom & Democracy" vs Slavery & Security

I live in a little village in the middle of nowhere. It's a peasants' place complete with cows and sheep freely walking the streets, dogs in every house and so on. Early spring this year a homeless dog appeared on our street. We suspected it wasn't wild, most likely it got lost or something because it would come and beg for food but it would run away if we tried to touch it. We started giving it slices of bread and it decided to stick around, running up and down the street but often coming to the door and jumping up and down. Slowly it decided to simply stick close to our yard knowing fully well it would get some food from us sooner or later. We would open thew door and try to invite it in but it would refuse. This played for a month untill it finally got it and I closed to door behind it trapping it inside our yard. A chase inspired but it was too fast, I could never caught it. it staying locked in overnight then somehow it found a way to jump the fence it and it was free again but it soon returned begging for food.
After a while it would finally let me touhc him and it finally decided to even come into the yard on its own. It would leave whenever it felt like it but it always came back after a few hours. I got the idea to tie it up and told that to my mother. we got a chain and a leather collar, collar. I gave it food and while it was distracted i jumped on top of it and tied it up. It didn't struggle too much.
After a few days we wanted to walk it bt we had make the collar too loose because it managed to slip its head out and run away. My mother was distraught but I assured her I was sure it would return. Lo and behold it was in front of our door the very next morning jumping up and down when ti saw us. I invited it and and accepted. I tied it up again. A few days later we had a storm and I went outside to see how it wqas. I saw it had managed to get loose a again, and I saw it running down the street n the rain. I told my mother but I again I said it would return because it had become accustomed to to food we gave it. True e3nouhg it was back within 2 hours. Clearly the dog preferred the safety and security of slavery even it it meant being tied up to the "freedom" but hunger of the street.
Dogs are social primates that like to live in tribes. In this they resemble humans. It would appear they would prefer security over freedom. In my observations humanity is pretty muhc the same; it would always prefer ad chosoe security and slavery vs some imaginary "freedom" Yet the myth of "freedom and democracy" is one of the most cherished fairy tales that is pushed into our heads over and over by the media even against ALL the available evidence that humanity prefers slavery and will happily sell itself for some security. All one has to do is observe people on Monday morning busily rushing to their place of slave labor, excuse me, work. There is nothing more telling than this. nothing more needs to be discussed or argued over.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Behavior, instincs, conditional behavior and so on.

I got a somewhat intense phobia of spiders. I find them both scary and disgusting yet somewhat interesting from mechanical point of view. (My fav Japanese artist Masamune Shirow uses spiders in his designs) I scream like a little girl if a spider is on me. To combat that fear I have been catching the spiders who walk on the walls of my room and watching them. I have been doing this for 2 years now every summer. I would put them inside a plastic cap for DVD folder and let them live there for as long as the can last. Some do last a while, one lasted for 3 months untill it feed it to a prying mantis I had also caught. But this is not really important. What is interesting is all this observations have taught me interesting facts about sociology psychological behavior or animals. By their nature, spiders and solitary predators. They are also cannibals, meaning they will eat one another if the possibility arises. Therefore, spiders tend to run away from one another and don't stand close to each other if possible.
Yet this behavior is drastically altered when I catch and put two spiders together inside one plastic spindle. Surprise surprise, spiders do not attack one another if they are equal size, and they can even stand close to each other. Strange indeed. So spiders (rather lowly animals on the evolutionary scale) modify their behavior when they are in different conditions. Same as pretty much every other animal in existence, including primates, mammals and man. This shows animals will behave in a different manner depending on the conditions they are placed in; even their instincts are altered.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Shit is about to hit the fan.

The signs are ALL there. US's economy is NOT improving so Mr Change has given Iran until the end of September or they wil try to strange them with a gas embargo that will most likely bring Iran to their knees economically. In turn, Chavez pledged that he will give Iran 300.000 of refined gasoline per day. Russia and China will (most likely)
veto any more sanctions rendering any UN actions useless. Now Netenyahu went to Russia to ask them to stop selling arms to Iran. Wonder what he offered them in return.
Now UN is warning the dollar has to stop being world's reserve currency and the world needs a new one. Since when is UN a n economic organization??? Last time I checked, they were a political organization. China is warning USA to stop printing dollars or they might just star buying gold. Derivatives arte in the toilet. Yeah, something is about to happen and most oikely it will be the start of WWIII. They want it. They NEED it. They are gonna have it. They are slowly preparing us fr the major event and we know it, it the back of our heads yet we refuse to acknowledge it, same as how people thend to disregard signs until they ht them in the nose.
You know I been wondering for a while now how the Jews would try to maintain their grip on world power sicne the nexus of world has moved deep inot Asia. Introducing a new world currency that everyone will be forced to sue will be one very clever way of accomplishing that.
Forget about 9-11. The event hwas been used up and is merely now a onc a year mythology even designed to stroke emotions.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do Jews have a trademark on Holocaust™?

