Friday, July 30, 2010

07-30-2010: the day China become world's 2nd lagest economy

According to a report on CNBC CHINA has passed Japan to become the world's second largest economy. Congrats, China. You prove Communism DOES work as both an economic and political system when:
1. it is allowed to work without interference as in Cuba and the failed Soviet Union and
2. it is done right.
Remember the date. I certainly will. Oh yeah, thanx Drudge for posting the link. As usual, CNN, Yahoo, and all the other Corporate Owned media whores didn't think the news was important enough to write about it.
Of course the article had to make unnecessary jabs at China and all, but that's expected, after all. No bigggie. The only question is how fast and how long will it take for China to pass USA and become world's 1st biggest economy. I predict this will happen within the enxt 5 years, maybe sooner if all the indicators continue and if USA doesnt start a world war in the meantime just so they can stay on top.

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