Thursday, August 21, 2008

My little post urging USA citizens to stop being hypocritical and gives thanks to Shrub jr stirred a bit of passions. I got a few nice emails. Thanx for all your nice responses. Yet none of the letter discussed what I write; instead most were incoherent rants degrading to silly name calling(hint: name calling does not an argument make) and/or talking about irrelevant things such as "Europeans get more money than Americans or asking me if I have any human compation."(?) Yet NO one admitted they were ashamed of the fact that all their wealth has been stolen from somebody else or that they were willing to give up all the nice advantages they have over the rest of the world.
Thass OK actually. I didn't expect you to renounce your ill gotten money anyway. I was just pointing out a few facts is all. So now let's continue cutting through the bullshit as we may say and point out a few more facts about that country called USA.

To begin with, USA is NOT a "democracy". Once and for all, it is a constitutional republic. Democracy means ruling from the will of the people and WHEN was the last time the USA government has listened to its own people? (no, that's NOT a rhetorical question, I am really asking).

Second, USA's 2 party system is set up so it allows only certain people can run. 3rd party candidates cannot even qualify in many states. Therefore if you compare USA to let's say Iran and Russia, their systems are actually MORE democratic than USA's system since they allow more parties to run for elections.

Third, there is very little difference between the "Democrats" and "Republicans". Except for some superficial "differences" such as the phantom abortion issue or other both parties cater to the rich.

Forth, the Electoral college is set up so the average voter's vote doesn't really count. I tested that back in the 2000 election when while living in Nevada in voted for Nader(Yes, I AM a USA citizen). Checking the results later, I saw that Nader got 0% of the votes in Nevada. So my vote wasn't even counted at all! Therefore the Electoral college makes voting worthless. So much for "democracy".

Americans love bitch and moan about Shrub jr. But the problem I got is that he is just the last in a loooong line of corrupt assholes protecting the interest of Military Industrial-corporate owned media complex. Reagan was no better. In case you didn't know he is the one who invented that non working Star wars missiles defense shield system the Polish just got paid to install on their land. Yet did the Americans do anything to stop him after the long strong of scandals of the Reagan administration(Iran contra affair, S n L crisis etc)? No, in fact the blue color workers and the idiots decided they loved him and overwhelming voted him for a second term. Yet people moan about how bad Shrub Jr is now. Remember Nixon? Caught. he resigned in disgrace and instead of going to jail, he was pardoned by the next president and the American people didn't bat an eye. They let that shit slide!

So, the question we come to is this: Why is Bush suddenly SO bad? What has changed in America's mind to hate him so much? What is different nowadays that makes people talk non stop about Bush yet ignore the last 50 years history of USA which shows former presidents just as Bad as Shrub jr and even worse? The answer to that my friends we shall discuss another day.


to all you losers moaning about not making money: Modern Capitalism is like surfin', you dig? You gotto catch that wave, ride it, then you look for the next big wave. Modern Capitalism is Darwinism in action, and just because you weren't able to benefit from the "war on terrorism" that's NOT my problem buds. The smart ones such as Blackwater did. Don't whine at me cuz you are a loser. Join the winning team. Maybe you haven't heard but the Cold War is back(finally I say, thank Gawd, it's about time, I wuz getting worried cuz this "war on terrorism" thing seems to be fizzling out) so I'd strongly suggest you look into many of the exciting ample opportunities there. No go, go go and make some money! Time is a wastin'!

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