Friday, September 5, 2008

Reading them for the lulz.

I read quite a few news web sites both fringe and corporate owned daily. Plus I check a few blogs. Shannon theory of information's states that when you know what somebody will say before they say it means they have given you 0 (that's zero as in nada, nothing, nichevo, nande mo nai yo) new information. For example an average Bush/Cheney speech carries 0 information because it's 100% predicable. Several of the blogs and web sites I read also give me 0 information, but I read them mainly for the lulz. is oen such web site. I keep on going back to it because Rivero of keeps on linking to it whenever it gets updated. I guess Rivero feels you ought to read it. But I can tell you do NOT bother. Really. The guy who runs got nothing to say. After rerading him for 2 years now I have yet to learn a single new fact from him. It's 100% totally predicable. His poetic way of talking about the evil men who run the world is good but he never says anything of substance. So what if he talks about how evil Bush and Cheney are? So what if he talks about human nature and the need to be He sounds like a hippy: Love will save the world, here is a flower, solder." he has yet to offer anything or any constructive way of dealing with the world situation we are in. Just some belly button gazing. At least Rivero from whatreallyhappened offers me some news links I won't be able to find anyplace else. is another web site I read strictly for the lulz. There is one guy there by the pen name of Casper who keeps on writing increasingly bizzare news updates about some trigger packs that he is expecting to be delivered from god know where for a while now. They must be some hell of important packets cuz so far he has everyone from M5, M6, the British Queen, Bush Senior, Clinton, the Supreme court judges, the mafia, Trump, Gates and others trying to stop those packets from being delivered. For a while I was trying to figure out what those packets were; I ever wrote several emails asking them to please explains those mysterious packates but got no response from them. As far as I can figure it out they got something to do with the new law that's supposed to make the US banks compliant called the BASEL-II. Or maybe NOT. Casper's world read like a bad bad spy novel, where plot twists appear out of no where and he just throws famous people's names for the effect. Reading him strickly for the lulz.

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