Friday, October 17, 2008

tid bits news for the day:

1. So turns out "Joe the Plumber" isn't
0. Joe what's his name I forgot already McCain
1. a plumber,
2. owns back taxes,
3. doesn't make 250.000
4. isn't about to buy a 250.000 business.
Say it isn't so! Frankly I am shocked, I tell you, simply s-h-o-c-k-e-d! And I almost believed he was real. Almost.

2. Fecesbook is devastatingly boring. Yeawnsville. Worst waste of time and that's hard to top on the internets. Oh well, maybe it's jealousy talking since the guy who made it is a zillionare.

3. Obama won all 3 presidential debates. What a big surprise. Next!

4. The stock market is finally up. Woohoo, I am excited! This is a sure indication the world is NOT headed toward recession. Yeah, right.

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