Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spieldberg's sudden concern about Darfur smells of more China bashing

So yesterday I was checking CNN as usual and of course I ran across the obvious China bashing and let's fill more media with out "boycott the Olympic games because they are in China bullshit". This time it's his own Hollywood wonder kid Steven Spielberg.

Huh? Since when is China responsible for what may be happening in Darfur? Oh, it's because China buys Somalia's oil and thus it supports the thugs who rule there. Let's see, last time I checked Saudi Arabia wasn't the shining beacon of "freedom and democracy", they are still in the Dark Ages as far as the rest of the world is, yet USA has been buying their oil for oh the last 60+ years. China itself has committed numerous human rights violations(according to many reports) yet USA has NO problem buying TONS of consumer products from them. I can list numerous many examples if you care, but 2 are enough. Can you say "double standards", kids? I KNEW you could!

Wasn't USA involved in Somalia and Darfur anyway? Several times in fact? In the 1990s in fact? The questions start pouring out of me. Why hasn't the media been "informing" us about this? Why hasn't the angry UN done something? IN fact why hasn't Spielberg gone in front of UN and demanded action? Hasn't this problem been going on for the last 10 or more years? Why exactly right now has Spielberg chosen to act out?
The AHA! moment came when a small key sentence caught my eye: China buys 2/3 of Sudan's oil. So THAT"s why is has USA been involved there! Another piece of the puzzle falls in place; since most of the oil USA uses is bough off Canada and Mexico WHY was USA involved in securing the Middle East oil? The answer stares in me right in the face: USA wants to control world oil, not for themselves only but as to who it gets sold to; and by controlling it and acting as a middleman USA will get a piece of the pie plus it can control oil consuming economies of both Europe India AND China.

I would suggest to China do several things: refuse to grand Spielberg a visa in the future; publicly denounce what he has said as ridiculous(They have done so) l blacklist him so he NEVER gets visa in the future for him and his family and refuse to grand him anyway if he wants to make movies in China.


Joe said...

You should a:) learn to write properly and spell in English; b.) Read (a lot) before you pass judgement on whatreallyhappened;
c.) Decide who you want to believe in (such as the Shrub or Putin);
d.) Get a clue yourself; & e.) Crawl back to the Hellhole you came from and stay there.

Anonymous said...

You say that you like your "American" lifestyle?
You say that you want to keep all that stolen "ool"?
You better be scared right now, bc you are about to lose your wealth.
You better be scared right now, bc the only profit on "ool" goes to the oil sector private companies, while you get to pay the bill for stealing it.
We don't need "ool". Long time ago, alternative sources of free energy technology has been invented, but the "ool" sector bought up the patents on these inventions, and is sitting on them until their projected "Peak" "ool" is reached, sometime around 2068. Until then, they intend to bleed us dry, and they are doing a good job of that at over three bucks a gallon. Who is profiting?
Not Americans.
You should be scared right now.
Your blindness may keep you numb to the world, but when you can't pay your ticket, you will be sleeping in your car, with your dog, just like everyone else.
You better start canning some vegetables, and get yourself ready to start walking.

petkov said...

to Joe: I don't believe ANY of them; they are ALL liars. You actually think I believe Putin or Shrub Jr?
FYI, I started learning English when I was 17 so English is NOT my native language. I speak Bulgaria and Russian beside it. How many languages do you speak besides English?

to Katfc2l:
last time I checked the USA oil companies were making record profits. Oops, there goes your saying Americans don't profit. Yeah they do. You need to buy some of their stock bud. It's NOT MY problem you are an idiot.
DO you honestly think alternative sources of energy will be able to sustain 6.5 billion people the way oil does today? I mean really think so? Talk about dreaming.