Monday, June 28, 2010

Message to the Afgan Freedom fighters.

I must admit, I am in love with you guys. for 9 years now you been showing the world how a rag tag group of partisan supposedly backwards people are able to defeat and hold their own against a billion dollar army equipped with the latest in technology. I more than admire you. I am awe. Thanks to you I still see hope in this fucked up workd where a bunch of imperialistic assholes think they can control the world and its riches however they desire. You have shown them just how wrong they can be. Hold on tight guys, it's almost over and you would have won yet another decisive victory. Just a few more years and NATO will have to get the 'eff out of Afghanistan just like Soviet Union did and just like Alexander "the Great" did a while back. You got MY respect, you tough muther effers. I salute you! Keep up the great work, guys!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I been holding off on writing anything about the free Gaza flotilla/Israeli incident becuase I was waiting for ALL the facts to come in. Now that they are all in more or less, it is obvious Turkey was seeking some kind of confrontation with Israel s the story can get out and Israel will lose by winning. Perfect stratagem right from pages of Game Theory in effect. Congrats on Turkey for strategy well played; but did 19 people have to die? Did they sacrifice their lives willingly? Would they have gone if they knew they were about to die? Was Gaza THAT important to them?
After all the very first thought I had when I read about the Freedom Flotilla was: but Israel wont let them in obviously; they WILL be stopped by force. Hopefully I said to myself thse people have been briefed on *proper* behavior BEFORE they left so they kow not to appear hostile cuz the Israelis will NOT think twice and shoot their ass."
So far so good. Then Monday came and the massacre occurred. The world was flamed; predictably USA defended Israel; predictably UN did nothing. WHoever stared this knew what they were doing: Israel lost by winning. All one has to do is study game theory to see perfect plan executed.
No matter what the leftist bloggers say, these people KNEW and wanted a confrontation with Israel. so they weren't 100% innocent in this. People died; ok the final result is Egypt opened their border so no matter what Israel does now it's all over. As it is all over for 19 people who I dont really know why exactly gave their lives.