Thursday, February 14, 2008

Americans truly crack me up, I swear!

I LOVE reading all them articles from,, and all the other progressive or whatever they call themselves web sites.

They all are willing to talk about how bad Bush is, and how he is ruining their beloved USA.

Come on, please buy a clue finally! That Rimondo from IS willing to admit USA is military-industrial complex(finally) when it suits him. He fancies himself a knowledgeable man, I gather. hasn't he bothered to check USA history? USA has been relating on war ever since the 1940s when it figured out how profitable war can be. What is the difference between the fully fictitious Soviet thread that made the USA declare the 5 decades long "cold war" and the fully fictions 'war on terror" and "Islamic thread"? Both are serving one purpose: to keep the war machine humming and the profits(for certain companies) rolling in.

This made the same lifestyle Rimondo grew up in nice and rich, while I had to suffer poverty living behind the "iron curtain" because the USA and its cronies wouldn't let the Communist block compete on equal ground with "capitalism" all through the 20th century. No wonder communism collapsed; it couldn't continue. Reagan killed it economically. The supreme irony is how China (a communist country) WILL beat USA soon. So communism WILL beat capitalism eventually.


Greg Bacon said...

No doubt about it, the US is a dangerous and very violent country.

We immigrated here and one of the first things we did was to slaughter the Native Americans, this after they showed our dumbass ancestors how to survive a New England winter.

When we weren't busy lying and stealing from the Indians--400 treaties we signed and didn't honor a one--we got started on our lifestyle of living large on other people's backs, mainly the Africans we stole from Africa and forced them to come and slave in America.

A very lucrative practice that went on for over 250 years.

After we "liberted" the slaves, we treated them like some type of plague, enforcing a kind of economic slavery.

We've been all over the world, invading nations and overthrowing governments that wouldn't get down and kiss our rather fat asses.

Now, in our twilight years, we're picking on our own, leading the world in the number of prisoners and in the amount of military hardware we make and use to keep our lifestyle as it is.

Too late, we're like some huge beast, that is intent on devouring itself.

Visible said...

just in case you miss my response to you at my blog where you left your pecker tracks.

Petkov; I don't like to refer to someone as a dickhead but you seem to qualify. You come stomping in here now and then, half sneering and half whining about useless blogs while you yourself have a blog called "Cutting through the Bullshit." This makes you a hypocrite. Actually bloggers are the cutting edge of awareness right now. It is bloggers who have materialized a new media in the midst of the shitheap of the present status quo.

In the past no one heard any of the things that bloggers now present. Bitch Media wouldn't hire them. There was nothing but empty McDonald's styrofoam containers blowing across the empty lot of the collective mind like something out of American Beauty.

Finally... chest pushing your way into virtual rooms where you do not live and shouting for everyone to recognize you and then not having anything to say when they do is not the hallmark of a great communicator. I think your real problem is that you don't appreciate other people getting the attention that you feel is due you.

Some blogs got big in a hurry because they had Bitch Medias money behind them. For most of the rest of us it has happened, in whatever small way it has happened, due to holding to principles and possessing some measure of articulation. The consistency eventually finds an audience. Stop pretending you're a small dog barking at shadows and do something if you want something done. Don't harangue others as if you just got appointed stepfather to the world.

Visible said...

This isn't the way to draw traffic to your blog. I posted your comment not because of a dare but because, although it was badly written; not helpful, doesn't have anything to do with this blog, entertaining or so on and so forth... I published it because it means a lot to you for reasons beyond my understanding.

You are in the wrong place. Nothing you say applies here, in fact we do what we can here about these very things. So, either you are more or less deranged or this is another silly putty sock puppet. I won't print any more of this sort of thing but, for the record, I did this so that you could see this. Be well.

petkov said...

Hm, let me get this straight: so you only allow posts you like to appear on your blog ey? I been writing there all the time and you FINALLY allow that post to appear. Oh thank you great one, thank you! Should I be kissing your fit Yehova for allowing my post finally to appear?
FYI, calling people names doesn't a good argument make. Just so you know