Friday, November 7, 2008

Saturday 11-08-2008

Rush "Pills" Limbaud has thrown himself full swing into bashing Obama by claiming the latest stock market fall is directly caused from choosing Obama as a president. He now talks of "Obama recession". How utterly predicable.
Actually Obama IS as much as the neocons' front man as Shrub Jr was. The only difference is McSame would have attacked Iran to celebrate his inauguration while Obama will turn his sights onto Afghanistan and Pakistan. Since I fully see Obama as one term prez due to the huge disappointment he will soon generate, the Neocons are already busy preparing the battleground for 2012. The war for the natural resources gold hasn't stopped either. It is just taking a breather.
In other news, the truly pathetic An Coultier is left grasping at straws. As funny as she is, she is also sad. The only clever thing she found to say in her current new column is to mention Obama's middle name: Hussein. Left me shaking my head.
Recently I checked Thomas Sowell's web site to see maybe if I had misunderstood him and maybe just maybe I can learn something from a man supposedly as highly intelligent as he is. I left after 2 minute, fast. The man is nothing more than Neocons' mouthpiece. He is now babbling about "Iranian nuclear thread" when every inteligent person know there is NO such thing. Even UN's nuclear watchdog will tell you so.

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