Friday, August 2, 2013

So.Same, NO worse bullshit, different date.

Oh, man. Things in USA have gotten SO bad and everything is SO effed up, I wanted to write something but had to stop and edit myself in fear I might also have a midnite visit by your friendly F-B-I. Feels exactly how it was back in Bulgaria while growing up, back behind the iron curtain. WTF, indeed, when one is worried what troubles innocent googling can bring then it means it's ALL over for USA man. Forget about "freedom and democracy" baloney. It's the beginning of the end. Not that USA ever was the beacon of "freedom and democracy" as it claimed but now even all the pretense is just gone, over with, finito. Ha. And yet, the most interesting reaction comes from the Americans themselves, who are just bending down and taking it right up their collective assholes without as much as complaint. And I thought they were such revolutionaries, man! Bwa-hahaha.


Anonymous said...

I Know you will not print my opinion.

I have maintained from the begining that Americans now in 2013 are possibly the most uneducated, over fed sheeple on earth.
I live in africa i have met NGOs from USA who in my opinion work for the CIA

petkov said...

Why shouldn't I publish your comments? They are the truth.