Monday, February 22, 2010

5 things the silly left were very wrong about:

1. Mr Change the white knight savior himself who was gonna reverse EVERYTHING
Shrub jr had done. Oops!

2. The fabled charges against Shrub jr and all the other neocons who started the
illegal "war against terrorism" against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on.

3. The fabled "fall of the dollar" that was supposed to happen last year, last
month, last week, yesterday, no, ANY day now!

4. The fabled "Amero" that was supposed to be implemented by the fabled North
American Union

5. The fabled "North American Union" that was supposed to remove USA's sovereignty
and plunge the American citizens into a 3rd world country

6. The "Vietnam moment" that was supposed to happen to the US forces in Iraq. oops too bad guyz!!

Did I say 5? oops, I guess I was wrong, I found more than 5!

Friday, February 19, 2010

And they call it "capitalism", part 2

I used to bristle with anger when I'd often read the predicable bullshit of some shill who would always blame "the Unions" for asking "too much money" for the workers in USA. Whenever there was a discussion about Unions and corporations, this shill would somehow ALWAYS appear and spill his crap on the comments page. yet that shill ever had ANY trouble with a CEO getting millions in payment. The latest news about such payment is the GE CEO getting $9 Million Pay Package I guess it's OK for the CEO to receive ridiculous large salary but NOT OK for the Unions to ask for good pay for the workers. Yeah, it's "capitalism" all right.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

and they call it "capitalism"

The latest crisis in Greece has exposed what a total failure the fake "capitalism" of the late 20th/early 21 century has become. The whole thing is beyond ridicilous; it's a total farce. Greece is failing yet EU won't help it but it demands Greece somehow fixes itself.
Some people will say: well that's because EU are not truly capitalism but are socialism. What a bunch of bullshit; these people use terms they deliberately misinterpret to suit their crap. Socialism and communism mere names reveals what they are: they are a collective, caring for the individuals society. That is what the word "social" means in its dictionary use after all. EU has nothing to do with socialism and or communism; it's a fake union designed to benefit large companies and to subdue and exploit people and available natural resources of Europe. Europe has been too socialistic for far too long; it was time to curb that and the EU accomplished that beautifully.
Real socialism/communism has nothing to do with a system where several large banks are essentially controlling ALL the commerce by issuing and controlling the main currency used and by issuing and controlling loans to large and small corporations and people so they can do commerce. That's not capitalism either; it's got NOTHIGN to do with Adam Smith's style capitalism or Keynesian capitalism or any real capitalism. It's fascistic corporatism that is now being practiced in USA and japan and pretty much all over the world.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Sun never stopped having sunspots

I keep on reading how The Sun is in an unusually quiet solar minimum and we havent had any sun spots for a while; more total bullshit. I check and the Sun never stopped having spots, small or large., As a matter of fact, th Sun is having a "Behemoth sunspot 1045 is crackling with M-class solar flares" and there is a photo of it too:
Come on guys, why dont you check how the sun really is once in a while before you reveal yourselves the fools you really are.

Speaking of weird Sun related weather, yes, USA IS covered in deep snow but Vancouver is missing the snow it needs for the Olympic games and as a matter of fact is having an unusually warm weather. Even the Drudge who is a denier of global warming didn't wanna pass up on this story and he make a link to it:
Don't you think its a bit strange that Vancouver is having "an unusually warm weather", Drudge? But then I have always suspected intelligence aint his strong point.

Monday, February 8, 2010

20th century, the century of the Jew

20th Century was the century of the Jew. Yes, the majority of the thinkers and leaders who dominated the 20th century were in fact Jewish: from Karl Marx to Einstein to Freud to Lenin, to Hitler and so on down the line. USA was a small insignificant country until the end of WWII when it came out unscanted economically (and in fact made a lot of money from the war) and quickly filled the void left by its predecesor the "great" UK. The Jew began to rule by proxy via USA's influence.
Fast foward to the 21 century that was supposed to be USA's century. China is becoming world power; the USA is faltering and along with it, the Jewish influence over world finance and commerce is fading too. Therefore, big battle (there are several, this is one of the biggest being fought) is how the Jew will try to keep his power over the world; China is NOT under ANY type of Jewish influence in any fashion of form. China is hardly gonna listen to any Jew, even with his billions and influence. What will the Jews do? I do not expect them to stand idly by; neither will USDA allow China to take over. This will be the big change in the new century: How will the new masters of the world, NON Jew act and behave? Interesting times we live in.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random new items

The latest news coming out of Iraq is not good. Turns out a lot of are simply banned barred from participating in the up0pcomign Iraqi "elections" So for all the breathless reports about Iraqi "democracy" how can it be a real "democracy" when people cannot run in an election? SO all those photos of Iraqis waving purple fingers at the camera turn out to be just more propaganda. What a surprise, I say!
Things are SO bad, Biden is being dispatched to Iraq. So much for "democracy".
Speaking of the "only" "democracy" in the Middle East, how come USA is has never pressured Saudi Arabia or Kuwait to become more "democratic"? If "democracy" is such a desired state of country Saudi Arabia and all those other countries run by kings should be required to become MORE democratic, no? But I guess "democracy" is only desirable in Iraq and NOT in USA's pals. LOVE the double standard. But let's NOT metion that anywhere, less the sheeple begin to think and we wouldn't want THAT would e?