Thursday, August 14, 2008

Damned if did it, damned if don't

Disclaimer: I am NOT Russian, even if my name is Petkov. Yes, it is Slavic name but I am Bulgarian. There goes your theory about me writing a "biased" article.

And y'all thought Dubia was a lame duck and no way in hell he could possibly do more damage since he was on his way out. Oh, *how" wrong that was! To begin with, none of the evens of August surprised me. An internet rumor from several months ago confirmed something was going to happen during the Beijin Olympics.
I admit it, this was a beautiful laid trap and Putin fell right into it. Either way you look at it Russia lost: they were doomed if they did, doomed if they didn't. Looking back I think they really should not have gone into Georgia but raised hell at the UN. I know, I know, UN is a tool of the West and totally useless but look what their response got them: World wide condemnation by the West, talks about being booted out of G8, and the well worn image of Hitler and Stalin thrown at them. Come on, Putin my man I thought you were the clever cool one! You got taken in by a moronic idiot who can't string two sentences together. Shit, I am sorely disappointed, I'm changing that cool desktop wallpaper I got of you wearing those incredibly cool Matrix type glasses.
I am sure we don't have to go over the evens once again but for the sake of establishing the evens let's do a quick review: Georgia attacked S. O. on 08-07-2008 S.O. is a province in Georgia which wants independence JUST like oh, Kosovo. (Remember Kosovo? How USA said they can get independent from Serbia? So why NOT S.O.?) Russia retaliated. If they hadn't they would have been perceived as weakling maybe or maybe they don't really give a fuck about world's opinion anymore.

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