Monday, January 21, 2013

"Free press" eh?

I been without an Internet connection for a whole 2 months recently because of yet another move. It's been an interesting and very educational experience in more ways than one. I been reduced to go to daily treks to Ralphs and Starbucks and use their Internet to catch up on the stuff I missed. needless to say it's been an eye opening experience. When France attacked and invaded Mali, of course I was fairly interesting in hearing/reading as much as possible about it. Surprise, surprise, the supposedly free USA press decided to instead go with another story, talking non stop about some football asshole who created imaginary girlfriend who he supposedly met on the Internets and got supposedly got duped when it turned out she didn't exist. Wow, that is SUCH a huge and important story, I'm sure, the FOX TV news station had to use 15 minutes of it's airtime to talk about it instead of maybe mentioning the Mali invasion. But no such luck. Worse even CNN and other supposedly free press corporation are totally mum about Mali and the French. The USA and the Western world are always bashing China and how they censor their news. yet they have been quiet on the French invasion of Mali for a week now. I had to go to Alijezzira to find news about the French. So much for the so called "free press" of USA.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fantasy VS Reality

USA has always been exceedingly good and creating fantasy fables about itself, i.e. lying through its teeth about itself. Over the decades it has created hundreds of myths: "freedom and democracy that doesn't exist anyplace else", "land of opportunities, "all men created equal" and so on. These myths have been able to persists over the decades due to the simple fact that people are very happy when somebody lies to them and tells them what they wanna hear. After all, Reality and its ugly truths are much harder to deal with. Take the latest myth that skilfully mixes lies and propaganda: the movie about the Killing of Osama Bin Alladin: Zero Dark Thirty. You know, Im getting seriously tired of repeating the trth over an d over but I guess I have to speak it one more time so hear it goes: Bin Alladin was never officially charged with 9-11. Even FBI's official web site didn't list him as such. Bin Alladin even publicly went on record to say he had nothing to do with 9-11. Bin Alladin used to work for the CIA during the 1980s. Bin Alladin was not heard from since 2001 and nobody knows when he really died. No official photos exits to show he was killed. Why would USA kill him, he would be infinitely more valuable alive than dead.As presented, the official 91-11 story doesnt hold water. Iraq didnt have ANY "weapons of mass distraction" yet USA attacked it anyway. USA has NOT showed ANY evidence Iran has a nuclear program. And so on and so on and so on. I'm tired of repeating myself over. But USA always needs a "bad guy" so presto: a movie is created that shamelessly mixes fact and outright lies and is presented to the USA public. The public, dumb as it is, eats it up. I can imagine future generations watching this piece of pure propaganda and learning its history from there. Amazing bullshit continues non stop.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 and Ann Coultier won't read/watch the news no more!

Isn't that a nice present??? SO how will she know what the so called liberals are up to so she can screech about them? Mebbe she has finally ran out of things to say? Say it isn't so Annie. Wish Rush (Mr Pills) will do the same, but no such luck. Ah well, only idiots will believe he is telling any resemblance to the truth. Mebbe I should do what Annie (I got Adam's apple) does and talk about random shit. letz see...Jean Michel Jarre is saying he will quit France over high taxes. FUCK you, Jean. You haven't made a good record in decades anyway fuckface. Depardiue too. Go fuck yourself, you rich bastard And take that senile bitch Bardo with you too. Taxes are what make a country go around you morons. Take an economics class you fuckers. In other news, Chaves seems to be on his way out. Oh well. He should have taken it easy and not try to do all the work himself. Im sure Americans are secretly snickering and leering, and preparing to take over once he is dead. At least Castro is hanging in there. Im sure he will live at least to see 90. Good for him.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The "fiscal cliff"

So. The much screamed about, much "taken-out-of-context" much "lets-play-our-latest-Pavlovian-games-with-the-dumb-serfs" "fiscal cliff" turned out NOT to be much of a cliff after all. Not even a decline really. Not even(insert your own metaphor here). Whatta surprise eh? I am SO shocked I tell ya. So. Now I wonder what the next scare thing the COM(Corporate Owned media) is preparing to blast our puny brains with so we can't think straight for a minute. Greece? The EU? The always ready stand by latest "terrorist threat"? After all, there is only two possible way to control the serfs: through pleasure or through fear. Since USA can't control its dumb populace through pleasure as much as it used to, the fear is the only thing they got left. It's all simple Psychology 101 really.