Saturday, April 20, 2013

Funny as hmmmmmm...

So. I wake up Monday morning(04-15-2013), and the Internet is not working. I reboot my modem. The Internet comes back but Firefox is behaving funny. One of the first web sites I usually check is It opens up fine but when I go back half an hour later Firefox cannot display CNN properly. It acts as if it cannot access the web site directly and only reads it from a cache. It is apparent many web sites are having the same problem. When I file-save Firefox gives me error messages that it cannot read the web sites and cannot save the various jl parts(Java script components). Firefox has behaved this way before: when I have used the Internet at Ralphs, where I suspect they have a proxy server set between me and the real Internet. The shit in Boston occurs several hours later. Ok, I get it. The internet behaves the same way all week long. Skip to Friday afternoon(04-19-2013). They catch the 2nd suspect. About 15 minutes later, Firefox begins to behave properly, as it should. Interesting coincidence, isn't it?

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