Thursday, July 29, 2010

More fakery courtesy of USA gov

After reading up and looking at the alleged secret "explosive" documents posted on Wikileaks, I MUST ask:
So what exactly did we learn from these documents?
That the war is going badly? Everyone already nknew that. That Pakistan hates USA and is secretly working with the Taliban? Gee, that revalation seems pretty useful to the powers in charge actually. Noe they gcan again shift the blame to somebody else Pakistan this time(Ian was being blamed before)
SO I have to ask the eternal question: WHo benefits from these document? Not rhe general public cuz they already knew all this, But the powers in charge certainly are welcoming the documents discussing them in great details in their Corporate Owned Medias: Nwew York times and so on. The other docmensts mention Bin Alladin as alive. So he fake Reality is being maintained , NOT destoered.
I call these documents the latest round of fakery. I call bullshit

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