We are yet again reminded of the Jewish Holocaust™ (TM). Now some Jews who were kids during the Holocaust™ are recreating their train journeys, and of course Drudge HAS TO link to it like its such a BIG BIG very important news. The WWII Jewish
Holocaust™ happened almost 70 years ago. That's a generation ago. Yet we are still bombarded almost daily with unearthed "news" about it. Seems we have to be reminded of it or else we will forget about it or something. Yet we are never told about all
the other Holocausts that have happened during the decades and centuries previous to the Jewish Holocaust™. Neither we are told of the ongoing Holocausts happening RIGHT NOW in places such as Kongo, Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan(90 people killed in a
new NATO attack)

Let's list some other Holocausts that happened:
1. The Holocaust of The Native Americans from the North American, Central American and South American by the and of the Spaniards, French, British Dutch and pretty much ALL Western European. By some estimates 12 million Native Americans died JUST in North America alone. The white European settlers used bio weapon by giving them small pox infected blankets. Another way of exterminating the "red vermin" was to exterminate their main food supply: the buffalo ths making sure the vermin would starve to death. When was the last time we saw a movie about that? Yet Hollywood keeps on churning one Jewish Holocaust™ movie after another. Where are the serious scholarly works carefully investigating the facts and making sure we all know what
the white man did in North and South American? Nowhere to be seen.

2. the Indian Holocaust of 1860s when around 10 million Hindus including women and children were massacred or left to starve to death by the British because the Hindus organized an uprising. But hey, it was a long time ago, right, so who cares?

3. The Armenian Holocaust of 1915 when around 1.5 million Armenians were massacred by the Turkish army when they organized a rebellion in East Turkey. The Armenians have been trying for decades to have the massacre designated as a Holocaust but the
jews have been preventing them from doing so.

4. The Ukrainian Holocaust where around a few million people died when Stalin left the Ukrainians to simply starve during the 1930s. By some estimates at least 2 to 6 million people died. Some scholars say a lot more but nobody knows because no records were kept.

These are the Holocausts that I know of. if you paid attention some of them involved numbers bigger than the 6 million numbers cited by the Jews during WWII. I am sure there are many other holocausts that happened in Africa, Asia and all over.

So what does my list prove if it proves anything at all? It proves Humanity has a long history of killing one another for under different pretenses but the basics reason is the same: to grab the land and the resources the people were on. the people Human history is one Holocaust after another. the Jews neither own the Holocaust nor is their Holocaust the biggest number wise. Yeah let the anti Semite calling begin.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Untill the end of September

So Mr Change is giving Iran until the end of September to accept unconditional talks on their nuclear program (NOTE: which he has NEVER provided ANY evidence at all that it exists What's more, the head of IEA has said there is NO evidence the nuclear program is used to any illigal means plus Mr Change is contradicting its own CIA) Unfortunately, I foresee the beginning of what might be WWIII.

The audacity of Mr Change is totally understandable, given the sorry state of USA's economy and given the fact the ONLY way the so called "capitalism" gets out of trouble is to either start a major war or invade a land rich or resources so they can exploit it. Since they cannot just invade Iran outright, and since they KNOW very well Russia and China WILL not vote for any more economy sanctions(at least i hope so but both Russia and China have shown in the past they can talk with forked tongue and can wiggle around and be as dishonest as USA), the ONLY option left for USA is to stir some kinda shit that will escalate into a major world war so they can jump start their economy.

Yes. it IS a cliche, but cliches are cliches exactly because they are right. yes USA economy IS military industrial economy. USA's economy has been tied to military ever since the mid 1940s when it used the excuse of WWII to rescue their failing "capitalism". USA need a major war ever new decade to keep their economy going. Simple look at the last 70 years shows how many wars USA has started:
0: 1940s: WWII under the fake false attack on Pearl Harbor
1. 1950s: the Korean war.
2. 1960s Vietnam war started on totally false premises and lies, exactly the same as first and second Iraq invasion
3. 1970s Vietnam war ends. Notice how sorry the state of USA economy became with no war in sight
4. 1980s Reagan's few quick victories against Grenada and Libya; early 80s were also bad economically, yet again proving war is tied to how well USA economy performs
5. 1990s first Iraq invasion (largely based on the fake testimony of the daughter of Kuwait official)
6. 2000s: second Iraq invasion under the pretext of "searching for "weapons of mass distraction" that were NEVER found.