Friday, September 14, 2012

"The Arab Spring" bites the hand that supposetly fed it

In the Corporate Owned western media, the "Arab Spring" was presented as a new era in the Arab world. Commentators gushed over it, pointing to "new technologies" that supposedly made it possible: th Internet, Tweeter, Youtube and so on. Just like "The Color Coded Revolutions" that rocked the Communist world a decade world, "The Arab Spring" was a sign the Arab world finally wanted the fabled "freedom and democracy" the Western world had been enjoying for so long. How quickly the world turns, indeed. In reality, "The Arab Spring" was the latest fabrication, the latest fantasy fable created for the consumption of the dumbed down masses in USA, UK, France and other. It was created to hide the truth: most of the countries that had revolutions were fighting gains dictators that were directly being financed by USA itself. Countries such as Egypt, where Mubarak was given financial aid numbering in the millions for over 30 years by the USA. It's very telling how the following western power's pals never were required to have "the Arab Spring": Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait. In fact, Saudi Arabia is the one that needs "The Arab Spring" most of all; but people there are forbidden by law to even protest! Forget about "freedom of the press, freedom of gays, freedom of women, etc etc etc. But somehow these things were NEVER mentioned by the Corporate Owned western media that always had time to inform us how many people had died in Syria that particular day. Now the Corporate Owned media istryign to again put a spin on the events. This is hardly about "religion". If anyone really think this is about "insulting their religion" you are either deluded or deliberately trying to delude your readers. The Arabs are simply tired of being played for the fools for so long and being exterminated via high tech flying death machines and this is the REAL "Arab Spring" the Western Corporate Owned media invented to hide the truth. But since it's NOT going the way US wants it, then it's about "religion" and the "freedom of speech" the Egyptian who made the "movie" and all those empty slogans. So how is USA/Western world dealing with the REAL Arab Spring? Very, very badly indeed. Good. What a good wake up call. STOP f*cking with them and leave them alone. They don't want your so called "help", they never did. Damn that new technology, indeed!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"The Middle class" fantasy bullshit

The politicians, be it Mr Change or Mr Roboto are ALWAYS pandering to the Middle Class™. They are always talking about "creating enough jobs" for The Middle Class™. They are ALWAYS pledging to support The Middle Class™. They are ALWAYS talking about how terrible it is right now for the The Middle Class™. That Middle Class™ is one important class, lemme tell ya. And they are right of course. In basic 20th century "Capitalism" it is the Middle Class™ that pays the most taxes and consumes all the manufactured junk thus creating both profit for the corporations AND taxes for government(both state and Federal). In short, without The Middle Class™ "Capitalism" as we know it won't exist. Problem is, The Middle Class™ is fast becoming an engendered species in both USA and Europe. So what to do and how to save the so important Middle Class™??? Well, can The Middle Class™ actually be saved from extinction? Let's begin by looking at the history of The Middle Class™. As a matter of fact, The Middle Class™ is a rather recent phenomenon. It began to appear in the late 1940s 1950s, right after WWII. So, they have only been around for one generation, really. That's only a few seconds of the total recorded Humanity's time. Kinda surprising I know, but the truth is often unpleasant. Well, with the world economy undergoing drastic changes, why shouldn't the class system change too? Maybe the passing of The Middle Class™ is also a completely natural phenomenon that cannot be stopped and altered no matter how much the politicians are pandering and lying through their teeth. Maybe The Middle Class™ is actually a fluke, an aberration, destined to disappear faster than we can say Middle Class™. I been thinking along this lines for a while. Not surprisingly, I read 2 articles yesterday that supported my theory and gave me a Satori like flash of understanding. One of the articles, talking about a film documentary about Detroit, bluntly asked: "Considering how relatively small chunk of history The Middle Class™ took, why did anyone think the middle-class consumerism was "normal" and will continue forever?" The other was a comment on an the article at the, one of the best most intelligent alternative newspapers around that i have been reading for the past 8 years. The commenter said: "The middle class is a historical aberration, a transient phenomenon." "Right on", I thought, "you nailed it right on the head, pal"! Then I shuddered. Considering how many millions of dumb Americans think they are part of the fabled Middle Class™, what will they do when they found out they have been lied to all their lives and they will have to change status and become The Poor Class™?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adam Smith, one of the biggest bullshitters ever

The fake so called "Capitalists" are always finding ways to put Karl Marx down, to make fun of him and have written many books and articles totally dismissing his theories or taking them apart to show just how wrong he was. Yet the same fakers have a mythical guru of their very own: Adam (I know what will happen 200 years on the future) Smith. Why can't Communists have a teacher guru while "Capitalists" can? Supposedly Adam Smith was SO smart and lucid, he knew exactly how "Capitalism" would evolve and he had a fort-sight of what will happen, even 200 years into the future. That's some lucidity indeed. Even today the fake "Capitalists" would say in an argument: "Just read Adam Smith and you would understand!", pretty much the same way Christians insist all I need to do is read The Babble and somehow I'd "get it" and become a believer. Adam Smith was a joke. He insisted greed was good and it was helpful when history has proven him wrong over and over and over. He created a magical force called "the invisible hand of Capitalism" that somehow corrects Capitalism so eventually everything in Capitalism becomes honkey dory again. What a bullshitter, really.