Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is what *real* democracy is, Europe.

How dare those Greeks demand a real democratic vote and don't just roll over and do as they are told by their big brothers and sisters? Damn those Greeks, I say!
HA! I must say that was a totally unexpected AND awesome move by Greece. Throws a monkey rench right in the middle of the plan. Of course whoever is engineering this behind the scenes is furiously taking notes for the next time. Goes to show once again all the best plans made by mice and men can be derailed when it comes to humans; the best we can do is act as unpredictable as we can when we are faced with a tough problem. This has saved me several times in the past myself so i know this from a personal experience. Good for you, Greece!
Speaking honestly, the BEST thing for Greece will be to stop using the Euro and go back to using their own currency. Even if they collapse so what>? The worst has already happened; the average Greek has been stripped and humiliated and made a lave to EU and IMF down to several generations.