Friday, March 20, 2009

news tidbits for 03-20-2009

Yes, it does sound great that Obama is offering "friendship" to Iran and the Iranian people.
But for the whole thing to be true and not just another hypocritical move, Omaba should instead remove the heavy economic sanctions imposed against Iran. Thew old saying don't listen to what politicians say but what they do still holds true. That and ONLY that Omaba will show he is really willing to talk to Iran. Untill then, the Iranian should take this as just another proof USA is nothing more than hypocritical liar. As usual.

The Federal Reserve would pump an extra $1 trillion into the financial system by purchasing Treasury bonds and mortgage securities. You can read it at:
That's the same as if a husband gives his wife a loan, or the same if you give yourself a loan. Makes perfect sense, right? Well, in today's world it does. Ever since the USA, Europe/japan and all so called "capitalist" countries began saving their banks by pouring trillions into them. The establishment is still trying to sell you the belief that bankers are performing a needed function in today's world. That is certainly true in the way their world operate: credit driven capital economies founded on debt-based fiat currency (so called money) issued by central banks.

Not surprisingly, Mr Murdoch has come out in defense of Israel.
The ridiculousness level is reached when he claims The West's mere existence is tied to the existence of Israel itself! Personally, I fail to see how the West and Isreal are tied at the hip. Maybe because Isreal is a malignant tumor and its feeding on its host the west and has dug itself so deep inside the West, removing it would endanger its host.

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