Saturday, January 30, 2010

More bullshit and nothing much else

So Mr Change claims the US troops will leave Iraq by August. Does that mean ALL of 120.000~140.000 troops will leave Iraq by August? Forgive me if I am a little bit skeptical and I will ONLY believe him if I see a photo of the very last solder's boot leaving the ground.
After all, it's been 70 years after WWII ended yet USA STILL has around 30.000 solders in Japan, another 40.000 in S Korea, some 50.000 in Germany and so on.
Simply put, NO effing way USA is leaving Iraq until the last drop of ool is sucked out of the ground. No effing way I believe USA will leave Iraq. Oh, sure, maybe some 60.000 solders WILL leave Iraq but that will still leave at least 50.000 or 60.000
US solders there plus who knows how many "contractors". Riight. So much bullshit
but I wondner if the stupid American sheeple REALLY do believe this bullshit or they don't care or just who gives a damn? It's ALL a giant circus anyway, all performances on stage. After living among those dumbos for 23 years I KNOW how they really are: they don't really think about anything, they have been conditioned to accept SO MUCH bullshit daily, they don't even bother thinking about any of it; it's too hard.
THey showed what docile sheeple they are when they allowed Mr Change to take 14 trillion ofd their money and give it to the rch bankers while they dont have any health insurance or any type of good social system. The joke is as usual, on them.

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