Monday, February 8, 2010

20th century, the century of the Jew

20th Century was the century of the Jew. Yes, the majority of the thinkers and leaders who dominated the 20th century were in fact Jewish: from Karl Marx to Einstein to Freud to Lenin, to Hitler and so on down the line. USA was a small insignificant country until the end of WWII when it came out unscanted economically (and in fact made a lot of money from the war) and quickly filled the void left by its predecesor the "great" UK. The Jew began to rule by proxy via USA's influence.
Fast foward to the 21 century that was supposed to be USA's century. China is becoming world power; the USA is faltering and along with it, the Jewish influence over world finance and commerce is fading too. Therefore, big battle (there are several, this is one of the biggest being fought) is how the Jew will try to keep his power over the world; China is NOT under ANY type of Jewish influence in any fashion of form. China is hardly gonna listen to any Jew, even with his billions and influence. What will the Jews do? I do not expect them to stand idly by; neither will USDA allow China to take over. This will be the big change in the new century: How will the new masters of the world, NON Jew act and behave? Interesting times we live in.


Anonymous said...

what the hell is this

petkov said...

it's something you ain't got the intelligence to comprehend obviously. So I'd suggest you move long, go back to watching p0rn OK?