Saturday, August 23, 2008

Michael Rivero who runs starts foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog every time the global warming theme is written about anywhere. He keeps on linking to article after article which as he claims disprove global warming as a clever scam the corporations and Al Gore(ALWAYS Al Gore!) have implemented as a way to tax us and especially the Americans with one more tax. I dunno why he got such a hard on for the global warming issue but he is getting truly pathetic despairingly trying to disprove it by collecting ANY article that is written against the subject and linking to it. In this aspect he is no better than the government corporate whore Matt Drudge who posts links to ANY and any anti Al Gore article and any anti global warming article he can lay his hands on. Then again, both Rivero and Drudge are republican conservatives; except Rivero wasn't smart enough to benefit from the fake "war on terrorism" so now he is raging and acting all mad at Shrub Jr.

Rivero's pathetic rants against global warming remind me of a little kid putting his hands against his ears and singing LA!!LA!!LA!!LA!!LA!! at the top of his voice; how ridiculous can he get? But wait, it gets better. He used to be bitterly opposed to ANY claim of global warming; now he does admit the Earth has had global climate changes but they are NOT man made. Just a few days ago he linked to an article which pointed how forest was found on Antarctica to again pint put Earth's climate does go thrugh serious changes.

His position jumps all over; he now admits earth has climate changed but human are not responsible. He totally ignores the fact that Any change in global temperature man made or NOT is severely impact us and our civilization.

He recently ran an article pointing how once Antarctica had forests. His comment was that: see folks, Earth's climate has always been fluctuating back and forth. Yeah fluctuating, but can you imagine of Antarctica was so warm it had forests near the poluse, how scorching hot the rest of the world must have been?

I dunno where he gets those numbers claiming 2008 has been a cold year; I live in Eastern Europe and we have had record breaking temperatures all though July and August. last week we had 39 Celsius and that's is certainly NOT nprmal summer temperatures for here.

hopefully with the rising ocean levels Hawaii will get flooded, Rivero will lose his house and then maybe even Rivero will see the light and maybe just maybe admit global warming is real and he will be affected by it. One can only hope. Or maybe as Rivero claims we will get global cooling in 10 years and Hawaii will all freeze. Either way is good.

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