Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random new items

The latest news coming out of Iraq is not good. Turns out a lot of are simply banned barred from participating in the up0pcomign Iraqi "elections" So for all the breathless reports about Iraqi "democracy" how can it be a real "democracy" when people cannot run in an election? SO all those photos of Iraqis waving purple fingers at the camera turn out to be just more propaganda. What a surprise, I say!
Things are SO bad, Biden is being dispatched to Iraq. So much for "democracy".
Speaking of the "only" "democracy" in the Middle East, how come USA is has never pressured Saudi Arabia or Kuwait to become more "democratic"? If "democracy" is such a desired state of country Saudi Arabia and all those other countries run by kings should be required to become MORE democratic, no? But I guess "democracy" is only desirable in Iraq and NOT in USA's pals. LOVE the double standard. But let's NOT metion that anywhere, less the sheeple begin to think and we wouldn't want THAT would e?

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